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Connie Bishop | profile | all galleries >> Deer Island, New Brunswick tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Deer Island Underwater | Deer Island, New Brunswick | Underwater in Eastport, Maine | Atlas Park (Pointe-Verte), New Brunswick | Bay of Chaleur - North Shore, New Brunswick | Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick | Other New Brunswick Dive Sites | Scuba Diving in Nova Scotia | Scuba Diving in Newfoundland | Les Escoumins, Quebec | Vancouver Island, BC - October 2008 | 1000 Islands, Ontario Wreck Diving | Florida Cave Diving 2008-2011 | Pics of Divers around NB Dive sites

Deer Island, New Brunswick

Our favourite dive site in New Brunswick!

Watch this cool video... a duck dove down to 45ft off Deer Island and I captured 24sec on video..

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Deer Island Scenery!
Deer Island Scenery!
BH01824 October Diving Pics
October Diving Pics
Underwater Photos - Deer Island July 10, 2010
Underwater Photos - Deer Island July 10, 2010
Canada Day Weekend 2010, Deer Island Diving
Canada Day Weekend 2010, Deer Island Diving
IMG_0700.JPG IMG_0699.JPG IMG_0698.JPG
IMG_0697.JPG IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0691.JPG IMG_0688.JPG IMG_0687.JPG IMG_0686.JPG IMG_0684.JPG IMG_0682.JPG
IMG_0681.JPG IMG_0680.JPG IMG_0679.JPG IMG_0678.JPG IMG_0677.JPG IMG_0676.JPG IMG_0675.JPG IMG_0674.JPG
IMG_0673.JPG IMG_0672.JPG IMG_0671.JPG IMG_0669.JPG IMG_0667.JPG IMG_0666.JPG IMG_0662.JPG IMG_0660.JPG
IMG_0656.JPG IMG_0655.JPG IMG_1135.JPG IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1134.JPG IMG_1136.JPG IMG_1115.JPG IMG_1114.JPG
IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1148.JPG IMG_1119.JPG IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1145.JPG IMG_0627.JPG IMG_1150.JPG IMG_0638.JPG
IMG_1147.JPG IMG_0624.JPG IMG_1118.JPG IMG_0600.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0609.JPG IMG_1120.JPG BG01153
IMG_1142.JPG IMG_0606.JPG IMG_1121.JPG IMG_0602.JPG IMG_1143.JPG IMG_0599.JPG IMG_0615.JPG IMG_0469.JPG
IMG_0465.JPG IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0441.JPG Big Sea Spider DSC08475.JPG DSC08472.JPG BF08462 DSC08459.JPG
DSC08456.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0329.JPG IMG_0327.JPG IMG_0309.JPG IMG_0307.JPG IMG_0306.JPG IMG_0305.JPG
IMG_0304.JPG IMG_0303.JPG IMG_0302.JPG IMG_0299.JPG IMG_0298.JPG IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0295.JPG IMG_0294.JPG
IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0280.JPG Frilled Anemones Frilled Anemones Toad Crab Stalked Tunicates Blood Star Scenery
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