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Photos from Ethiopia

large flag
short form Ethiopia
capital Addis Ababa
long form Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
local short Ityop'iya
local long Ityop'iya Federalawi Demokrasiyawi Ripeblik
formerly Abyssinia, Italian East Africa
abbreviation FDRE
Ethiopian Photographers (2 total)
Rory Nefdt
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Photo Galleries from Ethiopia (232 total)

Church of St. George, Addis Ababa by Brian McMorrow

Wattled Starling by Ian Fulton

White-backed Vulture by Ian Fulton

Tribus Valle Omo - Omo Valley Tribes by Antonio Alomar

Langano by birabiro

Bird Photos from Ethiopia by Rory Nefdt

arba_minch by Tom Tang

Addis Abeba by birabiro

Abyssinian Ground Thrush by Ian Fulton

the lakes road in the rift valley by fr嶮廨ic lancereau

Dark Chanting Goshawk by Ian Fulton

Village de Weyto by Pascal Fauchard

Ethiopian Cities
Addis Ababa (0)
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Ethiopian Regions
Welega d蘋s beba far mara B蘋nshangul Gumuz
Dir Dawa Gambla Hizboch Hrer蘋 Hizb Orom蘋ya Sumal
Tigray YeDebub Bihroch Bihreseboch na Hizboch
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