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Tour Of The Battenkill 2007

Scenes from the 2007 Edition of the Tour Of The Battenkill Valley race.

Started in 2005, the race was originally called Battenkill Roubaix in honor of the Paris Roubaix race in France, one of the long time “Spring Classics” that takes in both paved, unpaved, and cobbled sections of historic European roads. The Battenkill race, held in Washington County, NY, northeast of Albany, covers a lengthy course over the scenic backroads of Washington county, NY. The course includes significant portions of dirt roads which in spring are likely to be just as much mud as dirt. Over it’s short history after starting in 2004, the Tour Of The Battenkill has become the largest single day racing event in the United States, with over 2000 racers registered for the 2010 event.

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