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Mark Ledford | all galleries >> Waverly Hills Sanitorium >> waverly hills black and white > DSCN2887.JPG
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Nikon Coolpix 990
1s f/2.5 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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Guest 27-Oct-2009 02:22
if you look close it looks like the girl in the other photo..but what would she be doing under the pipes?
Ashley Lyn, 18 15-Oct-2009 18:00
Sry to bump in again- but also note that the whole picture its self is blurry... ok now im done ^_^
Ashley Lyn, 18 15-Oct-2009 17:25
and yess my spelligna nd grammar suck, but Im only trying to be logical and denounce it instead of simply jumping to conclusions about what could have caused the anomally on the film.
Ashley Lyn, 18 15-Oct-2009 17:21
If you look at the photo you will clearly see a stream of white light on the left had side. While is is possible that this is a ghost stream, many people will say that it is simply a person moving while the camera shutter was moving. How ever there is no way a person could not only immit their own light, and given the fact that this phtographer is useing a high speed flash camera, the persons imege would not be spred that far over the imege and you would still be able to make out her figure clearly. IT would be nothing more then a smudge behind her form. How ever the photographer made the mistake, weather on purpous or not, of not useing thier flash in this very poorly lit area. Seeing as there is light comming in further down the wall, and they are in a rather dusty abandond building, the stream of light is most likly a reflection of the sun off of some dust kicked up. Where this pickture in color and not in black and white, and where the flash beig used, then the dust would have been clearly seen or completly invisable depending on the thickness of it. But sense it is in black and white, and the flash was not used, the camera only picked up on the light reflected off the dust in the air. If you want proof try looking at any picture in this aldum where there are windows present at a side view and look at the air directly in front of them. It wil apear that the light is streaming through the window when in fact it is simply replecting off the dust in the air.
Guest 04-Oct-2009 22:30
That's really a ghost u know
austin 29-Nov-2008 00:51
ah i hope it does not haunt me tonight and make me dead
mindy 29-Nov-2008 00:49
that's surely a ghost!
Maryssa 21-Oct-2008 17:03
is it just me or waz a shadow moving on that peice of metal or paper down there????
Candy Blanton 15-Oct-2008 20:58
Haven't u ever heard of spirit photo's??I have been in this place so many times before security started banning u from it and it is haunted for fact........Argue with me about it and u might just get slapped my cousin died just down the woods right near the hospital I have always believed something happeaned from them entering and being there at the wrong time one night so don't even try I am from louisville and have studied,have pics, and info on this place so indeed it is haunted so BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
BECA 18-Sep-2008 03:09
Danni 17-Jul-2008 03:48
Thats a moving lady, but still very cool looking ^-^
Sanita Meade. 29-Jan-2008 22:26
It's not a ghost.
When kinda like, when you move, you make streams of light.

The lady just moved when he took the picture.
Thats all.
Guest 13-Nov-2006 23:37
Though not scary it still looks like a ghost. It is also cool.
Guest 13-Nov-2006 23:32
Oh look it is ghost steam! This is a scary scene...not!
jamie 15-Oct-2006 03:16
a ghost? that vivid on camera? don't be retarded
Trevor 10-Jun-2006 04:32
i believe that is someones head...
Miranda (guest) 30-Mar-2006 15:03
Is that really a mist of a ghost or what? Because that really caught my eye!
Kimberly. 31-Dec-2005 11:36
wow thats freaky..
obviously its a ghost.
its like energy of some sort.
Guest 17-Mar-2003 23:51