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Frequently asked questions and their answers

Who runs the challenge?

The challenge is a group effort. It is neither owned or run by any one individual. There are a few regular participants who tend to play a more active interest in keeping the whole thing together but the emphasis is on collective participation. A simple democratic process in the forums keep improvements and ideas flowing for the future of the challenges, and any problems that arise during a challenge can usually be solved by other challenge members. The group of participants tend to change over a period of time, with some people just popping in for one challenge, and others who stick around forever.

Why the 300K file limit?

This has been asked many times. There are several reasons. Firstly, it makes the galleries easier to view for people still on dialup connections. Secondly it makes for a level playing field - everyone has the same limit imposed on them. Thirdly, the galleries are run on donated space, and therefore it is not for us to abuse either storage space or bandwidth. 300k is ample to display an image on the web. There is a guide to compressing your files within the FAQ pages here.

Can I manipulate my images?

Sure. There are no limits on post-processing your images so go ahead and do what you want to. Be aware though that is easy to get carried away, and too much Photoshopping can make an image look worse. The voters will ultimately decide if what you've done is too much.

Does that mean I can enter composites then?

Yes, as long as one of the major elements of the composite follow the rules for eligible images.

What's the difference between Eligible and Exhibition categories?

At the start of the challenge there is time-frame set, usually to give 12 days of photography time. This is the challenge period. Any images that you take within this period with a Canon Digitial camera are for the Eligible category.

Existing images that you have in your portfolio that predate the challenge period are for Exhibition category. Use of Canon cameras is not a requirement for Exhibition category. A lot of people here have worked through a lot of cameras before owning their Canon Digital camera, and that means their portfolios are likely to have a lot of images produced with P&S cameras or even (gasp!) film!
Use exhibition to show off your favourite images from the past.


When the challenge period is over, we have two days to vote for our favourite images. There is a seperate FAQ listing for the vote booth (not written yet!)

What happens if I win?

Congratulations. Enjoy the glory. You've just won....... absolutely nothing except the respect of your fellow challengees. Tell your partner, your lover, your friends, your workmates. They'll be impressed - for 5 minutes. Now you've reached these dizzy heights, you'll have to challenge yourself further to stay at this level ;)

Your *prize* is to think of a new topic and host the next challenge. See the FAQ listing hosting a challenge. (not written yet)

Is EXIF information a requirement?

No. In fact if you use the *Save For Web* option in photoshop it strips the EXIF information out anyway. Some people like to see and use it. Some people don't. It's up to you. We're pretty relaxed about things here.

Surely it's easy to cheat?

Hmmm, what's the point? This is a challenge and not a high stakes competition. You don't win anything. You're here because you want to enjoy the cameraderie and improve your photography aren't you? If you want a competition with very strict rules and checks in place, you should try There is nothing to gain here by cheating.

What happens if my image is deemed ineligible?

If the host deems your image off-topic, or oversized, it will be moved to the pending gallery. You may correct the problems that caused it to be moved there, and the place it back into the gallery from which it was removed. If you'd prefer, you may completely remove the image and replace it with a new image. If you are unsure if your image is off-topic, you may either post it in the associated thread, and ask for opinions, or you may post it in the gallery and let the host decide.

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