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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/64s f/3.1 at 10.9mm iso100 full exif

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Guest 14-Apr-2013 05:45
So I know I'm extremely late to respond I just have too get this off my chest. Ms.Murphy why is it that you don't believe in the paranormal then why is it that your on a site dedicated to somewhere that clearly has some paranormal activity? As a survivor of TB(my mother contracted it from someone at her job and unknowing she was infected then exposed all five of us(brothers& sister) to it. With the proper medication we are all in remission and hopefully stay that way...The reasons we were able to fight this was by things they learned by doing autopsies and experimenting on those before us so could you politely give them the respect and honor they deserve by SHUTTING YOUR MOUTH!!! And getting off a site dedicated to something you supposedly don't even believe in..!!!
taylar 10-Oct-2011 14:10
When I saw this picture I didn't feel a cold presence but someone looking over my sholder. Really creepy. I want to vistit here and experience what i feels like first hand but from the pictures it will be really creepy.
danielle 19-Jun-2010 04:22
I have goose bumps ...ehh!
Jim 02-Oct-2009 11:54
im from Ontario Canada 30 minutes outside Toronto right down the street from where i live is a old mental hospital goggle "haunted Whitby Pychiatric Site pics" very much the same. I have been through most of the buildings and it was crazy very haunted
Guest 20-Aug-2009 18:22
stupid comment thing !!! i wasnt finnished . but if there are ghosts in that place it is because they are grounded unhappy with the way they were treated or looking for loved ones or sometimes just angry that they died and cant get over it . and if it makes you feel better people are restoring it at some point as far as im aware it will be convered into a hotel
Guest 20-Aug-2009 18:19
exsuce me janette but at this place there were thousands that had died here not just from TB the rate of deaths here was one person every hour and that was 24 hours 7 days a week the other deaths that were not related to TB were the suicides there and then there was experiments that had gone wrong to try and cure people i.e drugs abuse and operations that went wrong just to try and find a cure for it ! now if you think with the one person per hour dying from TB and then the staff working on people to try cure them and them being killed because of fucked up ops and drugs and then people commiting suicide there were thousands of people who died at that time familys and communitys were wiped out !
Guest 21-Jul-2009 23:53
Go die Janette and get a life. Lol jk about the dying part :)
Guest 27-May-2009 16:21
First of all I owuld like to say that the reason why most of us have came to this site is because we believe in the paranormal... So if you don't believe, fine.. But shut up and leave everyone else alone. I don't see anyone riddling you over your belief system, so give it a rest. If you just want to view the photos, great. But please stop boastering your 2 cents about other peoples comments. If you don't believe it, that's your right, but you don't have to broadcast it over and over again. Everyone here understands you don't believe and it's a bueatiful building. Move on already! PLEASE!
M.Lee 21-Apr-2009 19:43
Vida, those may be hooks for clipboard or charts
bre 21-Nov-2008 16:27
sey i main is diz stuff really real ckuauz i seen da movie n dat sh!t waz scary so yea
bub 30-Sep-2008 15:11
hey jannette lady- people like to have fun. Scary can be fun! Like a rollercoaster! Scary is fun! you should give fun a try.
Vida 07-Sep-2008 04:40
yea this pic does kinda weird me out example ... middle of the pic .. on the doorcasings .. there is a hook on either side .. i cant even fathom the purpose of those ..

as for ms. murphy .. janett you need to give it a rest already ... lawda mercy !
Guest 24-Mar-2008 23:29
okay this janette murphy woman is freaking killing me talking about her mom. yeah good for you your mom survived!!!!noone is on this site wanting to hear about ur mom. noone is interested that the sun never freakin shines over there. who cares!!!!! and another thing, your opinions suck big time!! so you should just shut the hole in your face
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 18:27
Of course there was a lot of death - it was a TB hospital! Very similar to many others where the dedicated staff worked ceaselessly to save lives at enormous risk to their own. And not everyone died, of course; it wasn't always incurable at all. My mother survived after two and a half years in such a sanatorium, and that was in the north of England where the sun never shines! No wonder the place has remained sadly neglected when there are so many people out there willing to pay to scare themselves witless in what is essentially just an abandoned set of rooms.That's really tragic. I wonder how many would pay to wear coveralls and set to with a trowel, plaster and paint in order to restore this lovely old place? If there are any ghosts, they're probably furious at the state of the place and the lack of respect shown them by cheap thrill merchants.
Amy 20-Jul-2007 15:33
Brenda the public is allowed to tour the building and grounds but you MUST set up a tour date. From the photos Mark has here it looks like the current owners didn't own the place when he took these. Since I'm a guest I can't include a link but if you go to Google and enter Waverly Hills Sanatorium tour information you should find the link. You can choose between a historical tour or paranormal tour (I am actually taking a paranormal tour next Friday! yay!!) They cost 20 dollars each and last 2 hours. They do offer over night stays but they are all sold out for the year!!
Brenda 14-Jun-2007 22:38
Before I even read the comments I had a sense of cold cross my body. This place is fascinating!! Your pictures are awesome. Can you tell me how you got in? Is there a tour or is the public allowed to enter?
BOOGOOGOO 30-May-2007 15:23
guest 05-Nov-2006 16:54
This picture makes me fill wickedly cold. I think there was alot of death here