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Trent Watts02-Jul-2014 21:14
I just discovered your wonderful collection of nature photographs. I will be back to have a better look in the future. Such an abundance of great shots comes with hours of work so well done.
Trent Watts
burtmann25-Jan-2012 13:32
Thank you so much for your kind assistance in properly identifing my birds . I hope I've made my changes correctly. You must have very sharp eyes. Mine obviously are increasingly less discriminating, but with your help I do feel a bit smarter.

Feel free to anytime to call me on my ID's, or any other guidance you'd care to impart.

SageCreek Images17-Oct-2011 15:42
Appreciate your nice comments on my Fall Reflections image...
SageCreek Images10-Mar-2011 15:38
Thanks for the nice comments on my images, I do appreciate them...
robertoparmiggiani26-Nov-2009 12:07
Great shots
SageCreek Images13-Mar-2009 14:54
Thanks so very much for your nice comments on my images, I appreciate them very much...
SageCreek Images12-Feb-2009 15:31
Thanks all for your nice comment on my Frosty Cabin image...
Elmer Quianio24-Dec-2008 19:42
L&S, I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year!
SageCreek Images20-Dec-2008 16:16
Many thanks for the nice comments on my images, they are very much appreciated...
SageCreek Images13-Nov-2008 00:47
Thanks for your nice comment on my Fall Reflection image..
SageCreek Images08-Oct-2008 15:46
Thanks so very much for the nice comment on my Fall image..
Your comments are always appreciated...
jasonjg29-Sep-2008 20:52
Great bird shots Lloyd and Sandy! I enjoyed looking at them all.
SageCreek Images11-Jun-2008 13:02
Thanks Lloyd I appreciate your nice comment on my image...
Dave Hawkins28-May-2008 04:19
Loved your site, my gosh what an array of birds from Central Park, wonderful stuff. If you need a shooting buddy for a couple of days for fall migration, give me a call, LOL
Honestly an amazing collection of warblers. Wonderfully captured.
I think it take a photographer to appreciate the quality of your work, great job!
SageCreek Images26-Apr-2008 04:12
I like your home page image...
Those eyes do not miss much...
Terry Thormin08-Apr-2008 01:35
Hi Lloyd and Sandy. I am finally finished working all my Costa Rica images. It has been a long haul and I am glad it is finally done and I can seriously pursue spring migration. I enjoyed Costa Rica immensly and I will be back, probably quite soon as one of the lodges offered to provide free room and board for evening talks on insects. An offer I can't refuse.

I hope spring migration is well underway there. It is just barely beginning here.
Terry Thormin02-Feb-2008 04:02
Hi Lloyd and Sandy. It has been bitterly cold for some time here now. We actually made it up to -21 celcius today, but on other days it has been down to -35, and -43 with the wind chill. Just thought I would let you know though, that I am heading to Costa Rica on Feb. 11. I will be there for 24 days, and I am parking myself at three different lodges, La Selva Verde for 6 days, Rancho Naturalistafor 9 days, and Savegre Mountain Lodge for 7 days. It is going to non-stop photography for the whole time, so I am really looking forward to this. I will let you know when I get back and start posting photos.

Rosemarie Kusserow03-Dec-2007 17:59
I´m glad you like my kaleidoscopes, thanks for the kind words, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Tom Merigan26-Oct-2007 18:34
To Lloyd and Sandy You have been a favorite of mine for a long while because of your clean sharp images of birds and I was pleased by the comments you left on my galleries. You continue tro have a great and growing collection of birds Tom Merigan .Portola Valley,CA
Charlie McCartney25-Oct-2007 20:09
Hi Lloyd,
Your bird images are stunning...... wish I could get something half as good.
Regards, Charlie
yoram shpirer22-Oct-2007 17:03
Hi Sandy and Lloyd
Your galleries are brilliant; you must have a lot of patience to get the shots, very enjoyable to browse through.
Regards Yoram
Nick Clayton15-Aug-2007 17:42
Very nice collection of photos Lloyd
Terry Thormin16-Jul-2007 02:26
Hi Sandy,
Not sure if you know about this website. I just discovered it myself, and it is a great resource for Syrphidae photos. All German, but most of the genera are common to both Europe and North America, so it will allow you to identify things to genus in many cases. The URL is

Rosemarie Kusserow06-Jul-2007 20:25
Hi Sandy and Lloyd, thanks again for visiting my galleries and for your kind comments, I´m glad about, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Rosemarie Kusserow23-Jun-2007 05:57
I´m glad you liked my abstract works, thanks for your constantly interest on my snaps, have a nice weekend, Rosemarie :o)
rljslick20-Jun-2007 02:50
Great web site Lloyd & Sandy!!! Now I see what I need to do to be a great birding photographer now! :)
Terry Thormin14-Jun-2007 03:22
Hi Sandy,
I do not mind helping you out wherever I can with bug identifications. You are the only one I am doing it for and I find it a lot of fun, and I also learn in the process. Just don't expect me to know everything (and I know you don't). I have done very little bug photography this year, but now that spring migration is over, I am hoping to get back into it.
I just got back from a 9 day trip to southern Alberta and saw a lot of great birds. I didn't manage to photograph all my target birds, but I did get some good shots which I will add over the next few days. I am hoping to get into the mountains the last week of June. I am aiming for 280 species of birds in Alberta this year, which will be my best ever (my previous high is 271). The best anyone has done here in a single year is 314, but there is no way I am trying to beat that record; it take lots of money, complete devotion to nothing but birding and a level of crazyness that I have not achieved and do not wish to achieve.

Ross Throndson08-Jun-2007 11:46
Hi Lloyd & Sandy! Thank you both so much for the very warm welcome.....Appreciate that very much! I look forward to seeing more of your Amazing Captures!!
Manas Khan23-May-2007 22:23
Just loved your bird photographs.... stunning captures! Added to my favorite group.
Hope to see more stunners from you....

Rosemarie Kusserow14-May-2007 17:58
I´m glad you liked my image, thanks again dear Sandy and Lloyd for your interest on my shots and for your kind comment, Rosemarie :o)
mircea costina30-Apr-2007 21:26
Thank you for your comments!
Superb galleries,Your work is extraordinary!

David Barrett28-Apr-2007 20:37
Hi Lloyd and Sandy
Thank you so very much for your recent messages about images from my galleries and your constant support.I apologise for not responding to every recent message or your images but I hope to do better in the future!My very best wishes and thanks, David. :0)
Rosemarie Kusserow23-Apr-2007 09:59
Hi Sandy and Lloyd, thanks a lot for your very kind comment and vote, I feel honored about your words and I´m really happy that you like my shots so much, best wishes, Rosemarie :o) I added you to my fav artists
Aivar Mikko17-Apr-2007 17:11
Fantastic galleries. Tack sharp well exposed bird shots. I enjoyed a a lot. If I could vote all portfolio, then this is definetly one of them.
Bob Moul03-Feb-2007 13:39
Lloyd and Sandy, Just browsing through your great galleries this morning. As always, I enjoyed your inspiring photos. Keep up the great work!
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 16-Dec-2006 23:18
Nice Gallery
Terry Thormin14-Dec-2006 04:22
Hi Sandy and Lloyd. Thought I should let you know that I do not have a yard as I live in an apartment. As it happens the Hoary Redpoll was photographed at a feeder about an hour west of here. Last winter was a terrible winter for finches, but it looks like this winter is making up for that lack. Redpolls are everywhere and most flocks have at least a few Hoaries. In fact I would guess that about 25 to 30 percent are Hoaries. I have not as yet been able to photograph a good male though, but seeing as they have just recently started coming to feeders, I am sure that will happen.

Pine Grosbeaks are also very common, and Evening Grosbeaks are coming into the city for the first time in decades. No crossbills as yet though. Owls have been scarce so far, although we had 20+ Hawk Owls in a burn about 2 hours north of Edmonton last week.

Eric Carrère03-Dec-2006 08:47
Thank you Sandy and Lloyd for your nice comments to my galleries, I added you to my fav artists ...Your galleries are very nice and i will come back often to comment and vote :o)
Greetings from France, Eric
Cliff11-Nov-2006 10:55
Fabulous galleries, I've really enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank-you for sharing.
Guest 07-Nov-2006 02:31
Love your galleries Lloyd. Looks like you have a lot interesting birds to see and photograph in the city. I never would have guessed. Great work! Very inspirational. BTW, just curious why you chose the 400 DO over the 500 F4?
Alida Thorpe23-Sep-2006 12:06
Lloyd and Sandy,
Thank you for your recent visit and comments. I do appreciate positive comments from someone like yourself. Your bird photos are excellent and I do enjoy my visits to your galleries.
Thank you, Alida
Brinn MacDougall22-Aug-2006 18:18
Thank you so much for commenting and voting on my Beach find gallery!
Guest 10-Aug-2006 05:26
Hi Sandy and Lloyd,
Thanks for your help with my Butterfly question, I appreciate it very much! I visited your galleries again, and have to tell you, in my opinion these are the best galleries of the genre on Pbase, bar none!! I look forward to coming back, your work is very inspirational,
Thanks again, see you on Pbase
Mike S.
Bob Moul27-Jul-2006 19:50
Lloyd and Sandy, It is always a treat to visit your galleries. Your work is very inspirational. Some of my best learning tools are photos of accomplished photographers. Thanks for sharing.

Not soliciting votes, :)
Rosemarie Kusserow26-Jul-2006 15:59
Hi dear, thanks a lot for your constantly interest on my shots, I´m glad you like my snapshots, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Rosemarie Kusserow21-Jul-2006 10:05
Thanks again for your kind comment on my *Cat* gallery, best wishes, Rosemarie :-)
Terry Thormin19-Jul-2006 18:18
Thanks for the information on the grasshopper book. I now have it on order. I picked up another insect book at the same time and it is superb. If you buy no other book, get this one. It is "Insects, Their Natural History and Diversity, With a photographic guide to the insects of eastern North America" by Stephen A. Marshall, publisher, Firefly Press. A huge book, large format, 718 pages long with thousands of superb photographs. And it is only $95 Canadian!
Carl Baggott17-Jul-2006 17:03
Hi Llyod and sandy,
Thanks for the comments on my photos. I have been admiring your galleries and I am very impressed. I especially like your warbler photos - isn't it a shame that the paint was put away when it was time to colour the European Warblers. I must visit Central park very soon!
Rosemarie Kusserow17-Jul-2006 07:58
Hi Lloyd, thanks a lot for your generous comment om my *Umbrella* and for your vote, I feel honored about, best wishes, Rosemarie :-)
Terry Thormin11-Jul-2006 01:02
Lloyd and Sandy,
I got an answer from my friend Robert Holmberg who did his phd on opiliones. Here is what he said:
"--3069-- and --33561-- are Leiobunum species. There are at least a dozen
Leiobunum species in New York.
--33558-- is probably (90% sure) a female Phalangium opilio.
Several photos from several angles, especially dorsal and lateral, help
but one really needs specimens for positive identification. Even with
specimens under a microscope, some females are impossible to identify
without associated males. Immatures are usually impossible to identify
without knowing which species occur in that particular area. Even then
most Leiobunum immatures cannot be separated with current knowledge."

I also got an answer from Robin Leech (no, he is neither rich nor famous) about your spider. He tentatively identified it as Steatoda borealis, but said he could not be certain. He did say that additional photos might help, if you have them.

Terry Thormin08-Jul-2006 23:20
Hi Lloyd and Sandy. Well I have had a look at your photos and have responded to the ones I feel I can help you with. I have also sent the one spider photo and the Daddy-long-legs photos of to a couple of friends who might be able to help. I think I will also send a couple of the fly photos out as well. For the rest of the species you really need a local expert's help. You might try the entomologist at the Museum of Natural History.


P.S. don't hesitate to send more.
Guest 08-Jul-2006 21:30
Thanks Sandy! I still browse thru these and am in awe. Did ya'll shoot pale male? I heard on the news he found a new perch. I'm off to browese the insects! Es
Terry Thormin08-Jul-2006 14:50
Hi Sandy. I just got back from a quick trip (4 days) to southern Alberta. Lots of photos that I now have to process. I would be happy to look at your insect and spider photos, but make no guarantees as to how much I can help. It is also comforting to know that Lloyd can take out of focus photos. It sure doesn't show on his pbase site!
Guest 06-Jul-2006 22:03
EDITED to say Hi Lloyd and Sandy!!!
Guest 06-Jul-2006 22:01
Hi Lloyd, Thanks for visiting my galleries as well! I appreciate the comments. I will definitley be back here for more looks at the elusive ones, lol. Esme
Nigwel30-Jun-2006 15:22
Great Galleries and Photos...
Linda Willets26-Jun-2006 03:15
Thanks for your comments on my photos.

Catherine_D20-Jun-2006 00:05
Dear Lloyd,
thank you so much for stoping by and commenting!
You have some great work here I'll be back for more!
Debbie B.19-Jun-2006 02:33
Thank you so much for your kind words about my Mormon barn image. It is very much appreciated!
Shelly- VA Beach20-May-2006 01:58
Beautiful pics in your galleries - love your owls especially.
Nestor14-May-2006 23:01
Thank you for your comments on my gallery.
I was born and raised in Manhattan lower east side, First Ave and 9th Street.
Been in Central Park many times when I was a youngster, but no interest in birds until later in life.
Will have to spend a day or two in Central Park next time I visit and try to make some great captures as you did.
Regard Nestor
estralita08-May-2006 22:25
Thank you so much for your kind comments. they are greatly appreciated.
tomr-photos03-May-2006 22:46
I was in the process of uploading a few more pics when I saw your comments. Thank you. You have a lot of beautiful nature images.
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 16:15
I enjoyed looking through your galleries.
And thank you for your comments on my photos.
M + M Nest02-May-2006 06:43
Hi Lloyd and Sandy,
thanks a lot for your comments on my pictures !
Now that spring finally is here we can hopefully start (Photo-)hunting the bugs again :-)
Guest 30-Apr-2006 23:27
Fantastic images. It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!
Guest 30-Apr-2006 22:13
Hi Lloyd, I also live in the city, I'd like to know where in the park are the beautiful creatures. Your work is extraordinary...
Guest 30-Apr-2006 22:12
Hi Lloyd, I also live in the city, I'd like to know in the park are the beautiful creatures. Your work is extraordinary...
raymond ker22-Apr-2006 09:18
Your labours of love have paid handsome dividends.
Your many and varied galleries are quite superb.
"Sparrows & blackbirds" are especially splendid.
There is great unity in the diversity.
You've captured their little personalities so well.
Technically sound: tasteful colour pallettes, pin-sharp subjects, lovely bokeh and inclusion of habitat.
Excellent achievement ..... congrats!
I would value your comments and advice to improve on my "Fauna" gallery.
csmallari15-Apr-2006 01:09
Hi Sandy and Lloyd, thank you so much for the visits to my galleries ... I really appreciate it. Thank you too for the very nice comments.

As always, I am awestruck at how beautiful your photos are. I really hope that one day, I get to capture photos of birds that are as good as the way you guys are able to capture them. Have a great day :-)
csmallari10-Apr-2006 23:58
You have one of the most amazing galleries I've ever seen. Honestly, there is not a single photo in your galleries that I didn't like. They all look fantastic and have been wonderfully captured. Thank you Lloyd for sharing them with us ... I am looking forward to more of your photos.

Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and for the wonderful comments. Coming from you, it is indeed a special treat :-)
Guest 10-Apr-2006 11:53
Your work is astoundingly beautiful. Thank you for providing such an inspiration for other people like me.
Guest 09-Apr-2006 13:22
Thanks Lloyd for the vote and nice comment on my Coyote image...
elias filali08-Apr-2006 08:16
hi Lloyd
thanks for your kind comments i appreciate them very much ,i had a look at your galleries i like the birds they are awsome ,beautifully done ,thanks for haring lloyd
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera07-Apr-2006 17:08
Sandy and Lloyd, you're doing excellent Art pictures;
You will enjoy the macro world soon...
what a great team you are..!!
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera03-Apr-2006 02:22
Great work..!!!
Arno Meintjes Wildlife23-Mar-2006 05:41
Thank you for you visits and comments it is really appreciated.
Regards. Arno
Peter Stahl16-Mar-2006 00:48
Lloyd & Sandy. Thanks for the kind comment and look at my grey partridge shot. I know what you mean about getting close to these little guys. They seem to fly away way before you even stop the vehicle or even think about stalking them.
Phyllis Stewart13-Mar-2006 02:07
I can't believe you took these in NYC! Amazing! What a fantastic collection of bird pics!
John Dicus08-Mar-2006 15:19
Lloyd & Sandy, Thanks for stopping by my galleries and leaving the kind comments. Excellent work on your own galleries. Best of luck with your introduction to macro photography. I look forward to many more of your shots of birds, bugs, butterflies and more. Cheers! ~John Dicus
Debbie B.05-Mar-2006 05:18
Thank you so much for your kinds words about my galleries. It is really appreciated. :-)
Eckhart Derschmidt03-Mar-2006 00:19
Hi Lloyd, thanks for your kind comments. You have some serious stuff here, I am really impressed, both of the quality of the images and the presentation. I appreciate when it is indicated what is on a certain image and where it was taken (to a lesser extent also how). I know Austrian birds (to some extent), but I have no idea about North American ones, so without knowing that many of these images were taken in NYC it would have been just some exotic birds to me. But now I am even more impressed about the variety of birds that can be found in such a big city. I would have reckoned that in the end only pigeons, sparrows, crows and gulls remain. In a way it is comforting to know that nature cannot be chased away so easily and that it can adapt widely to changing circumstances.
Well - this message has already become quite long - to end, I really like your work and I will be back many times to see more. Greetings from Austria, Eckhart
Arno Meintjes Wildlife28-Feb-2006 02:02
Lloyd, thanks for your comment on the 4 lions. Did you see afterwards ?
Peter Stahl28-Feb-2006 01:53
Hi Lloyd. Thank you so much for the visit and the kind comments. So glad that you liked it. Have a great day :-)
Jean-Claude Riboulet19-Feb-2006 17:27
Your father is living in a very nice location, I suppose he has a direct view to central Park then.
Jean-Claude Riboulet18-Feb-2006 06:02
I discover your galleries and enjoy really the quality of your pictures.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-Feb-2006 05:19
Thank you very much for viewing and commenting on my wildlife images.
I appreciate your interest in wildlife.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife14-Feb-2006 04:21
Thanks for the visit anf comments. Yes that is a tick.
You must have a look as this poor guy for ticks
SageCreek Images10-Feb-2006 13:56
Thanks for your nice comment on my coyote image....
Scott Schexnaydre06-Feb-2006 01:14
Thanks for helping me with the bird ID's. You have some very beautiful galleries.
SageCreek Images02-Feb-2006 13:27
I just finished visiting your many excellent galleries and found them very will done, very nice work...
SageCreek Images02-Feb-2006 13:24
Thanks for your visit to my sight and your nice comments...
Arno Meintjes Wildlife02-Feb-2006 04:53
Lloyd thanks for the comment on the Lilacbreasted roller. In Afrikaans we call them "troupand" directly tanslated the "wedding ring" because of its fantastic diamond colors.
Regard Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife01-Feb-2006 06:01
Thank you for your visit and kind word. I really appreciate it. Arno
Ron Horn01-Feb-2006 00:20
Thanks Lloyd for visiting my galleries. I'm glad the moose brought back fond memories. Ron
Muskrat's Photos03-Jan-2006 23:20
I would have never guessed that there would be such a great diversity of wildlife so near to the city. You have captured it all so beautifully!!!
francis schwaller01-Jan-2006 17:24
thank for you comment in my gallery
Vilone01-Jan-2006 15:14

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enrique23-Dec-2005 08:28
Central Park and Jamaica - any questions? Great series of photos; you have done a marvelous job in capturing this little awesome part of the world.
osprey27-Nov-2005 19:27
I am very impressed with your collection of birds and quality of shots. You must spent long hrs afield
oak15-Nov-2005 07:49
Good work. You are a gifted photographer.
Naturephoto Monique04-Nov-2005 00:48
Beautiful galleries, my compliments!
Alida Thorpe29-Oct-2005 01:11
Your bird photos are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to post them so we can all enjoy!
Mark Dreiling26-Oct-2005 00:49
Thanks for clarification and identification in my small gallery of butterflies and moths. I have collected some books and reference web sites but have been sometimes slow to use them. Looks like you have been at this for a while.
Guest 04-Oct-2005 00:37
I enjoy you collection of wabler images. They are nicely captured. Shooting birds is an exciting challenge for me so I can very much appreciate your effort and joy. Keep up the good work!