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Mark Ledford | all galleries >> Waverly Hills Sanitorium >> waverly hills black and white > DSCN2962.JPG
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Nikon Coolpix 990
1s f/2.5 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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JimHungSF 21-May-2010 19:52
Yes, this lovely furnished studio apartment is available for just $495 a month! Utility bill are nonexistent and there is plenty of fresh air. Renovations to unit are negotiable with landlord, at tenant's expense.
Ashley Lyn. 18 15-Oct-2009 17:56
Im suprised that no one has looked at the top left corner of the bed. While it could be a reflection from the light the man is holding, notice how it is smuged and not exact like any other replection in that room is. If you look at the reflection on the barral and then the light on the bed, they do not look any thing alike. And Jannet dear, just because your homble abode isnt haunted, does not mean that other places, this place included, cant be haunted. As for the arm in the window and the mask on the barral, the arm is un seen and the mask is one of the mechanical components of the machinery behind it. The distance gives the illusion of the 'mask' being attop the barral when really it is above and behind it.
Guest 09-Oct-2009 02:52
Does anyone see the mask looking thing on top of the middle barrel?
nikki 24-Jun-2009 02:54
looks to me at the top the very top theres a person looking at you its in the top center a person in the pipes!!! how could you not see it!!!
Guest 27-May-2009 16:56
Hey Janet, how many cats do you have?? Cuz you are obviously one lonely lady! You have tore down comment after comment on everyone of these pictures. Leave it alone. I would like to punch you in the eye and maybe then you would see something on your property.
Guest 31-Jul-2008 00:53
yo janet u have anything polite say
Sanita Meade. 29-Jan-2008 22:47
Is that a bed?

I'm not even going to bother with Janette this time.
It's just a waste of my time.

Other than this.
This is a wonderful picture!
Tiffany 25-Oct-2007 20:15
Well, the reason for a hand by the pole is the left is because there is a guy there. Duh!
channy 23-Oct-2007 11:30
if u look in the window u can c a body ov sumone
Guest 22-Oct-2007 07:59
"Self respecting ghost"? Janette, seriously! I've been reading your comments and although I enjoy the fact that you are privy to the most accurate information, you repeat yourself endlessly. I agree the building should be more respected, as it was the final resting place of many unfortunate people. It should be treated as such.
People get rightfully bent out of shape when a cemetery (old or otherwise) isn't kept up. Out of "respect for the dead" well, isn't this practically the same thing?
I agree that instead of searching for cheap thrills, scaring yourself silly and seeing a "face" in every loose paint chip- you should look into helping restore this beautiful piece of history, but then again that would be counter productive to the adrenaline rush.
It's simple, think of how you would feel if your loved one spent their last days here. Should it look like this? I don't think so.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 17:08
Hilarious!Another junkyard of a room where no self-respecting ghost would be seen. Ever. I've been trying to persuade them to jump about a bit - night or day - on my own 200-year-old property, but no luck as yet. So far we have age-old tales of suffering and hauntings, no street lamps for two miles, no town for five miles, no neighbours for - well, no neighbours, anyway! - and all the proper ingredients for really scary things. Zilch. Maybe I need to import a few desperate ghost-hunters.....?
Lil Sis 05-Mar-2007 17:38
So let me guess, ya'll have been to Waverly Hills? but have you gone there at night? you see ghosts only come out at night, and yes sometime's in the day light.
ms_caya 03-Nov-2006 21:04
well actually to the left it's a man holding a flash light which is whats lighting what you guys see in the picture if you look really close it's very clear as for the window thing i don't see anything. HAPPY HAUNTINGS
Kristy 26-Oct-2006 01:08
I would just like to point out that our brains are trained to look for familiarity in chaos. So, if you look long and hard enough you will see a face anywhere.
Malinda 16-Oct-2006 22:50
It looks like a man is bu the BIG tank lookin thing.....maybe its just me BUT it looks like it......and at the window someone said taht it looks like arms reachin out ...IT DOES....(FREAKY STUFF) goin to that place to check it out...(true story)
jamie 15-Oct-2006 03:10
look at the window, it looks like the top part of a figure with it's arms somewhat out... no face, no body from the waste down
misty 08-Apr-2006 14:22
Its someone who came in because of the watch and their backpack. I can tell with how it looks that items are new.
Kimberly. 31-Dec-2005 11:40
This picture is really freaky.
Chasity 15-Sep-2005 13:36
I don't know if you saw this but I was looking around and i noticed on the pole on the left it looks like a man's hand sticking out. Maybe it's just me but that's what it looks like to me..