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In the stageing area long before the battle that is 100% going to happen the body turns on the adramaline full. As the staging area is left and first contact is made the body is still produceing the adremaline full and now allows the soldier to funtion without the need for daily body functions, food is secondary. Sleep is very very light at best if at all. Then the battle gets personnal as your first friend gets killed. The "Dark Side" finally comes out, the desire to kill has peaked as the body is not showing on the surface the fatuge of the brain, only showing a human weapon with a hair trigger, survival of the warrior and his fellow warriors is now at 100%. The goal of military training for combat has been achived.
One year later the warriors have rotated out of combat. The military has no shot to give them to make them forget the faces of death they saw on thier fellow warriors and worst yet faces of death they saw as they pulled the trigger and wasted an enemy. No the shot has not been made that will cause these faces of death to keep from haunting, more and more as age later breaks down emotional barriers. These demons will be the warriors last battle for many for many years. Washington has yet to develope a spray to spray the airplanes cabin with for these warriors on thier way back home that will turn off the "Dark Side" Blowing ones own brains out has worked for many, comming very close for many many more. Some will hide out in military for a career because its the closest thing they know as thier new sanity. These warriors will cherish peace above all, they know they are damaged goods to the civilian population. But to that new recruit they are the ones who will train these new soldiers and hope they will never see combat, as only true warrior can, but will lead them when and if ordered to combat again.
As the cold war spies were giving poison capsuls for extreme emergancies. Todays warriors should be given a special bullit labeled camera, to be used when needed to destroy the imbedded camera. This is called self presavation.

Whose Side is our Ambassador on ?

On Wednesday, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq expressed regret over the incident but said it would not undermine U.S. efforts to remove guerrillas from the city.

"No one can be happy about an incident such as that one, but the important point is that the individual in question will be dealt with," Ambassador John Negroponte told reporters.

Everyone else shared a different View than our Ambassador!

At a news conference Tuesday, Iraqi Interior Minister Falah Hassan al-Naqib, himself a Sunni, said that although "killing a wounded person is rejected by us," Fallujah militants were "killers and criminals" who committed brutal acts.

International legal experts said protection of injured combatants once they are out of action is a basic rule in warfare but that the Marine shown in the video may have acted in self-defense.

Charles Heyman, a British infantry veteran and senior defense analyst with Jane's Consultancy Group in London, defended the Marine, saying soldiers are taught that the enemy "is at his most dangerous when he is severely injured."

Use links below to contact Washington. Its time for the Commander in Chief to get involved.

That young Marine did not enter that building to murder someone, he did not enjoy what he did, he was not smiling posing for pictures, when killing is your proffesion who the hell wants some freak with a camera recording what will be the darkest moments of your life. He reacted as a warrior on the battlefield as he was trained. Decisions are made in less than a second that envolve "Life and Death" for these young warriors. That brave Marine needs medical not legal aid! Even more our Ambassador to Iraq needs to learn COMPASSION. These are brave young men, NOT pawns on a chessboard nor are they just photo ops during Holiday Meals. Get that stinking reporter out of Iraq , but let the traitor find another country to live in. He does not desirve to ever touch foot on American Soil again after what he has done to that Marine, the Marines loved ones back home, the USMC and The United States of America.

Tell the Commander in Chief ENOUGH, pick up the phone call Iraq and end this NOW while that young Marine has some sanity left!

Gary L Senkus

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