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Nikon Coolpix 990
1s f/2.5 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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Danielle 19-Jun-2010 04:16
hmm. i wounder what that board is doing there...hmmm
Therese 14-Jul-2009 02:28
I didn't think the Death Tunnel had much to do with the actual Sa nitorium, I was very dissapointed.They've built some beautiful home's right on the edge of the Waverly property by the golf course.The tunnel was actually built for the workers. This way they could get to the hospital or their cars and be out of the weather, after the body count kept going up they used it to transfer the dead.
Grizzfan 03-May-2009 18:09
Dear must be mistaken. If you just moved into Woodland, In, how in the world is Waverly hills overlooking your house, when it is in Louisville, Kentucky? You must have it confused with another building. Anyway, local death records actually do show that about 63,000 people did die in Waverly Hills TB Sanitorium. And, since you don't live in the area, there are other sites where you can actually look up the names of the patients (deceased and survived) as well as staff members (many of whom also were eventual patients, themselves). And, when you do get a chance to see it, these pics, though amazing when taken, show nothing of the new construction and amazing restoration that has taken place in recent years. It is becomeing beautiful once agian!!!
brook 21-Jan-2009 23:28
diz pic iz tight lol i like .. )
Chris 29-Oct-2008 16:53
I just moved into Wooddale ln. The sanitarium overlooks my house, so I naturally wanted to do some research about it. I also play the B.N golf course just south of the building. After reading some of the comments I just had to respond. First, 63,000 deaths? After reviewing the death cerrtificates on file with the city, the most patients that died in one year was only arount 150-160 (this was when it was a TB hospital). This is no way close to the 1 death per hour. In fact, the morgue could only hold 3 bodies at one time. The second big misconception is the "death tunnel". It was not built to transport bodies, in fact it was built to bring supplies up to the hospital from the train depot. However, again on file with the city's historical records (by the way, microfische sucks) the tunnel was reconfigued to be able to transport bodies. I hope to meet the others soon, as I am a huge buff for things like this (I also just recently got back from a trip to Chernobyl) sorry, just had to throw that in, It was an amazing trip.
Vida 07-Sep-2008 04:29
should i be surprized to see ms janett comment again as if she is holier than thou? ...

ok due to the lack of light in this picture other than that from up above.. i think i would be spooked .. the building is too big, too dark and too many atrocities happen ..
Vic 27-Nov-2007 13:35
Ohhh poor Ms Janette. You talk about ppl making a mockery of the place doing spook movies there and such - yet you supported the violation of this place by giving money to those that made the flick so you could watch it. Hypocritical?
KATE 29-Oct-2007 02:12
In response to Crystal's message, it does sound as though maybe once you were in this building, possbily in a past life! Waverly Hills DID in fact have an estimate of 63,000 deaths, thus the "Death Tunnel". This tunnel was built to keep up the morale of patients so they would not see dead bodies leaving the one time, people in the hospital at one per hour. This is all documented fact, Jannette. The current owners, the Mattinglys, have done extensive restoration to the hospital. It was purchased in 2001 for a total cost pf $250,000. So far, the Mattinglys have spent about $100,000 or more in renovations. The purpose of having the ghost tours and historical tours of the building is to raise money to in fact restore the building. Money does not grow on trees!!! The total cost of renovation is expected to reach over $45 million dollars. The couple who own this place have replaced most of the knocked out windows in the place. They have rebuilt the wooden beams which had been burned by fire in the Grand Lobby. They have completely restored the main laundry room of the building. A new paved parking lot was added. Importantly, the Mattinglys invested a huge amount of money to have the asbestos removed from the building, which is over 180,000 sq. ft. The first floor sprinkler system was replaced, and two fire hydrants have been added. Work has also been done to replace the original gothic detail on the roof. Many portions of roof have been completely replaced. Please check your facts Jannette, before putting down the people visiting and supporting this restoration effort. It is in fact quite a labor of love, and really impressive to take the time and man hours to restore such a historic building. I think the Mattinglys are doing it to preserve the honor of those who died, and also to show the pure humanitarian efforts of both the nurses, and the doctors. Dr. Oscar Miller actually lived on the grounds with his family, and his children grew up here.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 17:58
Oh dear! More people who just can't wait to scare themselves witless. The movie is not about WH; it's a made-up story, filmed at WH with lots of 'borrowing'from the popular myths and nonsense surrounding the old hospital, which, incidentally, was never used to house mentally-ill people.Please check your facts. And to claim that 63,000 people died there is completely untrue. And as for the filming being completely authentic, where did the water and power come from? Who in their right mind would shower in a freezing, tumbledown old building at night? And what about the shot where the two guys are setting up, with one of them shaking the torch about claiming to be'freezing', and then in the next frame he's not shaking at all? I was shaking, alright - with laughter! Then there are the countless shots which are obviously filmed in daylight (the main hallway for starters)with full sunlight and leaf tracery in view. I mean, I ask you? I could go on and on.....But to get back to what matters, WH is only one of many such hospitals where the dedicated medical staff tried desperately to halt the TB plague at enormous risk to their own lives, and many people survived as a result.My mother was one such patient, and although not at WH spent over two years at a very similar sanatorium in the north of England, where the sun never shines! She lost a lung to TB and pleurisy, and had many harrowing tales to tell, but it wasn't all death and despair, and she also spoke often of the care and compassion surrounding the patients as well as the fear of death and the terror of treatment, which is a logical human condition, even now.If there are any ghosts as WH, they're probably furious at the state of the place - how neglected it is - and at the lack of respect shown them by so many cheap-thrill merchants.
Kassie 23-May-2007 04:00
Last night I also watched "Death Tunnel". My sister Kenna got soooo scared SHE ALMOST SQUEEZED MY ARM OFF!!!!!After I watched "DeathTunnel" on the credits it said that the movie was based on true events.So I decided I wanted to learn about Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Hey it's me again ,Kenna, I just wanted to tell you all that my entire family has a ghost that has been living with us since I was two, Now Fourteen. We named him George after my best friend that lived by us in Oregon that died. I believe that it his ghost that has been Following me around all these years. Though he was my best friend then he don't like me very much any more he throws things at me and closes the door in my face. ERRGGGHHH!!!!
Kenna 23-May-2007 03:38
I watched the movie "Death Tunnel" which is about the Waverly Hills Sanitorium, last night and it scared me so bad and I NEVER get scared when I watch scary movies!!! I still want to go to this building even though they say there are ghosts in there and paranormal activity is still going on. I guess that it is that it excites me to know that there is a place where I can go and know that I might see ghosts or feel a presence or some thing like that. And as Julie said in her comment I wouldn't go there by myself!!
Julie 10-Feb-2007 22:27
Wow! I was reading Crystal's and I am now even more eager to see Waverly hills. I never thought that this place was really haunted, but now I do. I really can't wait to go there. But I refuse to go there by myself!!!
kimmy 04-Jun-2006 04:01
yes most deffinately a patient there at one time....the swinging ...they used to do that to mental pts in attempt to swing the ailment out of them.....sad sad sad atrocities doent to humanity
misty pullen 08-Apr-2006 14:29
This place was also in my dreams and a seance needs to take pace. I think the mattinglies would like that. HHHMMMMM need to contact them on that. They might like that. Crystal, you were there in a past life. I was there in the future so to speak.
Crystal Angling-Amburgey 10-Oct-2005 13:24
OH my God !
I have NEVER been to this place, even though I live and have always lived in Frankfort, Kentucky. I am 47 years old and from the time I was a little girl having nightmares was a frequent occurrence for me. I know this building is the one that has scared me in my nightmares. There are so many people in my dreams, but no one seems to see me or hear me. Maybe I went here to see an old relative or something when I was very, very young. Of course, I DO believe in reincarnation so maybe I was here myself in a previous life. I really don't know, but it would be very interesting to find out. Maybe my 3 sisters and myself need to plan a vist to Waverly to conduct a seance. I'm not afraid to find out the reason I had nightmare as a young girl. At the end of all of my dreams, I was in a swing high in the air connected to the clouds and hanging on for dear life, and someone cut the rope to the swing and I can remember falling, falling, falling, down closer and closer to a red and black tile floor. Just as I hit the floor, in reality I awake screaming. This tile on the floor in this building is the floor I fall into. But in my dreams, this floor is almost new-looking and very clean and shiny.