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Temaikén Biopark

Belén de Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina • A biopark is an institution that combines the purposes of Botanical Gardens, Zoos, Aquariums, and Natural History and Anthropology Museums, offering visitors a new learning experience on Biology and the way each individual can play an important role in the present and future of the environment. Temaikèn was born from the combination of two Tehuelche words, TEM (earth) and AIKEN (life), and it suggests the respect these indigenous communities had for nature.  Temaikén Biopark brings together everything that is related to the environment and the family, through education and entertainment, promoting the protection of nature and the preservation of species.

IMG_6023orbird.jpg IMG_5960tiger.jpg IMG_6536thflam.jpg IMG_6298swan.jpg
IMG_6129closebird.jpg IMG_5935cant.jpg P1220553 peacock.jpg DSC08762yelflower.jpg
IMG_5908whflam.jpg DSC08797temaiken.jpg IMG_5934bird.jpg IMG_5938ginbird.jpg
P1220599.JPG IMG_5942ant.jpg IMG_5950cat.jpg IMG_5983bird.jpg
IMG_5992bird.jpg IMG_6005bird.jpg IMG_6040bird.jpg IMG_6046bwbird.jpg
IMG_6048bird.jpg IMG_6050bird.jpg IMG_6068bird.jpg IMG_6081bird.jpg
IMG_6089bird.jpg IMG_6092duck.jpg IMG_6105mbird.jpg IMG_6151mac.jpg
IMG_6198peacock.jpg IMG_6237peacock.jpg IMG_6250turtle.jpg IMG_6254lam.jpg
IMG_6258want.jpg IMG_6276gator.jpg IMG_6277gat.jpg P1220537.JPG
P1220566.JPG P1220567.JPG IMG_6293ana.jpg IMG_6310birds.jpg
IMG_6332blkswan.jpg IMG_6345birdchicks.jpg IMG_6455yelflower.jpg IMG_6350birdchicks.jpg
IMG_6460zebra.jpg IMG_6462bird.jpg IMG_6110.jpg P1220492.jpg
P1220507.jpg P1220515.jpg P1220519.jpg P1220520.jpg
IMG_6114.jpg IMG_6659.JPG IMG_6197.JPG IMG_6130.JPG
IMG_6124.jpg IMG_6476me.jpg IMG_6510pelican.jpg IMG_6570flam.jpg
IMG_6272.jpg IMG_6357.JPG IMG_6462.JPG IMG_6532.jpg
IMG_6550.jpg IMG_6585.jpg IMG_6631.jpg P1220568.jpg
IMG_6130.JPG IMG_6146.JPG IMG_6185.JPG IMG_6197.JPG
IMG_6203.JPG IMG_6213.JPG IMG_6214.JPG IMG_6226.JPG
IMG_6228.JPG IMG_6246.JPG IMG_6363.JPG IMG_6365.JPG
IMG_6408.JPG IMG_6577.JPG IMG_6649.JPG IMG_6611.JPG