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jay 20-Jun-2011 19:27
Hi! Thank you posting your pictures. Awesome...simply awesome. You, along with many other excellent photographers, inspire me to strive for that perfect shot. Pls keep on updating/posting/publishing on your site.
Dexter S. Garcia 26-Apr-2011 15:47
Hi James.Your photos are inspiring.Keep up the good work.

Dexter, Filipino in Bahrain
Necy 01-Feb-2011 08:17

Can I use one of your ice cream cart photos as a wall background for the children's dance number "Mamamg Sorbetero?" The dance will be part of the program for my NGO's 3rd anniversary celebration.
Guest 14-Sep-2010 03:00
This person said is all. Thanks for sharing your views.
Hi James,
your sensitivity to place, and the sincerity of your pictures are truly worth more than words. The feelings they convey in their capture, their colours, texture, sound is such a delight on the senses. it is such a gift to us (your surfers) and to the world.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. It makes proud to be Pinoy!

I hope to meet you in the future. the way you see life is truly insiping

Stephanie Tan, Filipina in London
cheche 21-Nov-2009 22:43
Hello James,
Beautiful pictures!
Try to visit Misamis Oriental Mindanao Philippines.
madel 08-Nov-2009 07:34
You are the best photographer for me!! thanks for sharing you photos to us. very inspiring! I wish I could be a great photographer like you.. Really proud to be a Filipino!
yang 30-Oct-2009 12:05
hi James! thanks! ur website helped me alot!
karaso26 12-Oct-2009 02:23
This is great!!!!! This is blood rushing and intensify the viewers lust for more fight!!!! I really badly like to watch a mixed martial arts fight.. Hope to see more actions!! More power to you!!!
Crispin Sanchez 10-Sep-2009 16:01
Hi James. your pics are really great! awesome shots! think your giving me some thinking on photography.

FYI, I was able to get here on your site as I tried looking for reviews on Hyundai Tucson. your review for the unit is very impartial. Hope you can advice me more as I am stuck between X-trail and tucson, hehe...

Again great pics and articles. Mabuhay!

best regards,
Crispin Sanchez
janeen 01-Aug-2009 14:48
Hi Mr. James! Love your pictures! I wish I could be like you also. Successful and got the chance to travel the world. WOw! youre amazing. - from Philippines, your home.. and mine too.(chuckle) always stay happy.

p.s. i found your website by accident.. i was looking for a picture of aliyah parcs, and yahoo, linked your site so here i am, thankful that ive seen your work.. ay-mazing!
stephanie tan 26-Jun-2009 09:59
Hi James,
your sensitivity to place, and the sincerity of your pictures are truly worth more than words. The feelings they convey in their capture, their colours, texture, sound is such a delight on the senses. it is such a gift to us (your surfers) and to the world.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. It makes proud to be Pinoy!

I hope to meet you in the future. the way you see life is truly insiping

Stephanie Tan, Filipina in London
Theresa 14-Jun-2009 23:41
OMG! I cannot believe I stumbled across your website! It's Theresa here (Ramon's sis). You know, the mother of your godson, Joshua??? :) How are you? And Shell? Your children look beautiful and healthy. I was actually trying to google something - best place to buy a house in the Philippines near beautiful beaches and surf. But I didn't get too far because I saw your website....Anyway, I better go and do some work. Take care of yourself and your family.
Guest 04-Jun-2009 05:35
hi.i'm dha.i'm planning to buy prof cam. is canon EOS 20D the best to buy?pls advise thanks.
Guest 04-Jun-2009 05:34
hi.i'm dha.i'm planning to buy prof cam. is canon EOS 20D the best to buy?pls advise thanks.
Guest 20-Mar-2009 05:47
What gorgeous, crystal clear photographs! I am in Powell River, BC Canada but found your gallery searching for photos of Numazu Japan. You have a lovely eye.

Thank you!

Takaaki Okada 10-Mar-2009 13:34
I checked out your web site today,It is so nice photograph here! Really
Can I use these photo by spanish bar's website?
Please response to my E-mail.Waiting for your message.
Thank you,
Takaaki Okada
Guest 05-Feb-2009 17:10
grettings from uruguay!!! your pics are great!!! thanx for show filipinas !!!(im uruguayan not filipino..but i love your country)god bless you
javier b 05-Feb-2009 17:07
hello from uruguay ..i will visit filipinas in the next may (cause i have a friend there) and i was looking for pics about all filipinas.... your site is very nice...your pics are the best !!! thanks for show filipinas to the a awesome country !!!!
xyz 15-Dec-2008 14:19
Hi! Love your site. The pictures comfort me in times of homesickness. Could I ask you to take holiday pictures? How the Philippines looks like it the holidays. Simbang Gabi, bibingka, parols, carolers and all that. Thanks and God Bless! Xenia
pong 13-Oct-2008 07:27
Hi! very very nice pictures! It's awesome! Have you really studied photography? I'm getting to love photography though that is not my course. You're an inspiration! Hope you'll teach me some techniques in photography. (*as if it could happen with all your works) haha.
God bless!
Tebo 21-Sep-2008 16:13
Such incredible pictures, I'm very glad to have stumbled onto your site. You are a genuinely inspiring person James, thank you for sharing your work!

Tebo from Montreal
Tebo 21-Sep-2008 16:12
Such incredible pictures, I'm very glad to have stumbled onto your site. You are a genuinely inspiring person James, thank you for sharing your work!

Tebo from Montreal
Guest 19-Sep-2008 00:01
Hello there, James! I just bought past issues of I-mag magazine from Filbar's and I chanced on a page mentioning your website. I am a hobbyist but I only got my DSLR early this year. I am a member of the Batangas Camera Club, based in Batangas City.
I certainly enjoyed looking at your galleries! 'til my next visit..
Michael Butrov 05-Sep-2008 15:32
I just happened to stumble on your page whilst browsing for highway races. Your articles are a really good read, and your pictures are beautiful, you are a truly gifted photographer. And its nice to know that other people in the world share a love of cars.
jason 19-Aug-2008 09:42
i am an avid listener of couterflow, do you have stickers of counterflow, i like to have one.
Leny Cruzado - Maternity,Babies,Kids, Newborn Photographer,Manila31-Jul-2008 02:43
hi james,
i think i saw ur gallery once and i find myself searching for it whenever i need inspiration. (i marked u as Favorite already *wink*) your photos are really beautiful! i'm away from home and whenever i look at your galleries of our country, it makes me want to go back home. it makes me hope for something positive for us all. i wonder if i'm just deceived by your beautiful photos or am i just blind and didn't see those when i was there?
pls continue whatever it is that ur doing and for sure more of us will continue to be inspired as well. thanks to you!
God bless!more power!
romeo 30-Jul-2008 07:14
Hey james. I'm a big fan of C! Magazine ever since it started. I have been longing to get in touch with you guys just to say how great your magazine is! Btw, your counterflow articles are very good. In fact, it's one of the things i always look forward to in your issues. Im also into photography and i learn a lot from your works. Godspeed!
p.s. do you have a blogsite? I just can't get enough of your articles. hehe!
romeo 30-Jul-2008 07:14
Hey james. I'm a big fan of C! Magazine ever since it started. I have been longing to get in touch with you guys just to say how great your magazine is! Btw, your counterflow articles are very good. In fact, it's one of the things i always look forward to in your issues. Im also into photography and i learn a lot from your works. Godspeed!
p.s. do you have a blogsite? I just can't get enough of your articles. hehe!
Steven Di 27-Jul-2008 11:09
Guten Tag! :)
Damn! YOur works are nice. And your so lucky to drive fast cars. Your job is so cool! YOure an inspiration and i wish i could experience how to be in your shoes even just for a day...^_^

Have a great day!
Ganya12-Jul-2008 07:52
Words cannot even describe how much I like your work. THANK YOU!
Theresa 08-May-2008 19:58
Hi James,

I'm at work right now but have spent the last hour browsing through your website, showing my co-workers your photos and commenting on how it beautifully depicts Philippines!

I've booked our family vacation back to the Philippines on Dec08/Jan09. I can't stop talking about how excited I am to go back home to the Philippines. My husband is not Filipino and has never been to the Philippines before. He's not looking forward to the 18-hour flight but I told him it is all worth it. At home, I've been searching and searching for good sites to show my husband the plethura of tourist attractions in the Phils. but couldn't find one single site. Finally, today, I accidentally discovered your site and now I'm hooked!

Thanks for sharing your photos. You're certainly gifted with this amazing talent and lucky to be able to travel the world. It would be nice to meet you while we're there. Anytime you're in Toronto, you've got a place to stay. My husband, 2-yr old son and I will be happy to show you around.

Take care,
Chris Arines 22-Apr-2008 13:50
I think it is time you buy ( I checked, and it is already taken), put a wordpress platform on it and have your own site. The cool thing about starting your own site is that you have tons of really cool writings and pictures you can already work with. It should not be such a stretch, man. Send me a quick note if you need a push in the right direction.

Anyway, I wish I can be as good an automotive writer as you are. Somehow, you managed to make your articles have more... I dunno, "feeling" I guess. They never lose the personal touch that makes them a worthwhile read.

Keep touching lives dude, while you do what you do best.

SuBs 09-Apr-2008 03:43
Hello James,

Fate usually plays tricks on me, but yesterday i think it decided to give me a break - I don't know how (because surfing is the closest we can get to teleporting), but fate directed me to your site.

It was literally - breath-taking! Most of your shots made me smile, left me amazed, made me let out a gasp and some made me think.

I just came from a trip to Bohol last weekend. Although it was not my first time there, it was my first time to use a DSLR (Nikon d40). Yes. I bought one without even knowing what ISO and Aperture were. So when I read your profile, I felt not as foolish as I did.

I work with a creative team. Though I am not an artist (a struggling writer), since I am surrounded by them, their interest rubbed on me. It felt good to capture stories. Although I'm not that good yet, the satisfaction is more than enough. I hope I could be as good a you though.

Anyway, I hope you keep on clickin' as I will surely keep on surfin' your site.

Thank you, James for the inspiration.
Guest 02-Apr-2008 20:12
I love your photo gallery, they are just beautiful. I would like to made a pictures video and post it on I will certainly credit your works. I just want to share your amazing works with the world. Thank you
NINO SELIBIO 28-Mar-2008 03:56

I am elated to know that you consider our country as your home. Perhaps, you enjoy the sceneries and the warm-hearted and peace-loving people inspite of the controversies that never stop to invade this struggling nation. Well, as I was browsing your shots, I become more proud of being a Filipino. I hope we can meet up one day and visit my home province of Iloilo. I have seen some of your shots taken in Iloilo and I am telling you man, Iloilo has a lot to offer for enthusiasts like you. I am willing to accompany you should you want to visit Iloilo again. I want you to see what my little hometown of San Joaquin has to offer. Our home is very much open to good people like you...
Erick Maldonado 14-Mar-2008 23:11
Mr. Deakin
Would you need any help carrying your photo equipment to the next F1 grand prix? If so drop me a line, I’ll be ready

Great photos by the way..!!!
Christopher SC Odukwe06-Mar-2008 07:01
Great pictures man!
Ardie Lopez05-Mar-2008 18:45
Mr. Deekon! How've you been buddy? It's been a while since we last jammed (I meant that in every way). Guess what, I just got back from an overseas trip via PAL, lo and behold- our photos (photos we took) published side by side in Mabuhay Magazine's March issue! Cool! We gotta catch up. Soon. Ayt matey, God bless ya and the family! :)
Mercedes 01-Mar-2008 10:37
I did find your site quite by chance, but I just could not leave anymore. I have been living in the U.S. for almost 24 years and it was great to see the Philippines again. The pictures you took were beautiful. I also enjoyed looking at all faces and the kids left a smile on my face. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for bringing me my Philippines in such a beautiful package.
LIZ BRYSON 16-Feb-2008 15:09
jojo anonuevo 12-Feb-2008 10:05
Hi there. My interest was MMA but man, your worx were really excellent! BTW, got me a Hyundai Tuczon coz of ur great review at the C! mag. thanks
Rossano 07-Feb-2008 03:08
Hello Mr. James Your Photos are awesome. I hope nobody got whacked that time.
Jeanelyn Zozobrado04-Feb-2008 01:50
Your photography skills is as good as your writing skills. I am very, very impressed about your work. Your photos have inspired me a lot.
mdc 26-Dec-2007 15:25
Hi! I enjoyed the tour, I love your photos, thanks for the photos taken here in the Philippines.I am a beginner in photography, mostly my photos are from Tayabas, Quezon. You might want to visit us. We have Mt Banahaw as background in our resort.
Your photos are inspiring me...great job. Thanks.
Barbie Dumlao 03-Dec-2007 10:54
Hi James, I have no idea if you remember me, but we were friends way back during our Hong Kong days when we were little. (The Dumlao's) Anyway, excellent work - You've got a gift! God bless! :o) - Barbie Dumlao
Ardie Lopez25-Nov-2007 03:42
Hey Dude, have a great time in the UK. I know you've got a lot to resolve and you seem to express it aint gonna be a walk in the park but hey, you're still such a fortunate guy to garner all this, mainly because you've worked hard for it. Take care out there, I'll be anticipating your next gallery. :)
Guest 25-Nov-2007 03:19
I love the beautiful pictures of the philippines and the rest of the world. These are sentimental to me. Thanks for the posts.
florisa24-Nov-2007 08:58
thank you very much for sharing your beautiful photos online. i will tell my students to visit this website so that they can appreciate more the beauty of our country most specially Manila, since our university is also located in the heart of Manila. Great job and More power
florisa 24-Nov-2007 08:53
thank you very much for sharing your beautiful photos online. i will tell my students to visit this website so that they can appreciate more the beauty of our country most specially Manila, since our university is also located in the heart of Manila. Great job and More power
Guest 20-Nov-2007 00:32
great job. congrats!
Guest 20-Nov-2007 00:31
great photos james! thank you for boosting our beautiful island philippines.indeed, our is one amazing country to live in.
islandcirce 26-Oct-2007 14:23
arresting photos, every shot is a pablo neruda ode.
Guest 27-Jun-2007 14:15
When I get photoshop and a new camera, I'm going to model my work after you.
Ardie Lopez18-Jun-2007 02:33
Hey Man, Happy Father's Day!
Ardie Lopez16-May-2007 12:49
Hey Dude, thanks for droppin' by. Am glad I was able to post my Rome pics before it hit its anniversary ;p... hahaha. -Haneps talaga your profile pic. It must be a "compensatory" picture... hahaha.
Andrija Kasom03-May-2007 10:07
Dear James,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent work...greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Bobby Wong Jr.09-Apr-2007 03:25
Quite a collection of nice travel photos.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:17
One of the best galleries on pbase thus far.
csmallari21-Feb-2007 13:29
Thanks a lot James for taking a peek at my different galleries and for the much appreciated comments. If you say you enjoyed looking at my different photos, you can just imagine how much I truly enjoy your galleries - they are ALL AMAZING !!!! as in WOW :) Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful photos with all of us. I envy you like crazy - your job is to die for - traveling to different countries and doing what you love to do -> cars and photography !!!!!
Ardie Lopez13-Feb-2007 22:42
Yo Dude, you've been busy! I just added a gallery on my site particularly to solicit a comment from you (naks naman!)... so would you be so kind as to lift that mouse finger and click it my way? :)
Ardie Lopez23-Jan-2007 05:56
Yo dude, I really can't give you much advice on your new strobes, since I've learned using mine with my time tested shoot-check-adjust-shoot again method. To me, if it looks good, and you get to set it up to make the shot you want come out, then it's right. Have you been using your on-cam flash as a third strobe? -As in behind the subject, either pointed at the back of the subject or at the background (to enhance the outline for cropping or dropping the subject out). And uh, just keep on using them dude, I'm curious as to what you'll come up with, with your "diffusion tent". Keep us posted. :)
Winston Baltasar 24-Nov-2006 14:34
Hi Carol,

I co-own Kinabuhayan Cafe Bed & Breakfast on the foothills of the mystic Mt. Banahaw. If you google "kinabuhayan cafe" you'll see a lot of photos and blogs about us. :)

Speaking of which, James, when are you coming over? Carol wants photos of Quezon and Banahaw!
Carol Collado 15-Nov-2006 15:35
Hi James,

It was my first time to view your blog and really!!!! the moment i saw it...Gosh!!!!! it was the best shots ever, i felt more homesick.....specially when i saw the magnificient views of tagaytay and baguio...And one more request pls.????? add some more photos pls pls pls., like the malacañang, the views from Quezon province, the views of Mt.banahaw, and a lot more. Whew!!!!! it feels good to bring back lots of happy memries.Keep it up dude.
Winston Baltasar 01-Nov-2006 02:03
Kudos on the Audi S4 Quattro article by James Deakin. In fact, kudos to the Deakin. His brand of self-deprecating humor is hilarious! Other motoring columnists use self-deprecation, but we know they want us to think they're cool. With Deakin, he's admittedly not cool. In fact, he really is a klutz, albeit a loveable one with an unnatural dose of talent.

He knows his cars and he writes with aplomb. But it is with his descriptive prowess, his metaphors, his similes, and his non-sequiturs that he flies.

The interplay between the Editors-at-large Kevin Limjoco and Kenneth Quintal and James is endearing. The way he uses them as foils is priceless.

On the two Ks letting him have the Audi, so they could have the M6 and M Roadster: "Ken and Kevin were able to play me like a second-hand fiddle at a Russian flea market."

On wresting the M Roadster away from Ken in the glorious sunshine of Monaco, "But I had about as much chance of getting behind that wheel as I did of becoming a desperate housewife."

But he gives the Quattro it's due: "It feels like a scalpel, slicing through the bends, trimming off the fat, and cleaning up each curve." One perceives that Deakin did not get the short end of the stick when he got the Quattro.

Deakin waxing sentimental about the beginnings of C! magazine: "I tossed a glance back at Kevin in the M6 behind who was wearing the kind of smile that he seems to summon from his toes and it reminded me of a time when we huddled around the mock up of our first issue cover story and had nothing but a dream."

When I pick up C! magazine, I read Deakin's Counterflow column first, even if E-I-C Tito Hermoso is one of my best buddies. Deakin's July 2006 column, "Tonight We Eat," previewed the August issue's Quattro- M6-M Roadster European tour/cover story.

The column had me and my wife, Cecile, in stitches, even if she knows practically nothing about cars. But since Cecile is a professional writer/editor with seven years under her belt, she knows good writing when Deakin wallops it over our breakfast table.

On their tight budget, most of which went to gasoline, "We all knew this would mean one meal a day at the most, and that would no doubt have a Mc prefix affixed to it."

I first met Deakin at the turn of the century when he hosted a photography exhibit launch at the now defunct, then hotspot Mustang Bar. That was when he asked Joey Mead if she was one of the Mustang girls. This guy is funny even when he doesn't mean to be.

I've seen his writing evolve through the years to the point where one recognizes his work without seeing his name on the byline. I've seen his photography go from avid amateur to imaginative professional.

Check out his Two Tired composition on the fSTOP page. His photography is as nuanced and double-entendréd as his writing. Wheels-within-wheels, get it? He's also a voyeur but we forgive him. The ends justify the means, as Tito would quote the Prince.

I read Tito's Contact Point column after I read James' Counterflow. Tito's column deals with economics, world views, and an amazing amount of automotive history. It requires concentration to properly appreciate it. James' column is simply a good read. Come to think of it, so is James.

More power!

Winston Baltasar

Certified Deakin fan
Tommy 19-Oct-2006 00:35
Nice blog!
Andy Lopusnak04-Oct-2006 04:58
You have some great photos.
Guest 25-Sep-2006 23:16
Rona 25-Sep-2006 02:45
Hi James,
I really love your photographs! They're AMAZING! Keep up the good work.. you did an excellent job. More power to you!
Andrew 18-Sep-2006 18:52
Moved out of the Philippines over 20 years ago and have been looking for pictures. I was really impressed with your galaries! They all brought me back or up to date. Thanks!
islandcirce 15-Sep-2006 14:44
astounding....made me remember my poignant days at oz...everything is poetry in motion...and bora is as sublime as made manila a cathartic experience...far from the wasteland are my people!
Carla de Leon 07-Sep-2006 19:50
The pictures speak for itself..travelling around the world, driving the best cars, meeting the F1 drivers upclose..what a great life :)Click on james! -Carla of Alan
Bing 03-Aug-2006 21:40
Hi James,

Nice pictures of the philippines. I really enjoy viewing them, brings back lots of good memories.. (specially the Makati pictures) Keep it up!!

Thanks, Bing
Patricia 24-Jul-2006 03:12
Enjoyed a lot!
Peter 13-Jul-2006 13:55
Enjoyed a lot!
Martin Hernandez 10-Jul-2006 08:51
Congradulations guys well done! Another beautiful baby, heees soooo cute!....He must get that from his Mother. Lots of love ...Ninoman
Bert Casal 04-Jul-2006 02:07
Thanks for your comments on my photos for T&T. It really means a lot to me. I bumped into Kenny in Baguio Country Club last Saturday, July 1, 2006 and his comments about the photography in the magazines were very heart-warming.

I agree with your friend Allan, you should write a book. Or at least compile your work into a book. I like your idea of rambling your thoughts on the net. Though I would suggest that you put that folder on the main gallery window so it's easier for people to get to. I love your writing and I love your photography. And I think pbase would be a perfect venue for this. Keep your passions burning my friend. You've inspired me more than you know.
Guest 23-Jun-2006 02:34
i am still in awe after browsing thru your photo gallery... it made me even more prouder to be a certified and true blue PINAY..more power james...i do applaud your work...:)
Sai 23-Jun-2006 02:33
I'm still in awe after browsing thru your gallery... this really made me feel even more prouder to be a certified and true blue PINAY... more power james...:)
Ardie Lopez19-Jun-2006 10:28
Thanks for your nice comments man, yes it's like Cebu's Intramuros but much much smaller. The church was within walking distance from it. That's how I killed time waiting for my flight back to Manila with 3 hours to kill. I was done in less than 2 hours, after spending less than P150.00 in cab fares and snacks. Worthwhile investment, wouldn't you think? Remember good Friday? We gotta do something like that again when your sched's clear dude. It's like a "reset button" that just feels good. See ya soon!
JP C. 19-Jun-2006 04:29
I wish I could program my mind to take pictures like you do. But then again, I ought to wish for a good camera to take them with in the first place. Loved the shots of the kids.It gave me more reason to practice taking pictures of my daughter.
Guest 18-Jun-2006 14:20
oh, thats no problem at all, constructive criticism =)

thanks for mentioning that

Ardie Lopez11-Jun-2006 13:38
Hey Vadz, that was so bitin with the kwentos in the office during your shoot. We should catch up again. I've finally uploaded a gallery of my pics from the States, you might wanna stop by and browse through it. See ya soon vadz. :)
Sergio Rojkes07-Jun-2006 14:31
Thank you for your inspiring words!
Rossana 02-Jun-2006 17:55
Our country is fabulous,I can not wait to visit these beautiful places again.
Alyssa Francesca26-May-2006 15:45
I enjoyed your photographs very much. You are very good at what you do. My favorite is the gallery of the Philippines. Ang galing mo naman!
Alyssa 23-May-2006 15:21
Enjoyed ur work. Susi
Ron S. Bernardo21-May-2006 22:26
Hi James, some typo error. Second sentence should read, "It is NOT boring browsing through your awesome galleries.
Guest 18-May-2006 16:33
James, thank you for such kind words! Now how do we schedule that F1 drive :))) wow, I am jealous. I guess the Carrera S will have to do for now ;)
Bert Casal 12-May-2006 03:16
Hi James,
Ever since you told me about your pbase account, I've been dropping by regularly and viewing your galleries. I'm sure you've heard it all before but believe me when I say that your galleries are wonderful. You might say that I've been with you from the start of your photography. I've seen you mature from a snapshot shooter to a photographer. I've seen how your pictures transform into photographs, how static pictures are now filled with emotions. Keep that passion burning. I know that you've inspired me, who knows how many others you've inspired with your photographs.
Ardie Lopez11-May-2006 02:48
Yo Vadzkaboodledoo, I've uploaded my Davao pics, ... actually just Pearl Farm in Davao, but I never had that much fun just sitting on a run-down and closed-out dock. Drop by when you can. :) Dang, we do need to catch up on the kwentos, before I leave for the States on May 19! See ya dude.
Ardie Lopez17-Apr-2006 01:51
Yo James, thanks for the comments. Next time I wake up to complain about a back ache all I have to do is browse through our Good Friday galleries... am sure the pesky pain would go away instantly. :) --here's to more shoots more often!
HuNNy 03-Apr-2006 20:30
I am so amazed with your pictures. All of your "Sunset" pictures are my faves. You also captured great places in the Philippines.
herman 03-Apr-2006 09:21
great job james
Ardie Lopez25-Mar-2006 15:48
I'll be posting some pics from the 60mm Macro soon. How's (or was?) Singapore dude? The Isuzu trip was pleasant, I really do think while the other manufacturers are losing their touch, Isuzu's pickin' up in their own kinda way. See ya soon mate!
Camilo Cano12-Mar-2006 01:11
Hi James. Just thought I'd drop by and see how things were going with you. What news from the F1 front? Any possible travel to a race in the near future? Take care my friend.
Ardie Lopez08-Mar-2006 19:30
Hey Vadzkaboodledoo, my Pinatubo images are up on my site as well. Care to drop by? :)
Angela JEAN Martinez 14-Feb-2006 20:06
Jim-Boy ( don't you just love that groovy name ? ) I would love you to teach me how to set up a site like yours so I can also post some photo galleries and therefore I can keep you up to date with the Australian side of the family.. Pleeeezee James teach me - I am a techno retard not a techno tart so you have to be patient and explain it to me step by step like you would a 3 year old ! I would love to display some photos of us over here. Thanks and I look forward to my first lesson!
Guest 14-Feb-2006 20:00
Jim-Boy my favourite nephew ! wow ! you are the bomb ! ( that's aussie talk for you are great ! ) i just absolutely love this site ad te photos you took - so nice to see the Aguado clan in the USA - I can't believe how much Gina's kids have grown ! I also loved the almost-virtual tour of Mike and Mon's new home, all your kids ( I just love seeing photos of the children ! ) - speaking of which, CONGRATULATIONS JIM-BOY AND WELLIES ! I believe another baby is on the way! Good on you James - just don't do a Mamamita and have ten ok? promise ? Are you coming to Melbourne for F1 this year ? Gee I hope we can see you again James I love seeing you and Glenn does too. Keep in touch my luvey ok?
Big hugs to Shels and Sarah and Alex ( can't believe how much Sarah looks like you ! )she is a spitting image !! Love you lots and thanks again for being the family's memory by way of your beautiful photographs - God bless you ! I love you lots and lots !
By the way, I wrote Malcolm a very long email after mamita died, in response to his beautiful email to Mil, and I have never heard a word from him! Is he ok? Next time you speak with him ask him if he received it ok? Thanks!! The Jinggay....
Adrian 09-Feb-2006 20:13
Hey James,
Great photos! I wanted to say I hi and that I truley admire your work. Take care, man.
Embracing You,
Adrian Castanon
(Gina's Eldest Son)
Jose Mari de Sequera 30-Jan-2006 23:33
Hi James,

It was good seeing you and c atching up after all these years. Only wish we had more time and more cars like the A3 to check out! Cheers, and please give my best to your bros and family.
Camilo Cano25-Dec-2005 17:52
Hi James... May the new year bring you and your family all of the love, happiness and success you deserve. It has been great to get to know you through PBase. You make this community better. Thanks for your warm wishes too.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo (Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year).
James Deakin22-Dec-2005 03:33
Thank you, Patrick. I really appreciate your kind words.

Hope to see you in the ring one day.
steveq 18-Dec-2005 17:43
James Great pictures I am interested in the one of teh statue in Rome the one with the dead man on teh womans lap, what is is called would love to know.


Ardie Lopez09-Dec-2005 17:46
Hi Dude, nice work on your site, arranging the galleries in that order. Went through your England images, wow. You know the sad thing about our hobby/work/passion/obsession? It that when we sigh at these breath-taking views and borrow its image with our cameras, we sigh alone. Do you ever feel that little tug of guilt whenever you press the shutter release? I only console myself with the thought that I'd bore my family senseless if they went with me in the places we've been, when I go around shooting pics like we usually do. But seriously, it would be great if we could bring our families along, wouldn't it? Oh well, someday I guess.
Dave V22-Nov-2005 23:15
Hi James. You've got a lot of good shots here, I've enjoyed looking around.
You asked me about the Canon 70-300is lens. I once owned the 70-200 F4 lens, and man was
it sharp. But it didn't have enough reach, for me. So I sold it and got a Sigma 80-400os.
I like the lens, and the reach, but to walk around at crowded gathering was a pain. So I
bought the 70-300is. It's not quite as sharp as the 70-200, it doesn't have the reach
of the Sigma 80-400os, but it not nearly the weight either.
For me, this was the lens to buy. The I.S. comes in very handy for the type of shots that
I take.
If you just want a little more reach, you could try a cheap Tamron 1.4 TC and use it with
the 70-200. If your hands are steady, and if you're shooting in lighter conditions, this
may be the way for you to go.
All that said. I like the feel, the weight, and the results that I get from the 70-300is.
I hope this helps you out.
Mark Elert19-Nov-2005 17:35
Thanks for your comment and sorry for not responding earlier. I've been loaded with work last week. I very happy with my 24-105/f4 L for my needs it gives excellent pictures, sharp, good contrast and colours. Compared to my other lenses it outclasses the 28-135/IS and is well in line with my fixed lenses. I have a EFS 60mm (known to be a very sharp lens) and it is in the same league as that. It's best in the range about 35-105 mm. The wider part is not exeptionally good, but still very good.

Concerning the famous "mystery flare" much talked about, I have been able to provoke it indoors with a very bright lamp shining into the lens, but out of the picture. I have also seen it in one single shot taken outdoors in the dark with strong lights out of the picture. I have tried to reproduce it with a low sun right out of the picture, but have not succeeded.
It is well built, a little heavy, but still acceptable for a "walk-around"
Best regards
Sefval Mogalana16-Nov-2005 05:38
I love your work here. A lot of interesting stuff you have here, as well as nice informative title. Thank you for looking at my website. Just to let you know I have put you as one of my favorite photographer! Come back to my website once in a while, Im still new with photography. Its been about a couple of months now with the DSLR. Your comment will be very appreciated.
Francis02-Nov-2005 11:38
Hi, I am amazed by how fast you have developed your photography skills. I am a novice in this craft and you're galleries are one of the first that struck me while browsing over the world database (Philippines). I wanted to monitor someone during their learning period and your site has been as mentioned, very informative. To be more specific, it's the cars, your travels, and your love for kids that has made me come back to visit here. I have seen your early posts and it has been all uphill for you. Yours is an evious job indeed but by posting here it gives us the feeling of actually being a part of your journey. Thanks for the generousity of information.

Sam Bermudez 01-Jul-2005 13:03
great job.....the ebst URCC pictures...nice one
Guest 18-May-2005 08:25
Hi James. Firstly I wanted to compliment you on the many nice shots you have displayed in these galleries. Also I noticed that you have used both a 300D and the Minolta A200. Did you get your hands on the a200 before or after you became more acquainted with using manual controls? How do you think the two cameras compare?
Thanks in advance for any input,
David 31-Mar-2005 20:37
Dear Jame I've been unable to contact you @ C! sooo
Thank you for reviewing the following. I have recently begun contributing to the Acorn Newspaper in Agoura, and wish to further extend my opportunities on a full time bases.
A little about may MC background first. Motorcycling has been in my blood since road a friend’s QA50 at the tender age of 8.
Saw my first MX, a Trans AMA in 1972, what an eye opener.
Attended AMA openers at Hangtown 1975, 76, 77 Raced a husky 250 mag in Nor Ca & Nev. (still have the bike, along with a 1967 360. & 71 390 Husky’s. Attended Trans AMA races, went to the USGP (from Northern Nevada) in 1978, 79. Road raced at Road America, aboard HMC Harley 883 finished 2nd in two events. Road raced Willow Springs, Dirt track East & West Coast. After a week In Austria and F1 I was fortunate to be a guest of Ducati in France for MotoGp 2003. I have attended Laguna Seca since 1980, credentials there since 1994.
I started professional journalism/photography in 1977, while in Reno Nevada with High Sierra Concerts & Michael Schivo (now promoting in Las Vegas.) Photo journalism with Paisano Publications from 1994 to 2000 covering all Harley racing for Quick Throttle magazine, I wrote the introduction for the launch of this magazine. I still contribute to EZ & ITW,(this months cover bike) and as mentioned earlier contributing to the Acorn Newspaper in Agoura.
I have 13 motorcycles currently, from 1932-2002, BSA to Indians. Still racing and attending races after all these years. I was fortunate enough to place 2nd in last years series. Racing 1948 "Big Base" Indian Scout
You would be hard pressed to say a name in the industry that I do not know, or know of.
I was in Australia from February 23rd thru -March 16th while there attended the Formula One race in Melbourne.(Jones stands no creds)
It would be a pleasure to be an associate with C! . I live in Westlake and am free to travel as needed.
I’m sure the team concept is ever apparent within your walls. Much like working with the Ferrari race team "there's no bad day at the factory"
Please keep me apprized of any openings.
Photos and copy available upon request.
David DuVarney

johnwin 17-Mar-2005 15:43
awesome guys!!! it makes my nerves rush! im interested and willing to fight someday, can you help me some information how to join, im not updated in this event. kindly send me an info on my e-mail add. tnxs and more power!
Ardie Lopez 01-Mar-2005 18:53
Hi Buddy, you got some really nice pics in those galleries, and it's quite obvious that you've gotten much better with your shots now (minor credit to the camera, okay?). So you're off to Australia this time huh? See ya in a few days, man. Keep clickin!
Caroline Talbot 16-Jan-2005 19:29
Hi you two!! What a surprise!! You both look fab!! Now which ones are yours? Long time no see. Am in the UK. Give my love to Goosey and all.
Guest 08-Dec-2004 09:43
Really great Shanghai and F1 pics! Truly it was a remarkable experience meeting F1 drivers up close and actually interviewing them. Not to mention the adrenalin of seeing them drive at 300kph! whew!
Stan Schutze25-Nov-2004 04:03
Hi Dean,

Thank you for stopping by my gallery and leaving the kind words for two of the girls who model for me. I passed your compliments on to them.

I like your photos too.

Best regards,

Stan Schutze
San Diego
James Deakin10-Oct-2004 02:28
Thanks, mate! Thats real kind of you to say so. I really appreciate the encouragement.
Guest 08-Oct-2004 17:23
Man, you're a damn good phoyographer, and we share the same passion for motoracing. Great! Excellent website, excellent job indeed! keep pushing mate!

Guest 23-Jun-2004 09:20
You have a real talent and obvious passion for cars. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.