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« Je prends la parole en faveur de l'environnement et de la démocratie #SILENCEONPARLE »
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Speak out on "June 4, 2012" in defence of two core Canadian values: nature and democracy.

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"I'm speaking out in defence of nature and democracy #BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT".
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Right now, CANADIAN Parliament is pushing through a bill
to weaken many of the country's most important environmental protection measures
and silence the voices of all Canadians who seek to defend nature.
Today it's our voice; tomorrow it could be yours.

Here are the top five reasons to Speak Out:

1.Charities are being targeted. The government is adding $8 million
in new funding for the Canada Revenue Agency to audit charities like environmental groups
in spite of the fact they have simply exercised their legal right to advocate for things
like laws to fight global warming. This will have a chilling effect on democratic debate.
What's more, under these new laws, citizen groups will likely be shut out
of environmental reviews of big projects like oil pipelines.
Key government agencies with expertise will also have less input.
Well-funded backroom lobbyists and political operatives will have greater influence.
2.Canadians' participation in Parliament is being disrespected.
Instead of following the established process for making sweeping changes,
which allows for thorough public debate, these changes are being shoehorned
into a massive budget law. This drastically reduces the amount of consultation
on a whole variety of topics. These changes will have serious consequences
for all Canadians and our voices are not being heard.
3.Nature is being put at serious risk.
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act is being replaced
with a totally new law. Under it, Ottawa will play a much smaller role
in protecting people from harmful projects, while retaining the right
to basically rubber-stamp big projects that powerful oil interests want.
And the new weaker rules are being applied to review processes
that are already underway–so projects like the Enbridge Northern Gateway
tankers and pipeline project could get an easier ride.
4.Too much power is in the hands of too few.
The National Energy Board will no longer be able to say "no" to oil
pipeline projects that are not in the public interest.
Politicians in Cabinet will be able to overrule the expert energy
regulator if powerful oil interests don't like its decision.
Permits that allow the destruction of habitat for fish and threatened
or endangered species will now be issued behind closed doors
without public scrutiny, if they are required at all.
5.Trusted advisors to government that provide high-quality analysis
for balanced policy are being ignored.
The 2012 budget eliminates the funding
for the last remaining government advisory body –
the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy (NRTEE).
The NRTEE provides analysis and advice on how to meet
our international commitments to reducing greenhouse gas pollution.
Many lakes, rivers and streams that provide habitat to fish
will be at greater risk of destruction because of changes to the Fisheries Act
contained within the budget implementation bill. H
ealthy fish habitat is important for fish and for the people and businesses
that depend on them.

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