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special to me

Once, this was a gallery of pictures of just my daughter. Now, it is a gallery of people (and some cats), in general, who are special to me in one way or another. For those that are familiar with the old gallery ("my daughter") the old collection is still there.
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t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127676880.Ef5awuI3.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127478934.tucsfdwZ.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127475839.x78ELgJ9.jpg
t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127478932.xkrGBjLh.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127478929.2uMo3VBW.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127478927.tXA2DOky.jpg
t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127478925.nJF7vBvn.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127475863.QvEhH7Vr.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127416955.fqPjHue7.jpg
t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127489251.M4WRy5PV.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127417048.z6figOap.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127418290.L6mRWCFN.jpg
t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127416972.SSzxjFg9.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127350121.mslDY2fM.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127228576.mTutJqrR.jpg
t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127228636.O1VKMmW6.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f127171627.UzCmXML8.jpg t1%2f81%2f947881%2f4%2f126983887.P4K89gId.jpg
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