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Cesar Paniamogan, Jr. | profile | all galleries >> SJdS Biblioteca Móvil's 10th Anniversary tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

SJdS Biblioteca Móvil's 10th Anniversary

The SJDS Biblioteca is the first lending library in Nicaragua, providing books, information, technology, and community center services to the people of San Juan del Sur and its surrounding communities.

“Our objective was to start a lending library and mobile program for San Juan del Sur and the small outlying communities nearby to provide books, resources and community center services where none were available. Libraries in Nicaragua do not loan their books, and new books are rare. There is little or no access to books or information and there are very few books or materials in many schoolrooms. The SJDS Biblioteca has become an integral part of the community and now serves as a successful example to other lending library programs in Latin America.” ~website

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