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Rules and Guidelines

The CSLR Challenges are open to everyone so please participate. You don't win anything (the eligible entry winner picks the next challenge topic and sets up the galleries and moderates the challenge), but it can be a fun way to practice your photography and get some feedback.

The Galleries

There are two galleries/categories that you can enter submissions into: Eligible and Exhibition.

Entries must be taken with a Canon Digital camera during the Challenge period. At the start of each new challenge, the dates are posted in the challenge thread. Typically this runs from 0:00 on a Friday, covering two weekends for shooting and closes at 23:59 on a Tuesday. All times are based on UTC Universal Time. Links are provided in the current challenge thread to check the start and finish times in your part of the world.

If you do not want the responsibility of running the next challenge, do not enter, as you might win!

Entries for this gallery can be taken with any camera at any time, meaning this is the perfect place to show off your favourite items from your existing portfolio (of course providing they are on topic)

How many images can I enter?
You are allowed to enter 3 images in each gallery, making a total of 6 altogether.

How do I get the password to enter

If you are new and do not know the user id and password, please email the pass holders.
One of the challenge administrators will contact you with the passes, but please be patient. It would help us if you tell us your DPreview handle, and the name you will use to post your pictures in the galleries.

Preparing images for upload

There are no limits on image post-processing. Edit to your tastes and the voters will decide if it’s too much.

To have your image(s) come across the way you’ve intended - on multiple monitors, browsers and operating systems - make sure it is in the sRGB color-space and embed the color profile when saving.

There is no limit on pixel dimensions, but viewers are more likely to appreciate your work at its original size without the use of scroll bars. So - unless your photograph has a very untraditional aspect ratio - keeping the longest side of the image at 800 pixels or less is strongly recommended.

Please size your images to 200kb or less. The size of the file once it is uploaded to PBase is the size that counts. PBase reports the size in the rightmost column on the ”edit this gallery”-page. 200kb = 200x1024 bytes = 204800 bytes. The host and/or challenge administrators may, at their discretion, use the PBase "Recompress" function to reduce the size of oversized files.

Required Information
Each submitted photograph should include

1. Your Name
2. A Unique Picture Title
3. Camera Used
4. Date of Picture (not essential for exhibition entries)

Optional information that's always appreciated is

5. Lens Used
6. Description and Comments
7. Photography Tips
8. Post Processing Details

Updating or replacing images
There is an "unspoken" agreement regarding changing your challenge entries. Photos are changed all the time as photographers came up with better shots or improved their existing shot. If an image is manipulated further from the original upload, then replacing the original is fine. This retains the comments and the "work flow" of the image.

However, it is understood that if an image is replaced with something totally different, the original image should be deleted and the new image should be uploaded as a new image, go to the end of the queue, rather than replace the previous image.

Uploading your images early in the challenge isn't a place marker for something better. There may be an advantage in getting in early (more hits, more chance of comments etc) but if you change your mind later on, then please observe a courtesy to the other challenge entrants and upload to the end of the queue.

Being a good challengee

Please respect one another’s work. Do not delete, move, or otherwise edit other entries. Please respect the first-come, first-serve sequence of the gallery.

Image by image, please share your comments with your fellow photographers. Challenges reach their full potential when the dialogue becomes as important as the images themselves. You have to be logged in, in order to leave comments. You can be logged in on your own account, or the CSLR challenge account, but remember to leave your name at the end of you comments if you use the CSLR login.


When the challenge has ended, you can place your votes in the CSLR Challenge Voting Booth

The announcement thread will specify the voting dates. There is usually an separate thread just for voting.


1. Anonymous voting.

2. Voting for your own entries.

3. "Stacking" the vote. Although anybody and everybody is encouraged to vote do not ask friends
and family to vote for your pictures. Because we use a "Voting Booth" we can, if needed, track votes by IP address or by ISP. Stacking the vote is easily detected!

A seperate FAQ for the voting booth will be posted shortly.

other sizes: original
Canon DSLR Challenge29-Nov-2006 07:44

Voting has started already, so it's too late to do anything about it. Look at the comments attached to your pictures. At least one of them has information on what is amiss. From what I can tell, 2 out of 3 are too big. You are also missing camera and date information. In order to qualify to be in the Eligible gallery, the picture must be taken during the challenge period (hence the requirement for a date) and must have been taken with a Canon SLR (hence the requirement for camera information).

I hope this is helpful for the next challenge.

-- Victor
Julie Bird29-Nov-2006 06:55

Three of my images have been transferred to the pending box. Please let me know why and how I can remedy the situation.