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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/344s f/7.0 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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brook 21-Jan-2009 23:22
itz so fookin big lol i wish i owned dat place .!!! but da quiestion is why dose the owner want 2 destroy it ? dose any body have an answer 4 me if so comment back by
ghouliegirl 07-Sep-2008 17:38
They should restore it into a beautiful old haunted hotel. Add a big, beautiful, dark mahogany bar and a cool old restaurant. They'd make a fortune and could donate a percentage of their proceeds to modern day disease research in honor of those who died there. BTW, as a microbiologist, I can tell you there is no permanent cure for TB (3 million people and growing still die of it every year - particularly in developing countries). Even though it rarely exists in people today, once you have it, you can treat the symptoms but it never actually fully leaves your system. I know this isn't a tuberculosis forum, but thought you'd all think it was interesting to think of the possibility of this place becoming a sanitorium again one day.......
Vida 07-Sep-2008 03:34
ok this is one place that i think i will stay FAR away from .. i am not one to walk into something knowing the situation .. BUT .. my gramma Rose ..RIP, my aunti cindy who is 9 yrs older than me and me all seem to have ah extra sense .. intuition if you will . . in a lil house in springfield vt that i lived in with my father n sister back in the early 90s i saw a ghost who resembled my father WHILE he was sleeping .. my lil sister who was 10 at the time saw it too .. but now doesnt remember .. my gramma rose and i both saw an old lady wid long hair sitting at an old rolltop desk in the living rm .. not to mention i tend to know things before they happen .. so i think i see my fair share of things without stepping foot into this dread fulled structure..(my 3 yr old i think has the "intuition" also ..) BUT i just watched the movie Death Tunnel on the SciFi channel .. d place is eerie .. i give all you who have or plan on checking out this structure, Godspeed and be blessed .. b/c to me it seems that the creepiness almost draws people in to investigate ..
Justin 02-Jan-2008 18:19
Um, yeah this place is not a place just to go. If you like history then its amazing, But calling out the dead is insane. I went there stayed 8 hours ok. I seen stuff i can not even explain thats why we call it paranormal. Im not 110% its ghost but i think that when 65,000 people passed on someone in that group was pissed off.
Guest 25-Oct-2007 18:09
Lady, Pain and horror? Negativity? What about those who felt hope and healing? There are patients in your local hospital today that feel all these emotions, and more. Many go home healed, some don't ever make it home at all. Does that mean your local hospital will be a terrifying haunted place in 100-200 years?
Janette Murphy 16-Oct-2007 18:38
Negativity? Whatever happened to positive thinking?!This is a beautiful place where many people recovered as well as died, and medical experimentation was deemed absolutely necessary to try to save lives. We can't imagine what an epidemic of its type must have been like for the general population. My mother had TB & pleurisy and lost a lung way back in the 1940's. She spent two years in just such a place where compassion and hope were as much a part of it as death and despair, and it was in the ghastly old north of England, where everything's creepy and the sun never shines! You're lucky to have such a dignified old place just waiting to be restored by someone who has more ambition than just to be scared out of his or her wits.Negativity is just another way of looking at things.
hana 23-Jun-2007 17:23
this sanatorium it`s scary and fun.....
Lady 16-Apr-2007 00:01
you can restore all you like but negativity never goes away. The pain and horror people felt there will haunt it. I agree that the stucture ios beautiful but the feelings I get from the picture honestly scare me. and I say its too negatitive to ever rise again. Let her die in peace. a thing the people who once occupied her never got.
Julie 11-Feb-2007 19:31
I agree with Gail. I want to be able to be 40 and still see this place standing!!
Gail 15-Jan-2007 06:57
I feel that they could get people like us who would realy like to see this place restored,that would send donations,ect to help in this.If vandals keep getting away with this.Then what will there be to show our family,as well as future generations.
DENISE 08-Jun-2006 04:42
Mark, your pictures are fantastic.I wish you could have a got a shot of room 502 in and out. I would really love to see this and place and experience the ambience of it. They say it is a very interesting place.
M 29-Jan-2006 22:18
I heard that the man who was trying to build that big statue bulldozed some of the dirt away from the building, making part of it unstable. I think that seeing this picture pretty much proves that this is true. What a shame that someone would do that!!!!
CAROLYN 17-Mar-2003 23:47