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Hollow Bones-Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center Oct. 2007

Written by Darrin Frisby: A photo opportunity to share with you......

The back story: While on a meditation retreat this month, Myself and Christopher Gruver took photos of a very special ceremony called the INKA Ceremony held at The Great Stupa located at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado.
This is an event whereby one Zen Master “transmits” the lineage to another person who he (or she) deems to have attained the VERY SAME MIND as the Master giving the transmission.
Your mind is this mind – we think, conclude and deduce as one mind – we are the same in every way with regard to the Dharma of Buddha.
This process happens between Zen masters and their students only very very fact, Jun Po, our Zen master (wearing light brown in the early pictures) is the 83rd person in an unbroken lineage to hold this special role....going back 82 leaders you reach THE BUDDHA himself ( Siddhartha Gautama Buddha).
We are talking about the holding and acknowledgement of giving (or transmission) of BUDDHA’s mind. In this ceremony, Jun Po made Dai En (in blue) the 84th lineage holder of the Rinzai Zen Lineage; this is the form of Zen meditation practice delivered part of the Hollow Bones School ( ). These two men have been studying together for 30 + years.....this is what is often required to transmit the knowing.
Needless to say, it was a potent ceremony with great joy abounding. National Geographic was there shooting as well.
Darrin Harris Frisby’s Photos:
Christopher’s Photos:
Christopher wrote “.... There were 35 people, we sat in meditation for about eight hours/day together, and there was a ceremony mid-week wherein Jun Po transmitted his lineage to his old friend Dai En. Jun Po is the 83rd lineage holder from Siddhartha Gautama in this branch of Rinzai Zen. Enjoy, Christopher Gruver”
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