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Shankees vs. Cardenales

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here to see photos of the Shankees - La Plata Game.
Saturday - Shankee Field- “Don’t throw the ball around,” the Shankee pitcher pleaded to his veteran catcher, but to no avail, as the Cardenales runners rounded the bases and made it even tougher for the struggling Shankees to stay above 500. The Cardenales, who also dwell in the depth of the league standings, together with the chaotic Koreans of Dokdo, came onto Shankee Field hopeful of a victory. Whereas the Shankees, only hoped more players would show so they could field a team. And they did! Though the Shankees were at home, they were the visiting team and hence batted first. Zack Karson, who started at short, quickly got things going. No official stats are available as of yet, so all this information is based on shear memory of the events as they occurred. >> Read the entire article by The Shankee Skipper

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