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We thank each and every one of the people who have taken the time to tell us about their sensor cleaning experiences. This is a "can-do" website, and their successes should encourage you tremendously, especially if you've never cleaned a sensor before.
NOTE: To post a comment on this page, e-mail it to us at . By submitting a comment, you give us permission to post all or part of it on this page (we will cite your name but no other personal information).

April 4, 2011
Nicholas !
What a fabulous system you have put together - all of it - the explanations of how to use the product and the product itself.
My Canon 40d has been building up stuff on the sensor since I bought it new 6 years ago. Finally, I got up the nerve to clean it. I used about 7 quickstrips with about 4 drops of Eclipse on each one. As a result, ALL spots on the sensor are removed - it is clean as a whistle ! It is a good feeling to do such a good job yourself.
Dearing Fauntleroy

March 30, 2011
Received my cleaning kit and tackled cleaning the sensor on my Sony a900. Followed you instructions and the sensor is nowfree of all dust and lubrication spots. It couldn't have been easier. Thanks for offering a great kit.
Steve Smith

March 10, 2011
I got my Copper Hill cleaning kit yesterday, and I am very impressed. You have done a great job with both the packaging and the documentation included with the kit. I was impressed. You clearly have a desire for your customers to succeed with these kits. In today's world and economy I find it rare to find a company that has the exemplary customer support that you do, or an extremely good and well documented product, far more rare is to find both of those together. You have a winning combination, and rest assured I will be doing business with you again, and recommending your products to my family and camera buddies.
David Mimlitch

March 10, 2011
Received my order the other day great service. Great product and documentation was able to effectively clean 4 m43 sensors the magnifier I found a must.
John Kasowicz

March 7, 2011
I got my order today. Everything is just perfect. Copper Hill Images are going to get all my business from now on. I can't believe the awesome service. From the ordering process to the packaging and the fast delivery, just simply fantastic.
Thanks ever so much for all your help.
Sheri Horbachewski

January 26, 2011
Hi Nicholas,
I'd like to confirm that I've received the items ordered. Thank you very much. I have cleaned my sensor with fantastic results..
Thanks agan,
John D'Este

January 21, 2011
I received my sensor cleaning kit tonight after class and must say I was beyond pleased with its contents.extra stuff including the magnifier with light. Long story short I can't put into words how pleased I was with the product and after thoroughly reading the instructions how it worked exactly like promised. My sensor's sparkling clean. A far cry from the dust and smeared sensor I was taking pictures with before cleaning. Thanks again! I will recommend your product to anyone that wll listen. Have a great week.
John Elias

January 12, 2011
I received my order Friday in excellent condition, I immediately used it to clean my Nikon sensor that had a rather unusual problem. We were on vacation in Sedona, AZ when somehow, I started getting a football shaped dark oval in the upper right on all of my photos. Since I only have 1 lens, it rarely comes off. The camera is kept in a hard shell foam case when it's not in use. Somehow, a small (about 2mm) piece of chees managed to get stuck on the sensor. I rarely let anyone use my cameras, but I had let my daughter and son-in-law use it while on a trip. When I saw what was wrong, I showed them. My son-in-law tried to be helpful and clean it with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. The black oval was gone, but so was the crisp focus that I was used to getting. Two cleanings with this kit, and I'm back to the quality of image I expect from a Nikon. Many thanks for making this available and sharing your expertise.
Charles Biggs

October 14, 2010
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the products you have supplied. The kit worked great on my lenses, and my D700 sensor is now spotless after my first cleaning session.
Mike Hermens

October 9, 2010
To my new friends at Copper Hill Images,
Thanks for shipping my order so quickly. I came home from a long day of work to a neatly-packed package and was finally able to clean my sensor and lenses (and enjoy some candy, too).
You're the best, thanks!
an Wormek

September 28, 2010
Parcel arived and i have now given my camera a good clean. Thank you for the great service and a great product.
Alan Mclean

August 14, 2010
Good Day,
I would like to thank you for providing an excellent product. I received my order and proceeded cleaning my sensor which was filthy. Having owned my Canon 40D for nearly 3 years, I have never cleaned my sensor. Prior to clean, my sensor had what I would call "Orion's Belt" spot phenomena. There were spots that resembled Orion's Belt and were causing issues in my photographs.
The provided instructions were clear and easy to understand. I am not sure why people make sensor cleaning a big issue. I just took my time, and made many passes (replacing the PecPad each time) until I had a satisfactory blue sky image.
I thought I would write an e-mail, thank you for providing an excellent cleaning system. I would definitely recommend you to my friends.
Stephen Chang
PS: Thanks for the Slinky and candy as well!

July 29, 2010
After having your complete kit for a few months, in which time I never needed more than the rocket blower and SensorSweep, I finally had to break out the fluid and really CLEAN the sensor. Thanks to your carefully laid out tutorial, I was able to calm my nerves and do it.
SUCCESS on the first try! And no anxiety about the next time I need to do it.
Not only a great product and a great tutorial, but a Slinky and candy besides!!!
Cliff Furnald

July 17, 2010
I just cleaned my sensor for the first time in 4 years, it went so well that I wrote a blog post about it: . Thanks for a great product, and thanks for such a complete tutorial. I wouldn't have had the nerve to take the plunge without it.
A.J. Schuster

May 21, 2010

Well, my cleaning kit was waiting for me when I got home last night. Read everything twice, did a dry run on a magnifying glass [I used it to look at sensor] and said to myself..."here we go". Wet my swipe, waited 10-15sec, popped the lens ran the swipe from right to left, then left to right [twice], checked it with my magnifying glass...ooooops.. still had something on the sensor. Changed strips [put a new one on] put on a couple of drops, then swiped the sensor from bottom to top. Checked my sensor with my magnifying glass...EUREKA.!!!!...clean as a whistle....Used my new blower rocket ship gizmo, blew out the sensor [camera facing down], put the lens back on, took a couple of test shots. Used white sheet of paper for a gray background and used the sky for a blue background....WOW!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!
Thanks for what you do. Was worth every single penny. Best money I've ever spent on my camera.
Winsor French

March 4, 2010
Success! The D70s, D300 and D3s were all cleaned up nicely. The best advice for me was to stop and come back later. Patience...... If I let a day or two go by, the dust seem to clean easier. Also, the vertical swab was key for the grease on the D3s. By accident, I touched the sidewall of the D3s sensor area (with the brush) and brought some lubricant (10W40 I think) onto the sensor. Of course, this was after several wet cleans to remove some dust/lubricant areas, as you suggested. Several vertical wet clean passes followed by some horizontal worked well for me. Cleaned the SensorSweep with Eclipse and powder-free surgical gloves. Thanks again,
Chris Leoni

March 3, 2010
Hello Nicholas,
I just thought I'd drop you a line to say the item arrived here in the UK today. You are a credit to yourselves and to the US - I would never expect service like that here, or anywhere else for that metter. Thank you very, very much...I will certainly be recommending you to all my friends at the camera club!
Kind regards, Simon Hannaby

February 15, 2010
Hi Nicholas,
The samples you sent me arrived today, wow I didn't expect so much, thank you.
Right here is where I stand. As you know, I ordered some goods off Peter at CameraClean. I got a kit, a very small bottle of Eclipse, 6 sensor wands a pack of foam swabs and PecPads.
I cleaned the sensor for the first time and it was OK, but I had to do it a couple more times to make it look better, it had a few years buildup on it. I then became obsesed with trying to get rid of every last bit of dust, this resulted in moving bits of dust all over the sensor. With swabs and Rocket blower, although it was much improved.

Today when your goods arrived I cleaned it again, I found the SensorSwipe a bit strange as it did not flex as much as the swipes I got from Peter, but this is better as I managed to clear a lot more dust away. I found it awkward trying to put the PecPad Strips on the 'Swipe without getting dirt or greasy marks on it, but after 2 or 3 attempts I managed it.
So all in all I was impressed. Using your SensorSwipe and QuikStrips will save money in the long term, also the bottle of Eclipse you sent me was 4 times bigger than the one I originally bought and will give good value as I clean my lenses with it as well. So looks like you got a new customer, will just have to order earlier than I would here in the UK to compensate for the slightly longer delivery time.
I've included 3 images: 1) before any wet cleaning, 2) after using swabs from Peter, and 3) 1st clean with your SensorSwipe.
Once again many thanks,
Mark Barnes

January 9, 2010
FABULOUS!!! Image sensor 100% clean on my first attempt....many many thanks for sparing me literally hours removing dust specks with Photoshop.
Best regards,
John Koelsch

November 27, 2009
Sensor cleaning experts:
I've been cleaning D-SLR sensors by various methods since 2003. I started with nothing on an original EOS 1D, progressed to big blower bulbs on EOS 10D and the 1D (somewhat better than nothing), to Photographic Solutions' Sensor Swabs (OK, but needed two or three at each cleaning), to pressurized CO2 (much better than a blower but can leave a nice residue on your sensor).
I switched to your SensorSwipes six months ago, and boy, do they work well! All it takes is a couple drops of fluid and a few slow back and forth swipes, and 99% of the gunk is gone.
Works great with EOS 1DMK2, EOS 20D, and Leica M8. Haven't needed it yet with 5Dmk2 (gotta love that ultrasonic sensor cleaning), but I'm sure I will eventually.
Thank you, thank you for an excellent cleaning product that works!
Mark Bohrer
Active Light Photography

October 28, 2009
My Canon XT has never been cleaned (4 years) and I swap lenses quite a bit taking sports shots. I took a before photo then cleaned with canned air according to your directions and took another photo. I then used your sensor brush for one pass and took another photo. I then used the SensorSwipe and Eclipse solution for three passes and took a photo. I can't believe how easy this is. Even though I spent a couple of hours reading your website tutorial and all of the directions in the kit, the time I spent actually cleaning the sensor was probably less than 30 minutes.
Rick Myers

October 24, 2009
Hi Nicholas,
I just wanted to thank you on your product and the great instructions you gave on cleaning my sensor. I won't lie and say i wasn't nervous to get started, but I read the directions in the packaging and also completely read your website before I even opened the bottle of Eclipse. Once I did get going it was pretty straight forward.
I live in Oregon and it's been raining since I cleaned muy sensor. Today I was able to take a few landscape shots all the way up to f/32 and my problems are gone! Clean, oil drop free, dust free images (D300).
Thank you! I'll definitely recommend your site to all the DSLR photographers I know!
Best regards,
Alex Kachirisky

October 22, 2009
Hi there,
I was trying the scotch tape method a while ago after reading about it online and it looked like it worked great, that is until I inspected the edges with a flashlight. The truth is the tape cannot get a clean bond with the edges of the filter and inevitably leaves a very small amount of adhesive when the tape is removed.
I bought your kit on Amazon and it was shipped out very quickly. I got it three days later and got down to work cleaning up the mess. The kit had everything I needed, even the labels and rubber bands (+1 more surprise :) A few pads later it came out as good as new.
Thanks for putting the kit together with such attention to detail. We don't find such care with the big name companies.
Hing W. Chan

September 23, 2009
Just wanted to say thanks. My 5D's sensor was literally gummed up from ash and fire retardant that got blown in there by a passing helicopter while I was changing lenses in a bush fire I was covering this summer. Other cleaners I had sort of smeared it around, but one swipe from the PecPad and Eclipse solution and the sensor is not just spotless - it's like new!
Your product works like a hot damn! I'm really impressed and my daughter really liked the little sutprise Slinky and M&Ms you sent along too.
Thanks again,
Chris Bush

September 15, 2009
Hey Nicholas,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me decide on the appropriate products to correct my dirty sensor (on a relatively new 50D), and for expediting the shipping per my request. I've attached before and after pictures. It took 3 swipes with the PecPads, followed by several dry brushes with the SensorSweep. I'm guessing it would have been easier if I didn't have so much coffee! Also, the SensorView came in quite handy.
I couldn't be happier! Thanks again,
Don Holloway

August 4, 2009 - IMPRESSED!
You know, it impressed me when I placed my order @ 9:19AM and I received an e-mail less than an hour later with my tracking number, but I was amazed after I got done cleaning my camera! I thought my Nikon D50 was ruined or at least going to need an expensive repair. Your kit saved the day and my wallet! I am very happy with the money I spent.
Mark Gonzalez
August 18, 2009
Success with the dirtiest sensor in the world!!!
Thanks for your kit. I used it today on a camera I got on Craigslist. I new the sensor would be dirty, but I didn't know how dirty. There’s still some work to do, but what a difference! Click HERE
Thanks again,
Nate Battles

August13, 2009
Everything arrived and the brush works great! Thanks for all the extras. I now have a kit that will keep all my DSLRs clean. Thanks for the quick service! I will be telling everyone about CopperHill!
Mark Hanley

June 12, 2009
I just wanted to let you know how happy i am with your product and your website! I just received the pad and cleaning solution and after my first try ever I have no dust noticeable at all!!!! I feel so liberated!! Your instructions were perfect and simple to follow!
And very nice touch with the slinky!
Chris Fata

May 16, 2009
Hi, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the entire experience of cleaning my sensor with your products and methods. Timely responses about your products, super fast shipping (with a slinky and M&Ms! which my daughter loved :), clear instructions and tutorials, and most of all quick and effective tools to get rid of all that sneaky filth off of my sensor really made me a loyal customer who will spread the word of your company and products to the ends of the intertubes. OK, I'm going overboard a BIT, but truly, thank you for helping me clean my camera.
My before and after:
Since it was my first attempt, I was very pleased. I know I'll develop the finesse to get it all in future swipes. :)
Heather Katsoulis

May 13,2009
Wahooooo! I received the kit a few days ago and did the cleaning of my sensor today with astounding results. I had a "snot of sorts" glued to my sensor for many many months and no mater how much rocket blower I tried it was for naught. I made about 7 or 8 passes with new pads each pass and finally the little bugger was no longer there. The process is simple. I just followed instructions.
Thanks for a great product!
Roland Perreault

May 13, 2009
I just want to thank you for helping me through my "crud on the sensor" problem with my Canon 5D. Your kit arrived yesterday and I fortified myself with good coffee and proceeded to clean my sensor. Yes, I did thoroughly read through the literature and also went through the tutorial on your website. I don't believe my problem was as much dust as it was lubricant. The stuff was stuck to the sensor and no amount of blowing would budge it! I took the camera into my studio (as dust free an area as I could find), turned off the ceiling fan and waited 30 minutes. I then mounted the camera on a studio tripod and placed a 100W equivalent CFL bulb in a reflector over my left shoulder pointing directly into the camera. Let me tell you, I didn't even need to use my lighted magnifier to see the crap on the sensor!! OK, two more swigs of Columbian Bold and I was ready. With my hand shaking like a 15 year old boy on a date with Jessica Simpson, I proceeded. Two gentle drops of Eclipse and a few swipes. Most but not all of the stuff was gone. What did remain were some awful streaks. Praying that they were not scratches, I returned to my coffee cup for another dose and wrapped another swab (it definitely gets easier as you go along). A second cleaning removed some of the streaks and made others fainter. The third time was the charm. I'll bet my sensor didn't come from Canon any cleaner! I popped in a memory card and took a photo of the wall, put the card in the computer and cranked up Photoshop. Went to 100 and scanned the image. Viola! C'est si bon!! Not perfect, mind you but I cannot describe the improvement. I am sure when i clean again next week it will be even better.
Thanks again
Howard Search, VA

April 9, 2009
Hello Copper Hill Images,
I just wanted to take the time to say how extremely happy I am with not only your products, but also your service. I just ordered the basic cleaning kit and a sensor swipe. It was incredible how quickly you processed the order, and how fast it was shipped. More impressive is how well the kit actually works. The slinky and M&Ms are a nice touch also!
That is all from me, thank you so much, and I'll be recommending you to all of my friends.
Nick Fogle

March 31, 2009
I must say, I'm impressed with your products and your company.
I got a Nikon D300 about 16 months ago and never thought much about sensor cleaning until very recently (I've shot about 3000 pictures in the mean time). A few weeks ago, I was shooting some pictures that required a small aperture (f22) and after I shot them, I reviewed them and YIKES! Dust spots all over the pictures. Took a quick look at the sensor and could see dust all over it. This surprised me because I had the camera configured to do sensor cleaning at startup. I tried a manual sensor cleaning through the camera menu system and very little changed.

Talked to my camera repair guy and he said it would cost $50 to clean the sensor and he encouraged me to have it done 3-4 times per year. Digital is getting more expensive all the time.....

I then spent some time on the internet looking for ways to clean the sensor and a few things kept repeating....

There were a bunch of ways to clean the sensor.They all looked very scary. Your name kept coming up.

To make a long story short, I went on your site and after looking around a bit, felt a little better about the process and I ordered your CHI Ultimate Kit (I needed a good lens cleaning kit in addition to the sensor cleaning kit). Today, the kit arrived. I unpacked it, read the instructions in detail and sat down to clean the sensor.

First used a blower to clean the sensor. Very little changed.

Charged the sensor sweep and per your instructions and brushed the sensor. Wow, about 70% of the accumulated dust was gone after cleaning the sensor twice.

Finally used the sensor swipe with the Eclipse E2 fluid per instructions and all but about 5 dust spots were gone. Tried it again and I'm down to one small dust spot that I'm going to ignore.

The sensor cleaning process looked intimidating and it turned out to be easy. Even cutting the PecPad and installing it on the sensor swipe. Your products worked great. The instructions walked me through the process just like someone that really knew what they were doing was standing next to me.

Thanks a bunch for your products and instructions.

Mark Bergman

February 25, 2009
You probably get loads of emails like this every day, but still I have to say thank you for your clear, completely BS-free guide to cleaning DSLR sensors. I've just done my first cleaning on my 40D, and the results were great. It was a brown-trousers moment I have to admit, but now it's done without anything nasty happening I won't be afraid to repeat it when necessary.
Paul Roberts, U.K.

February 23, 2009
FANTASTIC PRODUCTS - You made my day!
After obsessing for weeks about the dirty sensor on my Canon 5D, I went looking for a solution using Google’s search engine. I soon landed on your website. Your program sounded really great, so I ordered the full kit with all the goodies. I followed your instructions to the letter and got great results the first time I tried it. No more sticky bunnies on the sensor. One of the included tools, the Sensor Sweep turns out to be a real jewel, as well, with it’s little magnetic fibers. I found using this before swiping with Pec Pads, removed some visible chunks on the sensor seen through the magnifier. Once magnetized, you barely have to touch the sensor to get results.
Next, I was really unhappy with the junk I saw through the view finder and determined it had to be on the focusing screen or the mirror or both. Turns out the Sensor Sweep works great for cleaning both the mirror and the focusing screen (I removed the screen and cleaned both sides) I now have a clear view through the lens. I think the added bonus here is that it also removed some dust from the chamber that might eventually find it’s way onto the sensor. I wasn’t sure if the Pec Pads and E2 solution were safe to be used on the mirror and focusing screen, so I didn’t try it. Do you have any advice on that? (mirror - yes, focusing screen - no)
It’s like having a brand new camera again, thanks so much.
James Johnston

February 18, 2009
Hello Nicholas,
Just wanted to inform you that I received the package yesterday in perfect condition. delivered in approx 8 days to India, which is great in terms of international shipping. Waiting for my next pay check to order more stuff. Thanks and appreciate your great service.
- Pavan Sahota

January 28, 2009
Copper Hill;
Just a note from another completely satisfied customer! Received the Basic Kit the other day and set to work on my spotty Digital Rebel XT this afternoon. It took a few rounds of swiping, but the results have been great.
Thanks for a great product and for taking the mystery out of the process.
Regards - Greg Clarke

January 23, 2009
Hi Nicholas,
I just finished cleaning the sensor on my Canon xTI with your cleaning system and it worked great. It took 4 cleanings to get rid of the "dust bunnies" but they are all gone!! My advice to anyone is to read the instructions at least 4 times before cleaning for the first time.
Thanks, Don Borden

January 16, 2009
Received my kit today, thanks. I hadn’t actually tested my sensor for dust specs until today, thinking I wouldn’t need to use the kit right away. Actually, I just discovered that it was filthy! Two test sweeps with the SensorSweep and it was 95% clean, followed by a SensorSwipe making it 99% clear, all within about 30 minutes of opening the kit. Great products and easy to use. Thanks!
Andy Grigg

January 9, 2009
I ordered a cleaning kit from you all this week. It was shipped amazingly fast and arrived last night. I sat down today after having read and re-read your tutorial before and after receving my kit and cleaned my sensor on my 350D. I am sooo pleased! The spots are gone, I have no streaks and I did it myself!!! Wahoo! Thank you for the new tool in my camera outfit!
Sandy Hewitt

December 24, 2008
Worked as specified. Eclipse + confidence = clean sensor. Thanks.
Dave Blynn

December 18, 2008
The package showed up today, thank you, everything very well packaged, and the slinky was a nice touch. I'm trying to spread word among my friends about your copperhill kits, their price/performance reatio is undoubtly the best of the whole market.
Keep it up, man.
Cheers, Alberto Basso

December 18, 2008
I just wanted to say Thank you for making such a great kit and including the excellent instructions.

I have a Canon 30D that somehow got some major dust in it and on the sensor, and I was beside myself when I saw the black spots after a day of shooting my cousins wedding. I tried blowing out the dust, took it to a local camera shop who did the same thing and couldn't remove the dust, and wanted me to send it out to Canon. I didn't want to spend $150 to $300 for that craziness and be without my camera so I did a search on the internet and found your website, and read the instructions and I ordered the Basic Kit with Sensor View.

When it arrived I followed all the instructions. I was nervous at first, but after doing just a one pass wipe on the top of the sensor, getting the feel of what that was like, and testing it out, I saw all of the dust was gone in the area I just swabbed!!! The SensorView is awesome, it really works, and you can see exactly where every spec of dust was, and after a few tries getting used to putting on new pads, I made several passes and managed to remove every spec of dust on the sensor. I was ecstatic!!

I shot multiple test shots against a clean wall and when using my flash it brightened up the picture perfectly to show the dust using an f22 1/250 exposure. Each pass I made I took more pics and more and more dust disappeared till it was all gone.

Thank you so very much for offering such a great product, and I will most definitely pass along your web site's information to all my other friends should they ever encounter this same issue.

Tim Swart

November 25, 2008
I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for being so responsive to my situation. I understand now that you were out of town, and that was the reason my initial inquiry wasn't answered quickly. I'm a member of both SmugMug and dGrin, and have heard lots of good compliments about your company. I can now confirm for myself that they are all TRUE!
Thanks! Tony Pagonis.

November 24, 2008
Damn. I guess the M&Ms were only a Halloween thing. Another easy cleaning thanks to you guys. Thanks for the help. Peter Strzalkowski

November 22, 2008
I'm from the Big Island of Hawaii (you may remember) and I spoke to you months ago (maybe 6) about cleaning my xti sensor. Wish I saved the before of my test screen shot, there were quite a few spots on the sensor. Anyway, I ordered your kit (pec pads) and cleaner on your recommendation. It sat on my desk from the time I got it till today because I was scared to do it but knew I would eventually attempt it sooner or later. So today I decided to give it a try. I followed your directions. I must admit I shook a little when I first went in there but settled down after the first or second swipe. I did 2 sets, first horizontal and 2 vertical (both down sweeps with a final bottom horizontal sweep with emphasis on the bottom). The proof is in the f/32 screen shot. Thanks for your suggestions and I will forward the results to friends. I must say it looks really good.
Thanks for your help,
Dan Sabin

November 14, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
After studying your method, I poured myself a tall, stiff glass of Coca Cola (since I'm a tea totler) and embarked on the cleaning of my old 10D's sensor. (My 10D was relatively clean, even after all these years of use, in contrast with the sensor of my relatively new 5D, which has become plagued with dust. The 5D is next.) Everything went very smoothly, and it was an easier process than I imagined. However, there are two suggestions and one point of information I would pass along to future newbies:
1. My 10D had a few small, stubborn stuck-on gue globs, such as you suggested. As you guaranteed, they took several swabbings to remove. In hind-sight, considering that the sensor was old and had never been wet-cleaned, I would have done things a bit differently. I would have first exposed the sensor and swabbed it with a slightly soggy swab (2 drops), moving back and forth and back and forth, not worrying about re-depositing dust and gunk. The purpose would be to loosen all the goo. Then I would have prepared a second swab for the finishing pass, using only one drop of solvent. Once I did this, my stubborn spots came clean, and I left my sensor ALMOST spot-free. I still have one miniscule goo spot, but I'll just let future cleanings get that one. Otherwise I'm dust/goo-free.
2. When I put up your blue field on my computer screen to photograph it, my heart skipped a few beats when I saw a bit of flickering in the LED field at the bottom of the viewfinder (where aperture, speed, etc are displayed). Fortunately this was only my 10D, and not my 5D. If it had been the latter, I would have probably had a coronary. In the end, I discovered there is some weird interaction that goes on between the flickering light of the CRT monitor and LED display. I don't see the same flickering if I point the camera at a wall, for instance. I realized the LED display has an automatic brightness control that becomes mildly freaked out by the flickering screen. I don't know if Nikons react the same way. Anyway, you might warn people about this effect (since you offer them a handy target on your website), so that they don't have the "oh crud!" experience I had. ;-)
3. I found it extremely helpful to create a multi-layered dust field image for examination of the cleaning. The base (background) was the pre-cleaning image. After I captured a post-cleaning image, I pasted it into a new layer over the background. Then I had two more images from two other cleanings I layered over those. With a multilayer image, it was easy to show and hide the different layers to see what happened to the individual dust and goo specks.

Tomorrow I'll do my 5D. I feel fairly confident in the technique by now. Thanks for developing the procedure! I'll definitely recommend it to others.
Sarah Fox
Graphic Fusion

October 16, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
Received my kit yesterday. Did a dry brush cleaning which removed all but one big black speck that was right in the middle. Took a break, like you suggested (LOL) and did a wet sensor swipe today. My big black speck is gone, and my camera still works. I'm so proud!
Kathy Cavallaro

September 8, 2008
Well, everything I read said sooner or later I would need to clean the sensor on my 30D, and sure enough, it came time. After researching how to do it, and getting scared in the process (of doing it myself), I found several good reviews of your products on and other sites. I ordered your mega kit and took a go at it last Friday evening. Wow, just like you said in the instructions and tutorials, that was a heck of a lot easier than I thought! A sweep with the sensor sweep, and two swipes with the sensor swipe, and my sensor was clean! I even took your advice and had a good stiff drink afterwards to relax my tension from fears of destroying my camera (and that really worked too). So, I just wanted to drop a little note to say thanks for a great combination of products, well written instructions, and good service. Oh ya, and thanks for the slinky – my five year old has been having a blast with it!
Best Regards,
Tom Welle, MN

August 29, 2008
Just wanted to say...WOW! Took me just two tries but I got it.....finally a clean sensor. Thanks for making a wonderful product and for your great tutorials.....
Steve Kiel (A happy photog)

August 18, 2008
I received my cleaning kit last Thursday and tried it out on Friday, while I was enjoying myself at the Delta. I just want to thank you for your expertise and your product. I got a perfectly clean filter on my second swipe. I am ecstatic. So excited in fact that I called all of my buddies with DSLR's and told them about it.
Cheers, Liz Dalmau

August 4, 2008
Just in case you're keeping track of just where your orders come from... I learned of Copper Hill Images from the recent book on the EOS 40D written by David Busch, page 279.
Pete Ruscitto

August 1, 2008
Nicholas, two swipes, dust free sensor! No issues. Thanks for the help and a great product.
John Panaswich

July 23, 2008
Hey Nicholas,
Got your check today - thanks very much for doing that - that is something I don't think many other companies would do - great customer service once again!!! In fact, despite UPS's efforts to try to screw this up, I think this was probably the best "blind" internet buying experiences that I have had in many years of using the internet.
And by the way, your senor cleaning products all work great - I will be back for more and I will be sure to recommend you to others.
Thanks again,
David Clark

July 21, 2008
i got the package today and everything looks great. just wanted to thank you for your one on one touch. great products, great service. ill def recommend.
andrew choi

July 17,2008
Order arrived last night and was able to look my camera over this morning. The SensorView... as simple as it looks, and what it does , I think money well spent. I had thought of another method, but this is very easy to use in a small package. After reviewing the instructions, I had watched the video when I first ordered the product, went to work. After two swipes everything looked clean. Shooting the sky confirmed it. I'll be going to sea world this weekend and thought that I was to have spots on the pictures, but it appears that won't happen.
Thanks again for your help and I will be recommending your product to others.
Chris Wagner

July 15, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I'll be sure to tell all the photographers I know who are looking for sensor cleaning supplies to check out the Copper Hill Images web site. Great products, great service, great people.
Chris Kodama

July 14, 2008
I took my Canon 5D and 4 lens to Egypt in April. Needless to say, the sensor was loaded with fine dust. I thought about sending the camera to Canon for a cleaning but, after reading several
positive reviews, decided to give your product a try.
I am an advid amateur photographer and a more than a little hesitant to open up my camera. However, I carefully followed your detailed instructions and carefully cleaned the sensor myself. The results were unbelievable! I have a new camera!
Bill Vanoss
San Angelo, Texas

June 23, 2008
Hi Nick-
Just wanted to pass along a short note of thanks. Caution dictated that I take every precaution in cleaning my sensors. I bought a small halogen light with a gooseneck, a little air gizmo(which I should have purchased with my order), and your materials of course. I donned the rubber gloves, re-read the instructions for the Nth time, and had at it!
Well the first couple of tries I had to admit frustration. I seemed I was working more with a kaleidoscope than with a camera. Hairs emerged, dust moved, some got darker, others lighter.
The third time proved the charm. I don't know as I did anything much different than the first couple, but the test pic I took yielded no more offending crud!
It wasn't too difficult a process, and I have faith in my capability now.
You saved me money and time, the very reason I felt this note of thanks you well deserved.
Karl Mayer

June 8, 2008
Hi, My basic kit for the Canon 5D and the SensorView arrived yesterday. Thank you for the prompt service. I'm particularly impressed with the SensorView magnifier and light. I've done my 30D quite a number of times with your system so I'm not anticipating any difficulties with the 5D kit and alternate PecPad method. Further I thank you for the M&Ms treats a for the coloured slinky which i use to keep my two South American parakeets, Rojo and Chico, at bay when they're getting into things they shouldn't be into.
Regards, Marcia Provenzano, Canada

May 28, 2008
Here's some feedback on the method and kit: IT IS AWESOME!
Regards, Rahul Deshpande

May 26, 2008
WOW! You answered my questions very fast, the shipping was lightning fast got my stuff this morning. The products are great, great packaging and a nice little gift LOL...everything was perfect. I ordered a lot of stuff on internet from both Canada and US and your service is ranked in the best.
Seriously, good job guys! Thank you.
Alexandre Lantin-Lacroix

May 21, 1948
This is a quick note to thank you for the excellent service. I ordered a MEGA Euro Kit from you only a few days ago and it has already arrived in the UK. I was also delighted to see the effort taken to make the kit as easy to use as possible - PecPads already in a resealable bag and their own bag cut in the right place, elastic bands supplied for wrapping the pecPad on the sensorSwipe, even vellum paper thrown in for charging the sensor brush. Small though they may be, these little extra things add up and make cleaning the sensor easy and painless. Although it took me 4 swabbings because it was very dirty, I now have a beautifully clean sensor, and it was easy and stress-free because of the excellent included instructions, along with the other information on your website.

In short, thanks for a great kit at a fair price and thanks for the high level of service in preparing the kit and throwing in the bits and pieces needed like rubber bands and vellum paper, and thanks for dispatching it so quickly. Feel free to use this e-mail as a testimonial on your website or anywhere else if you'd like to.

All the best - Paul Bradley; United Kingdom

May 13, 2008
Your system so works! Thank you!

I've had my Pentax K100D for a year now. It had a 3 dust bunny "cluster" since day 1, possibly from the factory. Over the first few months I got a few more dust bunnies. I finally invested in a RocketBlower, which got rid of most of the newer dusty bunnies, but that original cluster never ceased, and a few more wouldn't go. With my planning to upgrade to the K20D soon, I figured it was time to use the K100D as a "test sensor" for the Copper Hill system.
I bought your $50-something 14mm US system with the SensorView.
First off, the SensorView rules! It's a Godsend! There's no workbench can replace it, and I've never . It's so worth $15, and you cut the price in half when you buy the kit -- a great move! I'm glad I got it in the kit. It let me see exactly what I should focus my RocketBlower on, and I blew a few more specs off.

Secondly, I moved to the cleaning. Your instructions were straight-forward, especially on how to apply the PEC-PADs. I wasted a few learning how to do them tightly -- 1/3rd and inclined fold (simple, yet geometrically brilliant for disposable ends), and applying the liquid (drip, drip). I then did my first 2-pass cleanings, a new pad each time, and then inspected with the SensorView. I started with no pressure, then gradually increased pressure.

All but the original dust bunny "cluster" came off in that first 2-pass. That was great to see! I clearly had a light smear left over from one big dust spec, but the next 2-pass cleared it. Then I got down and focused on that original "cluster." It literally took a half-dozen more, 2-pass cleanings, but I reduced it to a single spec, applying more
and more pressure on each set. It looked as mitigated as I could get it, as the last two sets didn't diminish that final spec any further.

Finally, I held my breath, put the lens back on, took a wall shot at f/22, and woke up to the cleanest I'd ever seen my sensor! It's *NEVER* been this clean! No more bunnies! It's clear I have only 1 spec now, and it takes a 4x zoom on the LCD preview to see it at f/22! That's all that's left of the 3 dust bunny cluster -- 1 spec!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-- Bryan J. Smith
P.S. And thanx again for dealing with my shipping snafu. You really went above and above the service expectations for a $50 item. Thanx again for everything!

April 29, 2008
I just wanted to email in and say....WOW! AMAZING! and all the above. I decided to purchase your Copper Hill Method over the other solutions that were offered on your website and others and I cannot be more please. This is one of the best investments I have made for my DSLR camera. I'm a newbie to the photography world and I was a bit scared to swab my sensor was so easy I about slapped myself afterwards for worrying so much. And the results are amazing my sensor is spotless now, even with a sky blue monitor test I see absolutely no dirt and before it looked like muddy rain drops here and there. Best thing of was so fast and easy I got more time to play with my kick ass free slinky you gave me!
You Guys Rock!,
Darryl Jorgensen, Oregon

April 24, 2008
I just want to thank you for your superior product and speedy shipping. I was hoping to get your cleaning supplies before my trip and they got here today! I still have 2 weeks until I leave!
My sensor is SPOTLESS now...I mean, SPOTLESS as in 'pristine'. 4 tries with one of your competitors products came nowhere close to what I just did in about 10 seconds.
I will spread the word whenever possible that you are *the* place to shop for DSLR sensor cleaning supplies and I will most definitely replenish my supplies directly from you whenever needed.
Thank you for a super product and excellent shipping.
Regards from a very, very satisfied customer. -Jon Parniawski

April 11, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
I e mailed you last and asked if I should do a wet sensor wipe or try the sensor brush for my initial cleaning on my Canon 40D? Well I tried it today and practiced on a CD cover first like someone suggested and that seemed easy enough. So I put on the gloves practiced putting on the sensor swipes and tried it. I must say that it is so cool that the tool is the same width of my sensor making it really easy to do. It seem to go well so I got out my 60mm Macro put the camera on my tripod put the ISO 0n 100 and shot close ups of coins and small key chains on f30 with a yellow background then with a white background. I downloaded them to my computer and at 100% crop there wasn't a single speck! I can't thank you enough for making this so easy!
Dave Levandusky

April 11, 2008
Hello Nicholas,
I received my kit at 10:30 this morning. I read all included material. Cleaned my Canon XT. Wrapped a pec pad around the Sensor Cleaner, and cleaned it again. Used the Rocket to blow out excess dust. Found some slight dust still on sensor, and used the Sensor Swipe. WOW! That was easy! Your instruction are excellent, and I couldn't be more pleased! This kit is remarkable. The magnifier made the job so much easier, and I was even able to get all the crap off the mirror, and prism surface. My daughter Stephanie, who is 8 years old, was so impressed with the cool little slinky & pack of M&M's. Nice touch.

Thanks for a great product & excellent web site! I will recommend this to every photographer I know.
Regards....Bill Platten, Canada

April 10, 2008
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that using your kit for my Canon 40D brought me out of a sensor depression! I appreciate all the info on your website as well as the packaged material, my sensor is a clean as a whistle now! Also, thank you for the M&M's and the slinky... they were delicious (not the slinky though, it tasted like plastic.) Thanks for your much needed service to the DSLR World!!!
- Rich Grieco, California

April 5,2008
I purchased a "basic kit" from you last week, and just wanted to thank you for the great service. I recently tried cleaning dust off my sensor with a commercial brush. This has worked in the past, but this time, I must of touched the brush with my finger. When I went to clean the sensor with it, I left oil streaks all over the sensor...YIKES! So I went looking for other methods of cleaning, rather than mailing into Canon for a cleaning.

The product was packaged with a touch of class and professionalism you often don't find these days. The attention to detail was awsome.
- very detailed and easy to follow directions with tips and pictures
- pre-wrapped swab
- extra elastics and sealed bags for storage
- pre cut pec-pad package
- plastic colored slinky toy...with company logo (nice marketing touch)
- m&ms

More importantly, the product delivered as promised. All the oil/grease streaks are gone from the sensor, and I'm ready to shoot again.
Its nice to see a business doing the simple/ extra things, while so many others are looking to cut corners!
Thanks Again
John Stevens

April 3, 2008
I purchased Sensor Cleaning Kit in March, 2007 and have used the kit several times (I do change lens and even though I try do do this quickly and cleanly, well you know the drill.....). Recently, the need to clean the sensor again became obvious. Your easy-to-use cleaning kit quickly cleaned the sensor.
By the way, your instructions for changing the PecPad are excellent as well.
Thanks again for a great product.
Frank Vatroba

March 21, 2008
After a trip to Africa, my sensor was in bad shape. I was a big chicken about cleaning it, so I sent it off to Canon for them to clean the sensor. After nearly 2 weeks without my camera, it came home… and there were STILL spots on the sensor. So I bit the bullet and ordered your basic cleaning kit. After the first swabbing, it looked like I had ruined the sensor. There were streaks on the test shot. At that point, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so I loaded up a new pec pad and swabbed it again. This time it looked a little better. It took 4 swabbings before I was spot free, but I finally have it clean. It was scary, but it did the best job of anything I had tried. Thanks for your terrific instructions! You saved my sensor! Pictures here:
Becky Williamson

March 20, 2008
I sincerely thank you for the pleasure of receiving the order today. This was my first order from your company, and you far exceeded my expectation in every measurement of customer satisfaction. As I mentioned, I am leaving Friday for an extended trip to Italy, and having received this shipment today allows me plenty of time to clean up my D70. I hope you have a very prosperous year.
Stephen A. Teague
P.S. You are welcome to use my testimonial to your advantage. I look forward to your continuing success.

March 8, 2008
The sensor sweep is the best brush I ever seen, is incredible eficient! Don't waste your time with expensive products, buy this brush. Nicholas is a serious (honest) person.
Kiraly Zoltan

March 3, 2008
It has been a few months, but I recall you reaching out to me about a post on dpreview alluding that your products are somewhat over-priced. Hate to bring that up again :-( but we exchanged a few emails and I tagged my dpreview post for deletion and it was removed shortly after our talks. You sent me a complimentary kit for cleaning my Canon 30D. I received the kit and have been using it about twice a month.
I just wanted to thank you for that gesture and say that I have added your site in SEO standards to my "Links" site here: .
Roy Niswanger

March 1, 2008
I just want to say thank you for the great product. I just received it and could not wait to get down to business. Amazing that I got everything in the kit for the price I paid for just swabs the last time. In addition to the great product the tutorials and support on the website complete the
package. My wife and I own an event planning business and cary the SLR with us everywhere. I take most of the pictures for our website myself and was having issues with some spots that would not come clean with the blower. I cant put into words how glad I am that I was directed to your site by a photographer that we work with on a regular business. I will recomend your product every chance I get. Thank you again for all of the wonderful features of your product.
James Christianson
Antonia Chrisianson Events
Vice President of Creative Marketing

February 20, 2008
I could kiss you!!! (And I don't even LIKE men). Not a speck of dust! Wish I had learned this before my last assignment. The key is more pressure, apparently. I think the dust here in the tropics gets welded to the sensor/ glass by high humidity and salt air.
Ha HA! I laugh at dust!!
PS You can quote me.
Tor Johnson

February 20, 2008
I just received my sensor cleaning kit today and am looking forward to using it. I just have one question before I begin. What do I do with the extra item I received? I found no mention of it in the printed instructions you gave me. As far as I can tell it is either a lens extender or some sort of portable color balancer. Also my children won't stop trying to play with it, and as it is part of my cleaning kit I have to tell them no.
Thanks again,
Justin Saulsgiver

February 13,2008
Hi Nicholas,
Well, I was all psyched to clean my sensors today but found out that they only needed the dry static brush. The brush worked great, and the lighted magnifier is wonderful for seeing what's there or not there. I hope it is a long time before I report on the wet method. It just didn't make sense to use it when the dry brush left it "spotless".
Steve Rams

February 2,2008
Hi Nicholas,
The order came today and everything is great. Thanks for the lens cleaning kit and toy. It was a nice surprise. You are great to deal with and I will definitely pass your business name along to others.
Larry Matney

January 31, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
Just dropping a note to say thanks. All the items arrived the other day just fine. BTW, Thanks for the Slinky, daughter had fun with it.
I spent some time today cleaning all my cameras/lenses and what a difference. I had come back from Christmas vacation and the sensors did collect quite a bit of dust from shooting in dusty conditions. Your Mega Package was perfect, it had everything I needed to get my gear in optimal condition - cameras, sensors, and all my lenses. The biggest help was the SensorView. It really was easy to locate exactly where any of the dust bunnies were left behind. The SensorSweep quickly got rid of the loose dust that the blower didn't dislodge. The stubborn bits were quickly dispatched with the Pec fluid/swipe. I think the SensorSweep and the SensorView will be part of my mobile kit for on-the-go care - will be perfect out in the field.
On a side note, I recently joined up with a local club a few months back to expand my photo skills. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the printable PDF of your cleaning methods that you describe on the site. Each member is supposed to present on a topic and I thought Sensor Cleaning would be ideal as we have many new digital shooters. May I also get permission to use some of your product images and instructions in my presentation? If it is problem, I understand. Naturally, I'll give credit to you and refer members to your site for the step-by-step method, supplies and super service. I have no hesitation about spreading the word!
Thanks again,
Bharat Mistry, Canada

January 15, 2008
Hi Nicholas,
In August of 2006 I received my complete “Sensor Cleaning Kit” from you and just today for the first time gave it a try! Even though I made a special notebook for your excellent tutorial and read it several times, I was still petrified to give it a try. Oh, I made a few false starts during the past year and half, but found it very easy to put everything neatly away with the thought “no need to do this project today, I can do it later”.
But today I committed myself to try it for once and all. I read everything again and then took a test shot of the blue sky zoomed in at f32 with my Canon 5D. Then I hunkered down, put on my magnifying glasses, got my small Halogen light into position and went for broke! My first attempt didn’t go too bad but I noticed a few very small smears on the sensor and this may have been due to me having put too much Eclipse on the pad. I guess I thought I would see it getting wet and when that didn’t happen I (Uh-oh) put on another drop, or two. Also contrary to your advice, I swiped again with the same pad (GAD) but this only made matters worse. My palms were really sweating now, but I remembered your advice to only use one pec-pad per one swipe each way and to remain calm and not give up. I tried again with a new pec-pad and all looked great! I then took another test shot and a side x side comparison revealed a 95% improvement! Anyway, thanks for the great tutorial and product.
Brian A. Morganti

January 9, 2008
I just received the basic kit and it works perfectly on the first trial. I will recommanded it to anyone I know.
Pierre Piché, Canada

January 5, 2008
Just wanted to add my thanks for your product. I bought one of your kits nearly 4 years ago and it had been on my shelf unused until I started doing some macro work at f16, which showed up the state of my D70 sensor. The sensor was so bad it took me 7 separate PecPads, but it is now completely free of dust bunnies.
Best wishes for 2008
Tony Nelson (United Kingdom)

December 13, 2007
Hello Copper Hill Images
I would just like to pass on my thanks for a great kit and great service.
I ordered your Ultimate Euro Kit on Dec 3rd. It arrived safe and sound in Australia yesterday Dec 12th. Your amazingly fast shipping puts our local mail service to shame - it can take that long to send a normal letter across town. I ordered the kit because I had (notice the passed tense) a smear on the CCD of my new Sony A100. I found it impossible to find any local help with this problem, with everyone I asked passing me on to someone else, and then finally being told I had to send the camera interstate for repair. Repair? That sounded a bit extreme. I am a real novice when it comes to photography and was told by the person who sold me the camera that since I was not a professional photographer I shouldn't attempt to clean the camera myself. Well we know what to do with advice now don't we!
My camera was cleaned and ready for action within half an hour of receiving your kit. The Sensor View was fantastic in helping see the dirt, and the SensorKlear pen quickly and easily removed the offending particles.
I will certainly recommend your products and services to each and every person I meet.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Gavin J Dimmock

December 6, 2007
After procrastinating for several months after receiving the sensor swipe, I finally got up the nerve to use it. After each swipe there was a noticeable improvement in the amount and intensity of visible dust particles in my shots. After 5 swipes, I seem to have a perfectly dust-free image. I particularly appreciated you excellent instructions and instructions for alternate pecpad use.
Many thanks. I will continue to use your excellent product and will recommend it to others to use.
Larry Wayne

November 29, 2007
Thank you for your Digital Camera cleaning kit. It worked great.
Dr. George Matosian
p.s. Thanks for Slinky too!

November 12, 2007
Just a short note to thank you for your excellent service. On the 01/Nov/2007 I placed an order for a SensorView, I received it on the 13/Nov/2007, 12 days to clear Australian customs & postage is excellent. I used it for the first time & I can highly recommend this piece of equipment. I had only cleaned the sensor just a few days ago, but when I checked it out with the SensorView the swabs had to come out again.
Surprising how much dust was still on the sensor & how easy it was to see the areas affected.
Ken Johns

November 13, 2007
Hello Nicholas,
I received the mega kit today, and I'm very impressed. All of the pieces are high quality. I am 100% satisfied with everything. I now feel like I have the cleanest camera in the world! I'm fortunate to have found your website.
Thank you for providing such a great product, with such excellent support; your webpage and your attentive communication. My wife and I moved back to Canada from the US last year, and I've been reluctant to order items from the US after a couple of bad experienced early on. Today I received my package one day early, it was a perfect transaction.
I will certainly spread the word about your wonderful products and customer service.
Best regards,
Rob Feeney

November 10, 2007
Thank you Nicolas,
I successfully cleaned my 30D sensor yesterday after carefully reading your online tutorial. No more dust (for now anyway). I'd much rather do it myself than have my local camera store or the Canon folks take care of it for me.
Best Regards,
Steve Schiemann

October 3, 2007
Just to let you know that your products have saved me $$$. I dont know how different it works from Visible Dust or others but it comes highly recomended on PopPhoto forums. Now that I have got the real bad stuff off with Eclipse and Sensor Swipe,I now just have to use the brush to remove the dust. I just seen the Rocket Blower on your site,great idea.I may get one,it seems to be easier to transport than canned air.
John Stewart

November 6, 2007
I recently discovered Digital SLR photography a few weeks ago (thanks to a friend) but I was immediately concerned about specs on some of my photo's taken with my new camera. So after some research and a few questions to my friend I decided to purchase your sensor cleaning kit rather then sending it to Canon for cleaning.
First of all, thank you for the quick shipment. Secondly, I followed your write-up to the letter that came with the kit and after reading it on your website several times. It worked like a champ. No more specs!
Just figured I'd write you and thank you for a well thought out kit and tutorial.
Duane Noblick

October 27, 2007
I want to let you know that your article on cleaning digital camera sensors is extremely informative and gave me the courage to start cleaning my own Nikon sensors all by my lonesome. Before, I was actually blowing out the shutter box and the sensor surface with "canned air", which was leaving awful artifacts on the glass. Thank you for your efforts in putting that together for the digital photographic community.
Dennis Gartner

October 19, 2007
You are obviously someone dedicated to "zero tolerance" re: dust.... and I'm glad you are. I just purchased your Mega Kit and I am REALLY thrilled with the results.
First off... thanks for the slinky. Nice touch. I played up and down , hand to hand with it for nearly an half hour working up the courage to clean the sensor in my 5D. There was really no need... keeping your advise and the image of the surgeon in my mind, everything went well. My only problem was pulling out 2 pec-pads instead of 1.
It took me three tries to get the fold on the sensor-swab right and I used scotch tape instead of the rubber bands. (wrapping rubber bands as tight as you was beyond me) From there it was fairly smooth sailing. It is difficult to orient yourself and keep a sense of navigation and pressure,so I know now what your talking about, but the bottom line and good news is that I still have a camera (I do love the 5D) and I have a sensor that is 98 - 99% dust free. This is amazing since it looked like it had chicken pox before. (I used the f22 test against white and 18% gray poster board... I do believe the gray works better (at least for me shooting RAW and viewing in Phase One C1 at max contrast and 180% view.)
Anyway.. I know 98% is not 100% but since I now plan to clean the sensor once a week, I know in time I will get it there. You are right again about the fear. Once you do it and still have the use of your camera, it gets easier. I started with a good blow out using the "enormous" Giotto ( I already had 2 of the smaller rockets) and I did swab it twice (testing after each cleaning). I finished off with the sensor brush and another good blast from Giotto (since I noticed that some dust had just moved but was now obviously loose and getable with the charged brush). This final step took it from around 85% to the 98 - 99%. Just so you know, I worked right to left with the swab rotating 180 degrees and then worked vertically with the brush since I noticed that I had left some dust around the edges top, bottom, left, and right. It took five passes to sweep the 5D sensor this way (it is big sensor) and I recharged each pass. The brush works just as you said. you just pass it over the surface almost not touching and you can really get to the edges.
Well, I've been long winded enough. Forgive me but I honestly can't believe the results. It is much better than I expected and easier. This is a great product. Coming from film recently to digital, I naively thought that dust control would be similar and simple.. just blow it out. I was almost on the verge of tears when I ran the test the other night and I saw how bad it had gotten. Luckily, I remembered the blurb I had read on Earthbound Light and thougt Ok.. why not give it a try. I'm happy I did. I'm happy that it was a topic covered on the EBL website, and I'm happy you are who your are... dedicated. Thanks much.
Stan Makowski
Chrysalis imaging

September 18, 2007
Like everyone else, I was nervous the first time I cleaned the sensor on my 20D. But I figured, "Hey, go for it!" The camera has been used for many weddings and has taken at least 50,000 photos. It was professionally cleaned at a Canon-authorized service center (I watched as they used compressed air) and that seemed to work well for about a week. Then noticeable dust spots were back. It was a Monday night, plenty of time to get a new camera if something happened.
I have attached my before and after photos - I gave up counting the "before" spots when I reached 50. The after photo was taken after 3 successive cleanings - I had to change the PecPads a few times while I got the knack of keeping the tool even with the surface of the filter and picking up after I had reached the very ends. What an amazing difference. I figure I will use it for another week of two and then go after the few spots I have left.
With the 20D under my belt I immediately went on to the 5D - one very large noticeable dust spot in photos. One pass with the PecPad and it was completely clean - my first zero dust cleaning!
Thanks for the encouragement and clear instructions. I will definitely be recommending your product to other photographers.
Chuck Hermann
Ann Charles Photography, LLC

August 12, 2007
Dear Copperhill,
I was shocked when I returned from my recent trip to Oahu, Hawaii with my 9 month old 30D and
viewed my images. Sensor spots everywhere which means more time on the computer using Photoshop to clean my images. I had read about your product on the www.texasphotoforum and decided to order the product. Everyone on the forum recommends you product by the way. I purchased the Mega Kit and proceeded to clean my father's 300D and my 30D. It was very easy with the instructions you provided. Easier than I imagined. My father's camera is about six years old and had a very dirty sensor with a few stubborn spots. It took about nine PecPads to achieve a clean sensor, but it is now clean. My 30D is nine months old and after only two PecPads I only had one tiny spot on the lower left of the sensor. I used two more PecPads (I am anal about it being clean) and my sensor is now spotless. Great product. I will recommend it to all my friends.
By the way, I am on my way back to Maui this week with my wife and you can bet my Copperhill kit is coming with me.
Mike McAleer, Texas

July 27, 2007
Received your sensor sweep brush today. I was a bit sceptical but i have to say I'm blown away with it. 5 passes across the sensor of my Canon 5D, each one progressively better and now theres nothing at all on there.
Great product, I'm impressed and will be having a good laugh at some friends who have spent hundreds of dollars on pretty much the same thing.
Steve Lycett

July 14, 2007
I am from Singapore. I have recently bought a Sensor Sweep brush from Copper Hill Images. Would like to commend on this very effective product that you have. I managed to clean the sensor of my Canon EOS 5D with much success. I have also mentioned about your quality product on a local forum in my country.
Louis Teoh

July 8, 2007
Thanks so much! By the way, I used your swab method (the wet one), and it worked wonderfully. It's so exciting to go from splotchy to CLEAN! Thanks. I know I sound like all the other people going on about how well it works, but it's true. I'm just happy to have a nice shiny sensor. :O) Thanks for getting back to me and for coming up with this nifty little bit.
by grace,
Bob Stevenson

July 4, 2007
Hello there, I just had a chance to sit down and use the sensor cleaning kit that I purchased from you guys a couple of weeks ago. I do a lot of astrophotography with a prime focus adapter which leaves the sensor basically clear open for dust to get in, and I've also done the IR filter removal mod on my camera (350D), and let me tell you it was DUSTY! I tried cleaning it with a Q-tip (both dry and wet) and simply had horrible results, it just moved the dust around and made the sensor streaky. It took me 6 wipes to clean off my sensor, but it is now COMPLETELY DUST FREE! :D I am so happy I can hardly contain myself. *Does a little dance* Thank you SO MUCH for making a wonderful product with a great website. :)
-Bill Carlson

July 4, 2007
I received my ultimate sensor cleaning kit today, a few days earlier than expected which was a pleasant surprise since I had spent the day reviewing the tutorials in preparation. Cracked the kit open and got right to it, took a few attempts but by the third try I had it licked. No more dust spots to be seen at f/45!!! You have made this perfectionist very happy indeed! Thank you for this wonderful product =0)
The Happiest Photographer
-Matt Pearson

June 27, 2007
Used my kit this past weekend - phenomenal!!!
I will send before and after pictures if you would like to see them. I wasn't that bad with my dust bunnies, but it was nice to see how clean the sensor got in just 2 swipes.
Thank you again - and I love my slinky.
Angela Catford

June 19, 2007
I purchased your basic kit a number of months ago, but was reluctant to try using it. However, when I kept seeing numerous dust spots in my pictures, I finally said enough and gave it a try. Thanks for the detailed instructions, because I followed them closely (I skipped the part about trying a practice run), but I did add the requirement to take a couple of photos of a white wall before and after each wipe. I started out with at least a dozen spots and was down to about 3 or 4 after the first wipe. I tried a second wipe and ended up with only about two, although one of them looked like a heavy duty (very dark) spot that hadn’t been there before.
My cleaning station was in the dining room where the air was relatively still and I had to run upstairs each time to put my D20’s CF card into the computer so I could get a good view of the spots. After the 3rd wipe, I checked my first post-cleaning photo and success! There were no spots visible at all. Then I took a look at the 2nd post cleaning photo (shot just seconds after the first), and there appeared a new dust spot! Since I figured the shutter or mirror must have dislodged something inside the camera in order to make that new spot appear, I took the chance and used a blower instead of a 4th wipe, took two more photos, and all dust spots were now gone and seemed to have stayed gone!
I have to agree with your comments, that this is pretty easy once you do it a few times. Now I just need to go buy a decent pair of tweezers that will easily pull each pad from the stack, instead of the el cheapo pair that I have which can’t keep a grip on the pads! Thanks for your product.
Thad McCulloch

May 30, 2007
I just received my order from you today - very happy!! I just cleaned my 20D and was very happy with your kit. While I know that you do not make the products, you package them with a great set of instructions (w/ photos, surprise!). I have had a couple of digital cameras and had never had the nerve to try a sensor clean. I was actually recommended to your site by a fellow photog., and was told that the "kit" with the swab tool was a great way to start. Thanks again for your product - you've saved me some valuable Photoshop time!
Sean Lensink

May 18, 2007
I have a 20D and was really trying to not focus on my dust particles. If you knew me, you'd know
that was hard to do. But lately, I found myself cloning the sky quite a bit, specially in my panorama pictures. I've been paying attention to all the cleaning methods and fancy $200 tools and most have gotten mixed reviews. Your method on the other hand, kept appearing as one that works. I then read your tutorial, and it sounded precise and honest. I placed my order.
My kit arrived yesterday, and I didn't muster the courage to sit down and try things out until today. THANK YOU! In 5 tries ( mostly because I was barely making contact the first 4 times, LOL ) I went from 20 something annoying dust specs to 3! And although, the compulsive in me wants to keep going after those three, they are at the center edges where they'll annoy me the least.
Your system works and it seems quite safe. Thank you for your efforts and for your product. I'll be sure to be one of those people that recommend your system.
This made my day!
-Andres Ramirez

May 17, 2007
Dear Sir or Madam:
I want to thank you so much for your CCD/CMOS tutorial. A couple of weeks ago, I returned from a trip to the beach with almost 1,000 photos, each with a small spot in the upper corner of the picture. Based on the spot, the dust that was visible through the view finder, and problems I was experiencing with the auto focus on my Canon DSLR, I was sure that I had a major repair bill facing me. After contacting Canon, and before I boxed up the camera to send it off to a service center, I found a reference to your website and decided to try cleaning the sensor on my own.
Although I was concerned that I might damage the sensor, I took my time and followed your tutorial using the tools I had ordered from Copper Hill. After carefully cleaning the sensor, I reattached the lense and could still see specs of dust and was still experiencing some minor problems with the auto focus. With that said, I decided to take a few more minutes to clean both the mirror and the focusing screen using the same method as you detailed in the tutorial for the sensor cleaning. This time when I reattached the lense, I was stunned by how clean everything appeared through the view finder. Other than one or two ramdom specs of dust, the camera is like the day I took it out of the box. And, better still, the auto focus is now working great.
Thanks again for your tutorial and cleaning products. Because of Copper Hill, I am again enjoying taking pictures with my newly cleaned DSLR camera.
Mark Wohlander
Lexington, Kentucky

May 7, 2007
Thank you so much for your tutorial and cleaning system that I purchased from copperhill. In my very first attempt to remove some very visible spots from my high contrast landscape image. The more clear blue sky , the more visible spots. I strive for the sharpest , clearest., most beautiful and colorful nature scenes.Those damn spots have been driving me to distraction for months . I was actually seriously considering replacing the camera. After reading that the sensor can be cleaned. I tried it . I used a small electronics Vacumn after locking up the mirror and then tried just the one pass in each direction with a pec pad mounted on a swipe tool and two drops of eclipse. I test shot the next day. Purposely including way more sky in my sunsets and the like to get some good high contrast , bright background to show case specs or no specs. No Specs. None!!!! Thank you very much I am very pleased. Keep up the good work, I will recomend your system to other digital shooters.
Mr. Bruce J. Dana

April 26, 2007
I just wanted to thank you for a GREAT product! I bought your dust kit for my Nikon d70s. I've looked everywhere for something like this that wasn't super expensive! Product works great, and very quick shipping! Thank you so much, no more obnoxious dust bunnies on EVERY image! yay!
-Matt Benson

April 21, 2007
Thank you for sending the Euro" Kit sensor and lens cleaner, I ordered it on Wednesday 18 April received Saturday 21-april 2007. The distance form Copper Hill to Oirsbeek Holland is about 7700km, so the delivery was very fast. I have cleaned my sensor with the Sensorsweep (brush) exactly as told in the manual, it was easy and clean.
I didn't need to use the SensorSwipe. I am very glad that the dust is gone from my sensor (D70).
Greetings from Oirsbeek Holland.
Theo van Mourik

April 24, 2007
Thanks for the quick response; I received my order in 1 day.
After I received the package, I read the enclosed instructions a few times; then, I began the process - actually, I ate 1 of the awesome treats you placed in the box first. As you mentioned, it took me a few times to get the hang of replacing the pad; after half a dozen times, I had no problems. To be honest, I have motor nerve damage in my right hand and was still able to replace the pad after a few practice rounds.
Thanks again for the quick response and a wonderful product; I am looking forward to placing another order to receive more cookies! lol.
Scott Foster

April 10, 2007
Dear sir/madam,
Just a quick note to say thanks for sending me my sensor brush order so quickly. Not only can't I buy a good sensor brush in the UK for anywhere near your price but I get the blower also & get it sent to me as quick if not quicker than some online UK photo stores. Very pleased with my purchase & the price of the brush/blower so will not hesitate recommending your company to any UK buyer.
Thanks, Mark Slater

April 19, 2007
Dear Nicholas
I got my first DSLR, a shiny new Pentax K10D, a few of weeks ago and was having a ball taking photo after photo. I had known there was an issue with dust in DSLR sensors and bought the K10D thinking it had addressed the problem better than others. As you can imagine, I was quite concerned to find specks and even a what looked like a small hair appearing in my shots when the camera was only a couple of weeks old! Two short days ago I found your tutorial from a dpreview forum and it was so clear and made so much sense that I decided very quickly to give it a go. I
quickly located as a local supplier of Pec Pads and the Sensor Swipe and ordered both that night. (I work in a chemistry lab so had a ready source of high purity HPLC grade methanol so saved a bit of money that way). Quality Camera were excellent with service and delivery time. The upshot is that I have just cleaned my sensor for the first time and I am very pleased with the result. All but the tiniest specs are gone apart from a small patch right at the edge.
IT WAS EASY!! Perhaps I am more practically minded than other people, but your tutorial makes it sound harder than it was. I felt very confident with what I had read so didn't even bother with a trial run as you suggest.
Thank you very much for having put the effort into finding a simple, cheap and easy way to remove the dust.
Martin Gregory

March 27, 2007
Your order processing/shipping is superb. Even better, your instructions are outstanding!! I should've expected as much when going through your tutorials. Anybody with an "off the wall" sense of humor as you have has got to be ok. By the way, among my many "Far Side" favorites is the last one he did - two guys finishing a mummy wrap and the caption is "Well, that's a wrap."
Back to the subject. After reviewing your instructions (I also looked at, I found your instructions to be much better. Theirs are ok, but I don't like moving dust around with a blower either. Anyway, first time through was no problem. Obviously, caution has to be observed, but it is not nearly as scary as some would make the process out to be.
I live in southwest lower Michigan along the Lake Michigan shoreline and take a lot of pictures of the lighthouse and pier heads of the north and south piers at St. Joseph, MI and of shoreline scenes and birds when I'm fishing on the inland lakes in our area. Lake Michigan can be awesome when the wind is out of the northwest. I'm careful and change lenses in my car but dust is always a concern when changing lenses.
So, thanks again for excellent products, instructions and the "off topic" humor.
Frank Vatroba

February 27, 2007
I just purchased your basic cleaning kit. Let me tell you why... a while ago, I decided to shoot some plain blue sky with my D70 at f/22 to see if there was any dust on the filter. There was quite a bit (it's about 2 years old and has never been cleaned) but I almost always shoot a lot wider so I never saw it - until I looked for it, and after I knew it was there... you probably know what I am trying to describe! I tried and tried with a "rocket" blower but to no avail; this stuff was really stuck. Because I was about to leave Australia for the US for an extended stay, I checked out the downtown Sydney camera shops for advice. There were many worried looks and shaking heads when I told them that I wanted to try cleaning it myself and I was recommended to a particular camera repair and service shop. Well, to cut a long story short, they took my $70 and smeared the dirt around a bit. With less than a week left I decided to tackle the problem when I got here as I could not find Eclipse fluid locally.

So yesterday the cleaning kit arrived and I tried it tonight. The first swipe didn't go so great; I managed to leave a fiber stuck to the filter that needed two more swipes to remove. Then I left a big chunk of something on the filter - it was so large I could see it sitting there with the naked eye. Two more swipes and I was getting the hang of it. I realized that a) I wasn't using enough pressure, and b) I wasn't using enough Eclipse. I feel that with a slightly wetter PecPad and a firmer, more "deliberate" swipe, I really got it. Now there is only the slightest shadow of a speck right in the top right corner and it's completely invisible by f/11. That's awesome since I never shoot stopped down that far. I am going to leave well enough alone for the time being until it accumulates enough dust to make it worth getting in there again. This is a great product and it's a lot easier than it sounds. It's certainly a lot less nerve-wracking than I was led to believe. I think there are a lot of people getting ripped off back home!

One thing I did notice: maybe it's just my imagination, but after I left the fiber on the filter, I looked very closely at the PecPads and it appears that they have two different sides; one is very slightly "fluffier" than the other. So for subsequent swipes I put them on the tool fluffy-side-in. I don't know if it made any difference to the swiping but it made me feel better!
Scott McLeod
p.s. the rainbow slinky is cool :)
p.p.s. It's weird, I would think nothing of dismantling my reflecting telescope to clean the mirrors, but for some reason the idea of getting inside the D70 sort of freaked me out... maybe it had something to do with all the horror stories on the internet.

February 1, 2007
Thanks, Nicholas. Just want to let you know, it was a breeze cleaning some spots off the xti that the anti-dust shaking couldn't get rid of. A hundred times easier than on my Canon 5D. I can't
wait until they get a 5D upgrade that has a shaking sensor. Between that and your SensorSwipe, I'll be in anti-dust heaven!
Howard Slavitt

January 25, 2007
Hello Nicholas.
Thanks very much for the fast delivery,received yesterday.I have just attempted my first cleaning of the sensor of the 10D. Amazing,just one wipe & the sensor was pristine,couldn't believe it,after all the horror stories heard from friends who had used other products.Once again many thanks for a fine piece of kit.
Best regards,
John O"Connell

January 25, 2007
I received the Basic Sensor Kit that I ordered for my Canon 5D today. I just wanted to say that I am amazed with the results after only two cleanings; it works exactly as advertised, and was really very simple to use. Thanks for helping me make - and keep - my camera dust free!
Mike Robbins

Hi Nicholas,
I finally did it! My newly acquired SensorSwipe was awaiting the arrival of some Pec-Pads and Eclipse solution. They had arrived today and I cleaned my sensor. I studied the tutorial and referred to it on your web site while I cleaned the sensor. It had one particularly stuck piece of
crud on it that had forced me retouch all of my images over the last few months. The sensor has never looked so good. The hand-holding tutorial is just great for the newbie and it inspires the right sort of confidence in the tyro.
Thank you for freeing me from the tyranny of sensor dust. A couple of small jpegs have been included so that you can see my results . The ISO was different for each image but the results speak for themselves. I am delighted!
Kind regards,
Jeff Cable

January 13, 2007
Hi Nicholas,
Just to confirm that my Mega Euro Kit arrived safely and completely intact due to your care in packaging. I was also warmly surprised to find the little extra you slipped in. As I write my little cute 4 year old daughter is playing with it. I had a strange thought in the back of my mind that you “knew”. Hmm! Another surprise was seeing that you had already wrapped a PecPad eliminating any doubts. I cannot choose the correct words except that I’m happily pleased to have done business with your company.
Thank you and very best regards to you and your family,
Richard Harker.

December 27, 2006
I just wanted to drop a note, quite late, of thanks for your super quick delivery of a Sensor Cleaning Kit for my Canon 20D. I realized just a few days before I left for a week in July to Hawaii that my sensor was filty, but I had been terrified to clean it myself. I researched extensively online and the "Copper Hill method" kept coming up so I decided to try my hand at it, terrified all the way. I sent an e-mail shortly after placing my order saying that I needed it quickly as I was leaving for Hawaii and the e-mail I received back stated that my package was already on the truck for delivery - I was floored! The package arrived quickly and I cannot begin to express how much better my sensor looked, after lots of practice and then many, many swipes as the sensor was quite dirty. Thanks so much for a great, effective, easy to use product and for your excellent customer service.
Nora Burns

December 28, 2006
Just a note to let you know that the SensorSwipe Kit was an answer to my prayer. Like anything new and involving some risks, I was intimidated. But after a few dry runs, I jumped in and got 100% clean sensor on my Canon 20D after 7 wipes. The swipes were easy and fun to make. I even purchased powder free gloves at CVS. After making the first swipe, found out that I didn't need gloves. I didn't know that the sensor would get dusty and need cleaning. I am certainly a new amateur, and my camera came already with, as you say, dust bunnies. Shortly after I received my camera I sent it to Canon for a cleaning (seventy bucks and three weeks down time). I'm not sure how I got to your site, but it is a blessing. If I can do it, I think anybody can.
Dan Guy

December 2, 2006
Just wanted to say thanks a million for your products & website/tutorial. I'm sure you've heard a story like this a million times, but I sent my camera off to a Pentax authorized service center (not directly to Pentax) to have the sensor cleaned, and it came back EXACTLY as dirty as it was when it left. Encountered very rude customer service when trying to explain the problem, so I decided to give this a go myself. Absolutely could not have been easier! I got 99.9% of the dust and junk on my sensor (and I'm talking about like probably 100 or more little spots!) in just one swipe back and forth. Thanks so much for this great resource and products.
Best wishes,
Joseph Allen

November 10, 2006
This is the first time I have used your product, and though I may be a little slow compared to some (it took me about 8 tries), I got the sensor of my D2X spectacularly clean. I've sent it to a Nikon authorized service company before and noticed some small spots after their cleaning. But not so with your product. I was able to rid my sensor of every single spot.
I wanted to try your product because we just recently returned from a trip to Panama which
presented a combination of dust in the form of smoke (cooking fires) and intense humidity (rainforest). I tried removing dust with a special cartridge of compressed gas (no liquid residue. not air), and blew it obliquely into the chamber without using mirror lock-up, but it had no effect. I'm pretty sure the combination of smoke/dust and humidity had welded the specks to my sensor.
I noticed that I had the best results when applying a single drop of Eclipse. I only had to go back a few extra times because I apparently introduced new dust into the chamber somehow. But as I said before, the sensor didn't leave China this clean!
We're leaving for Mexico tomorrow. I'm not one who shies away from changing lenses and as a result have to use the spot healing brush quite often in my workflow. I'm looking forward to keeping my sensor dust to a minimum in the future.
Thank you for your great product. After reading all your tutorials, I was actually looking forward to giving it a try. I was respectful, but not timid with regard to the sensor, and just as you say, I wondered why I had always been afraid of cleaning it myself.
Thanks again for helping me out in a pinch with the fast shipping and for a great product.
Dave Walker
Manager / Unique Photo Tours, LLC

January 5, 2007
I wasnt sure how to leave a comment, but I recently got the kit to clean my sensor, and it works great. The instructions, product, and the company are top notch in my book. Got the sensor cleaned after a few swipes THANKS!!!!
Korey Moore

Subject: I received your product today
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 17:48:29 -0700
I'd like to start by saying DAMN!!! Your sensor cleaning kit is much better than I imagined. It seems that so many times products are offered with fantastic claims and we settle when those claims are half heartedly met. In your case you have fulfilled or surpassed your promises in terms of product performance. After CAREFULLY reading over your instructions I decided to dive right in. The job was not tedious or difficult as most things of this nature are but very easy and extremely effective. I can safely say that There is not another sensor in Nevada as clean as this one is. I would stack it up against an EOS 5D out of the box and win. I can say this because there is not a single flaw to be found. And before my sensor had 14 blemishes after returning to me from a thorough cleaning..
Anyway I just wanted to SAY GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT INSTRUCTIONS and I'll recommend you to everyone I know that has a digital camera in need of a sensor cleaning.
William Mariani

Subject: What Great Results!
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 16:00:33 -0500
Well, I gotta tell you. I just got your ultimate DSLR cleaning kit this afternoon for my D200 and in about 45 minutes cleaned my mirror, focus screen, and CCD. My camera is now at least as clean as it was when I bought it - if not cleaner! It was all so very easy too! Very cool indeed.
Thanks for a great product & great service.
Mike Pastore
Wheaton, IL

9-October-2006 15:02
Hi just a short note about your sensor cleaning kit. I purchased the deluxe sensor cleaning kit a while back and wanted to let you know it did all your ad suggested. I have been cleaning my sensor now for almost a year with your system and it is great to not have any more dust bunnies. I admit I was concerned at first but your instructions are great and it was not that difficult to do.
Mike McCahan

5-October-2006 18:58
I normally don't write to "vendors" and you've probably received enough of these emails already, but I just wanted to say thanks for putting a product out there at a very reasonable price, that actually works. Sure there are other solutions, some costing more than double yours. I was so very hesitant that I just kept putting it off, worried that it would be a $300 bill from Canon (not bad since I live in NJ, but still)... So, I ordered the CHI MEGA D-SLR CARE KIT 14mm. If you want, attached are my before and after shots with my 20D. The worry time file was with using the pre-installed PEC*PAD. A little loose fiber I guess...any way, 3 re-do's later, I got it good enough for my liking. Total time invested was about 30 minutes. But you are right, the training wheels are off and I won't be so hesitant to wait so long to clean it if it is required again.
BTW, what's with the slinky? Aside from another good desk fob here at work...some deeper meaning to be revealed in your biography?
Joseph Hoetzl

7-September-2006 5:37
I bought a Canon 300D used a few weeks ago and have loved it. After browsing the web on maintaining a DSLR camera (this is the first one I have owned) I found your site and seen how to clean the CMOS sensor. Not knowing how the previous owner had maintained the camera, I done a test shot as described on your site. I could not believe how much dust was in the shot! In the previous photos I had taken, there was one spot that would show up but it was in a area that was close to the edge and could be cropped if needed. I received your kit today, followed the directions and cleaned the sensor twice just to make sure I got as much of the dust I could. I took another test shot and no more dust! The directions are very detailed and you have photos on how it is supposed to be done. I have and will recommend your product to anyone I know or read about that has dust problems.
Jimmy Cantrell

2-September-2006 14:58
Hello Nicholas
The sensor swabbing kit sat on my desk and I looked at it for about three weeks wondering if I was really up to the demands of such a surgical procedure. Finally I had some spots which just wouldn't move with my Rocket Blower and I realized that the time had come. First I practiced applying the PecPads and doing dry runs. Finally after about one and a half stiff drinks (Beefeater and Tonic) my hand became as steady as a rock. In went the Swipe and I completed two deft strokes. Re-assembling the camera and lens I did a sky shot. Much to my satisfaction most of the offending spots were history including two dark "will-nots" on the side that just refused to go with air alone. So thanks for the encouragement and I'm on my way now!
Marcy P.; Canada

18-July-2006 13:31
I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how the "Complete Sensor Cleaning Kit" and the "Brush on the Fly" kit were working.
Wow, the sensor cleaning kit took care of a spot that has plagued my Canon 350D from day one. I got the 350D and ran all over town shooting just about everything I could see. I loved the change to digital with control (I have the original EOS, the 650, and had stepped into digital with a Fuji S3000) Now I could unleash my talent on the world (Ha ha!) but upon getting home and checking out a panoramic shot of our wonderful city I fould a bunch o' stuff in the sky! UFOs? Nope not nearly colorful enough... Floaters? Nope those are in my eyes, not my camera (oh, and these don't ever move.)... Aaarrghhh! DUST! So on to the internet I went seeking quick ways to rid my DSLR of dust. WOW, kinda scary what some people will try! Then I got your kit, ran through the practice run, steadied my mind (Ooooohhhmmmmmm... Oooohhhmmmm.....) Now I was ready. 1 minute later, DONE. Went outside to check again, almost all are gone! :-) Next evening another shot at it, POW, all gone! Thanx for making such a kit available, and writing directions in a manner that doesn't make me feel all nervous about doing the cleaning. Now with the "Brush on the Fly" kit I can easily keep those bunnies at bay between cleanings, which should be a long time with the brush kit.
Michael Sink

10-June-2006 01:58
Hello Nicholas,
Thank you very much for you work. I want share my experience with your grate sensor clean method! Before 1 year I got from you the Sensor Swipe (forfree!!! ) Before number of weeks I found that my sensor is really dirty. I decided to clean it ! I had 3 sensor-swabs (photo-solution) I decided to try it first before your method. The result was not good, after 3 sensor-swab the sensor was more dirty than before ! The main problem of sensor-swab is that fact that the plastic under the pecpad is very short and does not fit all sensor size. And I tried your method, after 5 swabbing (I did it in one direction, I found it most suitable for me) the sensor was 100% clean. Even the new sensor was not such clean ! Your method is not very difficult but little stressful for first time :) Anyway it is NOT dangerous and very effective. So you can add Israel to the map of SWABing countries :)
Thank you !
PS: Fill free to publish this email on your website
Pavel Shamis (Pasha).

25-June-2006 14:06
I recently purchased a Mega Cleaning kit for a full frame sensor Canon 5D and also a 14mm Complete Kit to suit a Canon 10D. Having had the 10D for some years I for some reason refused to accept the fact that sensor cleaning is necessary and goes hand in hand with Digital Photography.
I was being ultra careful to change lenses as infrequently as possible in as ideal conditions as possible but to no avail, the dreaded dust bunnies inevitably appeared and in the case of the 5D in a relatively short space of time.
I must confess however that peering in the chamber with the mirror and shutter locked up gives the impression of a very forbibbing “no go” area and that comes from someone who has worked a life time with very fine delicate electronic and mechanical assemblies. The bare sensor seems to emit an aurora that says “warning, warning, stay away, don’t come near”!!!!!!!!
Long story short, after much research on the web I found your excellent website and the whole complete procedure as you described seemed a logical sensible approach to eliminating the dreaded dust bunnies.
The 10D, being the oldest and now less loved was to be the guinea pig.!!! I read and re-read the tutorial and carefully prepared for the big event. Exactly as you mentioned, I wandered why I was so nervous about performing this relatively simple procedure. I think a lot is owed to your excellent description of the procedure. None the less as also mentioned in your tutorial, you are working in a very delicate area and it’s good practice to always hold this thought.
The 5D seems even easier, as the sensor is larger and easier to access. I did however have access to another tool used in another hobby, and that is an Optivisor Binocular Magnifier with a variety of lenses and light. Using this tool I could actually examine the sensor after swabbing and see if any dust or specs remained.
So I am pleased to report that I have indeed “crossed over” as it were and am now left wandering why I avoided this necessary aspect of digital photography for so long.
John Dek
Hurst, Texas

9-June-2006 06:49
Hi Nicholas,
I just received a kit from you. It was fast:) (mailed on June 2 from VA and received in Lithuania on June 6) But I have a question - what is in the white box?:) I tried to understand this few hours but was unable to do that:) Thanks.

4-June-2006 07:25
I used the brush and it was a breeze. I also used the sensor cleaner with the pec pads and that was a piece of cake too! I purchased my Canon 20D used and it was full of dust spots for maybe close to a year (from my estimate)!! I had to do three back to back cleanings and almost all of the spots are gone. The first cleaning was a bit timid with the pressure, but I was more confident each time. It was hard to guage how hard I was pressing. I will wait a few days and do another cleaning to get the very last bits of large specks.
Thanks so much for the great product, support, and expert advice!
One Happy Customer!
Bettie Sotomayor

28-May-2006 15:40
Top of the morning to ya, Nicholas!
Just recently received the sensor-cleaning kit you sent and it's a breeze to use. A very easy and relatively inexpensive way to get rid of those digital picture "dust bunnies" out here in the desert of Iraq. My sensor was so dirty that nearly every picture with clear sky showing required substantial PP. I used six pads before I finally got all the "gunk" off the sensor (I guess that's actually the low-pass filter, huh?) but it's clean now and appears no worse for wear based on a couple dozen pics I've taken. I'd sure like to know where that stuff comes's more than just dust...and can't be removed with a blower or charged brush.
Many thanks for making the kit available. Clearly I have no way to get my camera cleaned professionally by Canon in my location and I doubt they could do a better job anyway.
Many thanks,
Bob Unger

29-May-2006 19:31
Hi, I just want to tell you that my sensor is virtually dust free (just a couple of really faint specks at F29) in just 5 minutes and 1 swipe. The hardest part of cleaning the sensor was definitely waiting for UPS to ship everything here! Thanks for the great product, your tutorial is so thoroughly detailed, I was incredibly confident even without any practice runs before hand, and it worked perfectly.
Lucas in Canada
Ps. I like the slinky too!

02-Jun-2006 05:06, dawn (accordsystems) wrote:
Subject: Slinky Gallery
Nicholas, you might get some entertainment out of a small gallery of images I did last night using the freebie slinky I got when I ordered my Copperhill cleaning kit: regards

16-May-2006 16:42
Hi Nicholas,
Just received my SensorSwipe Kit, and I have to tell you I can not believe the results, I cleaned a Cannon 30D. I know it`s a new camera but the sensor was not as clean as I thought a new camera ought to be, and boy did your product do the job. I have two little specks left, but I think I will get them next time. Nice to get a product that works as advertised and thanks for the prompt delivery.
Best Regards, Alan L.

3-April-2006 14:15
I just have to write you to tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the products and the whole Mega kit I got. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. It's the perfect example of how someone who isn't experienced can get amazing results.
I had about 10 little/big specks of dust show up in my Canon 20d photos after 5 months trouble-free, never having removed my lens. I tried blowing it off with a blower and some pieces moved around, but things got worse, not better. I ended up with 20 specks.
Amongst other things, I shoot skies for creating video game art and I was starting to lose so much time in all the annoying retouching of 12-15 images for every sky I'd make. I had to get this thing cleaned...or could I do it myself?
I got your Mega kit after reading many positive reviews, and seeing other products out there which really seemed way overly priced - and even gadgetty. The Mega came a day or two before I even expected it. It was wonderfully packaged, all secure and tidy. This was looking good already.
I read the online instructions a couple of times. I knew this was the sort of thing which you feel more comfortable with through practice and doing it, just as you said. But I was still nervous. It was still intimidating. I'd already lost a hard drive for my online business which is going to cost me a fortune to recover. I can't afford to mess this up. So I tried blowing with the new blower some more and got nowhere. It was time to dive into your process.
First, let me say the instructions are so clear. I had them printed out, and in front of me. The good humour made it fun, and I needed a good few laughs to loosen me up. I followed along and got into the process easily. After each attempt, I went outside to shoot the sky, came back in, and checked out the pics.
I think I was so tentative the first try I may not have even touched the sensor. So I tried again. And once more. And once more. Every time, just as you said, I got more and more comfortable. The camera was still taking the pictures. And the specks on the 4th time almost entirely came off. Finally I had the confidence to go for it and use the pen pressure you described. I whipped up the 5fth swab feeling like a pro now...
...and it worked. By worked I mean perfection. All 20-odd specks are gone. And the camera works. And my blood pressure had long since dropped. There's nothin' on that baby.
I have a brand new personal business. Let's say things are a bit slow right now. You saved me money and time from not having to send it in somewhere (and maybe not get good results). And you saved me money and time being so thorough and helping me not break the darned thing.


All I can say is thank you for the products, the professional delivery and packaging, and your professional tutorial. I know now if I need to, I can do it every week like you said you do.
Ok, now you just lost me a bunch of time because I had to write this darned thank you letter. Not something I've ever done, not even on New Egg which has always been perfect for me. That's how much this meant...
][udson Kerr
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7-May-2006 15:22
A belated thank you for the super-quick shipping on my order. I did get it Tuesday and successfully cleaned my sensor without a hitch. Your instructions are quite clear and complete. Turns out I didn't have to use wet cleaning. The SensorSweep II did the job. But it's nice to know I'm covered for whatever crud comes blowing my way. Thanks again for making my first step into sensor cleaning less daunting.
Naomi Lasdon; Virginia Beach, VA

4-May-2006 16:01
Hi Nicholas!
Received the kit today!
Things first started last weekend, after comming back from a photo session and realised that there were 2 specs of dust in the sky on every photos. I tried to blew with my mouth, they moved a little bit, so I tried to blow harder with my mouth... Very bad thing to do... I just tried your kit and followed your tutorial. Thanks so much! I still have one hard to reach spec on the lower right corner, but I'll live with it until the next wipe. See the photos showing the difference between before and after cleaning, feel free to use them as example for your site if you wish!
Thank you very much for fast delivery and out of the common customer service!
Jocelyn Laroche

21-April-2006 11:21
Dear Nicholas,
I need you again. Last year I mysteriously found myself entering the world of panic when my images began having the "spots". Basically, I was a classic case of what is common in your testimonials. I learned from your tutorials how to confidently clean and maintain my camera sensor. You really brought a lot of people out of the dark with what you've done for this component of owning digital equipment. I am extremely thankful I don't have to depend on a dealer to do this for me. Actually it would be impossible to constantly have the camera in the shop for such a simple procedure. Thank you to the hilt.
I am writing you today because I finished a shoot in Florida this past week. The location was a beach of the finest sand you will find on earth. The ULTRA retractable brush you sell became my best friend before, during and after the shoot. And yet I accidently left my best little friend behind in Florida and would desperately love it if I could buy a few independently from the kit. Sorry for all the drama in this note, but I really hope you can help me out with this one.
Please write back and thank you again for all the work you put into bringing your wonderful products to the market. Top quality in business behaviour and product dependability.
John Campossa
Chicago, Illinois

31-March-2006 09:58
I just want to thank you guys for your wonderful DSLR cleaning kit. I was despondent over the fact that I've taken several vacations and used to be an avid arts photographer and that my camera would produce big black spots on every single image that required cloning out. Additionally, since I'm photographing on white backgrounds for my jewelry retail business, I've spent countless hours cloning out damage to my photographs.
Your product has restored my sensor 100% and I am getting much better results with my images. Thank you so much. I will be raving about you on shortly :-)
Laura N.

23-March-2006 08:36
I received my wet/dry kit this evening and couldn't wait to try it out. I took a photo before and I had 4 very noticeable specs. I prepared myself and after 15 grueling and nervous seconds, I now only have one spec! Consequently that one spec is not where any of the 4 were before, so I obviously just moved it instead of picking it up, but that's ok. I was nervous and wasn't even pressing down much. You know, there are some really paranoid people out there. One guy was really trying to get me to not clean my sensor myself, saying it will instantly void my warrenty. I'm not worried about the warrenty, I worried about my pictures!
Aaron S.
Port Huron, MI

22-March-2006 23:52
Subject: Received and Used Your Product Today
I just want to thank you for a great product. I just received my "Mega Care Kit" and used the Sensor Sweep brush with very good success. It only took 2 tries to get nearly all of the dust off the sensor. I will be using the rest of the kit in the future, when needed. One other point, I used a headlamp, like the ones for hiking at night, to light up my sensor. The head light works great and is always aimed just perfectly. Here is a picture of the results: . Thank you again for a great cleaning kit,

Julie W. 11-March-2006 11:24
Hi. My name is Julie W. and I purchased your SensorSweep a few months ago but up until today have not dared to use it. However, after a weekend out shooting along our beautiful coastline here in sunny Perth W Australia I was horrified to see that quite a few of my pics (lots of blue sky) had dust bunnies!!! So, I followed your instructions to the letter and cleaned my sensor------------absolutely brilliant!!! Now-- no dust bunnies and one very happy customer, so thanks a lot for your great product.

Rob V. 12-March-2006 10:31
Add me to the list of satisfied customers. I've had my Nikon D70 for about a year and never have cleaned it, so, needless to say, the sensor was filthy. Had to repeat the cleaning procedure several times, but it worked like magic. Took a photo of a white surface before and after for comparison purpose. The before photo revealed numerous spots and smudges. The after-cleaning photo was spotless. Photo quality is now excellent -- good as new. I was about to take the D70 to a local shop and pay $75 for a one-time cleaning, but then found out about your sensor cleaning kit and decided to give it a try. Thanks to your procedure and products, I can now correctly do the job myself at a fraction of the cost. Thank you.
-- Rob V.; Pasadena, Texas
Journalist and avid photographer

•Here's a recent thread started by a (happy) customer:

In case you may be thinking that success and fulfillment in business comes solely by the amount of dollars or euros you make, I would like you to read something. Tim's experience and how he found his way through 2 years worth of dust has warmed my heart to no end. He didn't buy a SensorSwipe, a SensorSweep nor a Cleaning Kit, but he used this tutorial perfectly.
Thank you so much, Tim.

Mike P. 8-February-2006 15:05
I just wanted to say thanks for a timely shipping and a nicely detailed "how to" on cleaning my sensor. 99% of the sensor was cleaned on the second swabbing and I only had to give it a third cleaning because of some dust left in a corner. Because of your insistence on studying and practicing before the actual act, I was completely calm and confident in my abilities in doing the job right without ruining my camera.
Once again, I thank you and my Digital Rebel XT thanks you for all of your knowledge and your great pricing.
Mike P.
Ottawa, KS

Joe C. 1-December-2005 5:46
Wow! I was so nervous that I shut off the heat, put the dogs away , told the wife to keep out for an hour or so, had the gloves, the practice, all the instructions, a laptop with your website up and everything else in place, and WOW how easy is that, took my time and swabbed it two sep times and that ccd is clean as a whistle. Great product, great pride in your product (shown in the instructions) and will recommend to anyone I know in the bus.
Thanks again, Joe C.

Peter Hellekalek 4-October-2005 16:10
Dear Nicholas,
I would like to thank you very much for your products, which leave an excellent impression.
Everything is carefully assembled and appears to be of high quality. I am most grateful for your honest way of trading and your fair pricing. Your shipment arrived last friday, so everything worked fine.
With my best wishes
Peter Hellekalek

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