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Guest 11-Mar-2012 22:46
robert burns 11-Mar-2012 22:46
I lmfao @ let the ghost live in peace. Lmao see the oxymoron there?
rick chandra ricky 12-Jun-2011 09:08
wow..this place is so want visit this place...defentely..i'll see this place..this so big buliding....i saw in internet....i want own this place...
Guest 31-May-2011 20:49
Thousands of people died at Waverly before streptomycin was discovered in 1943--some estimates are as high as 64,000.  Ten thousand people died during Waverly's first three years
bree 17-Aug-2010 01:22
i agree with bethany<3 it's not a big deal don't make rude comments my parents always use 2 say if u dont have sumthing nice 2 say then dont say it @ all. they didn't reclean this place up because look what happened sum stupid drunk teenagers graffied all over it. and sorry but that makes me sick people's parents nd grandparent's died in this place. we should all leave it the way it was. and let the ghost live in peace where they can dwell and do whatever they want. :) sowwy just had 2 get tht off my chest
bethany<3 30-Jun-2010 22:04
goodness ms. murphy, you have commented on EVERY picture i've seen so far and haven't said ONE intelligent thing. all you have done is make rude comments and judge everyone's opinions that commented before you. it has been almost three years since you posted your comments but i hope you check back on these one day and feel ashamed of the way people have perceived you. in the bible it says "to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord". i am a firm believer in my savior. HOWEVER, i have had experiences that i cannot explain and i do believe in ghosts. that's my OPINION. i agree with vida. YOU put on your coveralls and come work on the place since you want it restored so badly. we are only looking at these things because we are simply interested in the history of it all. so like EVERYONE has stated, you need to stop ruining it for us. thanks.
nonurbuisness 19-Jun-2010 04:10
Yes i agree jenette need t shut up becasue she obviously knows nothing now i am young and i am not as dumb well.....atleast not at the least so JUST SHUT UP!!
UK 13-Nov-2009 17:42
I feel a need to defend England here, not everyone is like JMurphy and thinks that they know it all. I am quite aware of the documented 63000 that are recorded dead, an average form from the week that was used put deaths at 100+ and of course these places were needed. Any time a massive outbreak occurs you get these scenarios, science needs it's living samples. these people ALL deserved medals for that much at least.
Guest 25-Aug-2009 00:51
Me Again Janette Ur Like A Party Spoiler U dont Like The Party Go Leave Just Dont Spoil It For The Rest Of Us
Guest 25-Aug-2009 00:19
janette Please Shut The shit We Dont Care What U Think U Dont Like The Place Quit Going To All The Trouble Just To Add Ur Comment
nicole:)) 20-Feb-2009 21:46
this picture doesnt look so scary but truly if it was a night it would scare this crap outta me:((
Guest 22-Jan-2009 03:15
WOW!!! Murphy lady! Quit telling people to get their facts straight!!! It is a well known fact (easy enough to find, it is posted all over the are the ONLY person in I think the entire WORLD who is actually disputing those numbers...FACT: about 63,000 people did die in the Waverly Hills Sanitorium. If you don't want to believe it, add the names up can dig back through the local death records...yep...63,000! And another fact you need to get straight since you insist on POUNDING this out on your keyboard over and over and over again...the building IS IS IS IS IS being restored....and as for the respect we need to have for such a beautiful building and the abhoring thought of disgracing it with haunted tourd and stories...AGAIN>>>FACT: the haunting rumors and stories, and the halloween tours, and YES, even the trashy movies, all are ways to RAISE MONEY for this RESTORATION!!!!! Quit telling people to get their facts straight....IT seems you are the only one who doesn't seem to know the facts. BTW...I have been to Engalnd. Beautiful county...amazing history....gorgeous arcitecture and magnificent gardens...and I must say...we experienced beutiful days on our tour...beautiful days filled with sunshine!!!
stacie:) 23-Sep-2008 22:54
Dude can you juss
imagin being there and saw a ghost walk
down the hall way!!
but yeahh rite ghost are fake.
Vida 07-Sep-2008 04:13
by the way .. this hallway is also eerie to me .. between the inside windows and the shadows .. due to the fact that its rundown now, it would unnerve me
Vida 07-Sep-2008 04:12
ms. murphy i also have noticed and responded to your comments once so far .. and i agree with vic .. before you run your mouth or in this case fingers, check your own facts b/c you are making yourself look foolish .. you said once about your mother ... ok .. no need to repeat it on almost EVERY comment you make .. we dont know you .. im glad on a human aspect your mother survived .. BUT continuous repetition is just ignorance, foolishness and childishness .. NOW since you are for the restoration .. why dont you take a flight on British Airways over to KY and put on your own overralls and help them restore it then .. otherwise .. relax yourself b/c if you arent going to be part of the solution, domt continue to offer up alternatives ..
olivia 31-Mar-2008 22:30
im so excited to go there!!! i cnt wait!!!!! i mite get freaked out but its worth the trip
buckskinnard 27-Nov-2007 13:40
you tell her vic
Vic 27-Nov-2007 13:16
Ok again Ms Janette, if you do your research, you would see that they began tours of Waverly in 2002 to raise money for its renovations.. look into it.
As for the - check your facts - comment.. When it was a T.B. hosp., nearly 100 people died a day at Waverly, rounding out to about ooooooh, 63,000.
The UK is so great about taking care of its ran down historical sights, however - if you look up.. ABANDONED asylums and hospitals, all kinds pop up in the UK.
The damage done to Waverly ( if you researched it ), was done on purpose by Bob Alberhasky wanting to demolish the sight and erect a 150ft statue of Jesus. Since Waverly was considered an endangered historical monument, he was denied the joy of demolishing the actual hospital. Sadly, he did succeed in destroying the surrounding buildings ( such as the living quarters for the African Americans stricken with T.B. ). Not being legally allowed to tear it down.. he welcomed vandals to come and tear the place up in hopes it would then be condemned.. busting sinks and tubs, windows and light fixtures, but leaving their grafiti. He even dug down as far as 30 ft in hopes it would cause the buildings foundation to crack, but alas, the building still stands.
Though as I previously stated, renovation has begun, the building and its 29 acres in 2001 had changed ownership from the psycho Jesus dude. I believe in 2002 they began the laundry building roof, and in 2004 have begun to start replacing windows.... lil' thing called research...
dejavudream 06-Nov-2007 04:38
Murphy chick,
you keep repeating the same information about yourself and your mother (and what you believe should happen with this hospital) that was relevant MAYBE the first time you posted it. No offense little miss england but you are annoying.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 17:34
Well, don't worry; I don't imagine for a moment that anyone would pay you anything at all to walk through what is essentially a badly-neglected old hallway.It's about as scary as my old school.It is completely untrue that 63,000 people died here - please go out and check your facts - and of course nobody has once mentioned the undoubted fact that many people survived to live on, thanks to the dedication of the medical staff who risked their lives every day to help save the TB patients.My mother was one of them, although her two and ahalf years was spent not at WH but at a very similar establishment in northern England, where the sun never shines! WH is only one of many such hospitals, all of which were the only hope for many people whose terrible struggle to stay alive deserves more respect than this ghost-hunting rubbish. If there are any ghosts, they're probably furious that the place is so neglected and that they're treated with so little respect. Grow up, all of you, and turn up in your coveralls, a couple of dozen friends and a determination to restore the place. We do it in the UK; it's called the National Trust; if you've got anything similar, join up!
GINA 30-May-2007 15:13
Devil Lady 23-May-2007 03:24
This is pretty awesome I want to go there so bad but I live in Fairfield,Idaho. I hear about 63,000 people died here in 1923 and that there is still ghosts and paranormal activity going on to this day. YEAH!!!!!
Guest 19-Jun-2006 03:11
emily 11-May-2006 17:24
i bet this place is really scary..but i would love to go and see the hospital i guess i'll just have to suck it up and go...if i wanna see it that bad