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Canon Image Challenge | all galleries >> History (Best Of) >> Best of C*I*C >> Best of 2012 > 3rd - Near The Window - by Michael Kilpatrick
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3rd - Near The Window - by Michael Kilpatrick
27-JUN-2012 Michael Kilpatrick

3rd - Near The Window - by Michael Kilpatrick

This sort of setup is not really my forte, but for what it's worth, here it is.

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Techo 03-Jul-2012 15:21
You say it's not your forte but this is extremely well shot. Feel proud :)
The two focal points are clear, going from the purple flower to the bit of the window. The tension in composition there works great as well does the lighting.
Guest 02-Jul-2012 22:20
I like it with the window, it adds drama and is quite revealing of a subtle grittiness. This has a fine arts quality to it.

kchristian 01-Jul-2012 12:23
I like this version ... with the window. I would like to see, I think, just a little more space between the vase and the bottom and right edges of the frame -- Not enough to make it fit the rule of thirds, but a little more "breathing" room. This version, to me, creates just a bit too much tension for the subject matter. Great shot, either way. -- Ken
Canon Image Challenge01-Jul-2012 02:27
Very nice image, Michael, love it. I'm definitely and doubtless on the "window-less" site. An "understatement" is always better, the solution with the window is a bit too flat & simple, sure, in my opinion only.
Michael Kilpatrick29-Jun-2012 12:45
Thanks Daniel. There are divided opinions about the window. I think I'll leave it as is, but thanks for taking the trouble to comment. Regards, Michael
Daniel Bollag28-Jun-2012 21:29
I like the image a lot, Michael. But I think —I would have to see it to be sure— I'd like it even better without the (unnecessary, IMO) window. Probably the picture would be equally strong and the (too) small portion of the window we see is possibly more a distraction to the eye than a balancing counterweight. Just my two cents, of course... — db.
Michael Kilpatrick28-Jun-2012 08:13
Thanks for the comments Jim, Paul and Peter. And thanks again Najinsky for correcting my typo. Regards, Michael
Canon Image Challenge28-Jun-2012 00:42
It's dark here so backlit LCD/LED screens show everything, in daylight or good light it's probably invisible. Also, my screen isn't a particularly wide gamut, so it could be a problem my end. -Najinsky.
Michael Kilpatrick28-Jun-2012 00:32
Thanks Najinksy. Definitely not a transgression, I didn't want it displaying as it was.
I can't see the posterisation now, but I'll have more of a look when I get home. It's odd, because I have darkened the shadows rather than lifting them. Regards, Michael
Canon Image Challenge28-Jun-2012 00:28
Lovely image Michael. I changed the caption for you, hope that isn't considered a transgression!

I'm still seeing posterisation. I think this due to pushing the shadows and the 12 bit raw (or maybe 8 bit JPEG if not shot raw). Canon does a bit better with 14bit raw (although there is lot of debate), however, adding some very fine noise to the image should eliminate the posterisation.

Regards, -Najinsky
Michael Kilpatrick28-Jun-2012 00:13
AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. I just noticed the caption - "This sort of setup IS really my forte...........". I would have sworn I wrote "..... is NOT really my forte.....".
I don't have the login and password to change it, but I'll do it tonight when I get home.
If it has been displaying like that from the beginning, people must have been wondering what I was on about. Cheers Michael
PeterK27-Jun-2012 22:32
Fabulous image Michael. I much prefer it as posted, with the window.
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 13:10
I didn't see any posterization so I looked at the pending version. Huge improvement. Two in a row maybe. Paul
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 12:50
I think I like this version best for this challenge. However, I'd consider printing & framing the version without the window.
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 12:43
This is simply superb. A great idea that is well executed.

Michael Kilpatrick27-Jun-2012 12:28
And posted a re-processed version without the posterisation. Comments made before this were about the earlier version. Cheers, Michael
Michael Kilpatrick27-Jun-2012 11:48
OK, I have done a quick clone out of the window Traveller and it's in Pending. Cheers, Michael
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 11:39
Could I see this without the patch of light, over in Pending? Thanks, Traveller
Michael Kilpatrick27-Jun-2012 11:18
Thanks again Shu. Now that I look at the posted version of this, I'm seeing an annoying level of posterisation. I might try to re-process it and post a cleaner version. Regards, Michael
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 11:11
nicely thought out, too. shu
Michael Kilpatrick27-Jun-2012 11:09
Thanks Shu and Traveller. That really is the corner of the window (ie not created in Photoshop) and I had planned to do this when I was placing the flower, in the expectation that a small patch of light would provide a more satisfying composition. I was also planning on creating a wedge of light on the shelf, leading to the vase, but wasn't able to do that.
I tried cloning the window out, but thought the result was too stark and returned to my original plan. Using such a small portion of the window was also intended to create a bit of a tease. Regards, Michael
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 10:43
the bloom shines from the little block of light on the far left! love it!!!! shu
Canon Image Challenge27-Jun-2012 10:43
Well, it really is...tactile, rich and deep with reality..what I like, or not like but find interesting is your inclusion of the white window square upper left.

Would you like to...expand on why you made this choice?

Best Wishes, Traveller