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Mark Ledford | all galleries >> Waverly Hills Sanitorium >> Waverly fisheye > Dscn3055.jpg
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Nikon Coolpix 990
1s f/2.5 at 7.7mm iso100 full exif

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Jenn V 08-May-2015 11:04
You can also see a face in the top of the little window on the door right in front, not to mention the smokiness of something at the top of the stairs. The face is freaky though...
Guest 25-Sep-2008 21:38
omg.i see the two white
dresses thats
Vida 07-Sep-2008 17:20
ok at the end of the hallway once again its at least 1 or two people in white dresses standing there .. this same apparition is in one or two other pictures on here .. but from different angles .. n PLEASE as for the "sunlight" theory different angles arent going to produce the same sunlight images .. common sense ... those are obvious apparations .. i have even enlarged the pictures and lightened them on my own computer .. its not sunlight .. nor reflections .. thats an actual image .. so nonbelievers dont believe .. but out of many of the pictures here .. this is one of the most authentic showing that their are some supernatural goings ons in this building ..
Vida 07-Sep-2008 15:13
dick johnson .. get hooked on phonics to work for you .. b/c your spelling is atrocious ..

and just b/c you dont believe in ghosts . thats your prerogative .. not everyone is you .. thank God
Dick Johnson 30-May-2008 01:42
Ok that's clearly sunlight, anybody can tell it's reflecting back the other way....just like the light is down the hallways, their are not ghost in these pics, that is place is a joke...their ain't no ghost, your all morons that belive their are any ghost here
brandon 19-May-2007 11:47
The man in stairwell is more then likely not sunlight but reflections on the camera lense as u can see the girl on right side is using a flash which could easily hit the lense on the camera taking picture causing "things" to appear looking to the left u see people in white dresses is it people? or is it paint? as u probaly already know the heads and stuff aren't in perfctly good shape i guess u could say when there seen not as a solid object so there for man and people to right are not real but what concerns me is the left you can see looking down the hall there are 3 objects appering in a od shape it could easily being the sun comming through the windows or were windows "used" to be forming something to come out in the picture you would not see in person.
Guest 20-Feb-2007 19:37
Hey margie read the story next time before u say they aren't ghosts. Becasue ghosts are dead people who can change their shape and form at any time. And most of the windows were broke out or weren't even there. And if u believe in ghosts u would know that. So u don't think that those are ghosts spin the night there and then maybe that will change ur mind.
Guest 20-Feb-2007 19:34
Dude I see the guys and the girls. There is no way that is sunlight if u read the story then u would know that most of the windows in this place were broke out by vandals.
Margie 20-Oct-2006 21:14
Now I am a firm believer of ghosts, but I truly think that a lot of people are letting they're imaginations go crazy and leading them to see things that aren't there. Those two "people" as everyone is saying, is really just light coming in from a window somewhere. People are not shaped that way.
neece neece 06-Oct-2006 02:25
oh and at the end of the hall it does look like their are people in white clothing and i dont think that its sunlight either cuz sun light isnt that white...
neece neece 06-Oct-2006 02:23
dude i can see the at first it looks as if it would be sunlight but if you look closely you can see that the sunlight doesnt touch there...wicked!!!
mike 08-Aug-2006 15:11
the "people" wearing white dresses are'nt people at all, that is the reflection from the sun on some windows, but if you look straight in front of you, at the end of the stair case, there is a man either leaning against the wall, or starting to walk up the steps. It is very light, so you have to look VERY closely, but there is a man there.
misty 08-Apr-2006 14:36
There is two people there. I'm glad that I'm not the only person who saw it.
Christina 24-Oct-2004 23:41
i was going through all of the pics, looking at them very carefully trying to see if i could see anything in them. well, i came to this pic, and i notice, that i looks like there are two people standing at the end of the hall on the left, wearing white dresses. i don't know if it is anything, but i just thought i would say something just incase it was something.