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Nicaragua Bats

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Nicaragua to photograph bats. Carol Chambers had a sebatical project in Nicaragua and invited me to join her while she captured bats. Carol had a great crew of U.S. and Nicaraguan's helping on the project. Carol was there for two months and found out a lot about Nicaraguan bats, their biology and even managed to find a new bat for the region.
Fearless leader Carol .JPG Tim Snow late at night.JPG Tim and the Girls.JPG Katie with greater fishing bat.JPG
Katie the Nightingale.JPG Katie and Victor.JPG Katie Angie and Aimee.JPG Aimee and greater fishing bat.JPG
Arnulfo.JPG Jose.JPG Group Photo.JPG Pternotus cave exit01.jpg
Pternotus cave exit02.jpg Lava tube bats01.jpg Lava tube bats02.jpg Lava tube bats03.jpg
Lava tube bats04.jpg Artibeus intermedius_07101.JPG Artibeus jamaicensis_06611.JPG Artibeus jamaicensis_07761.JPG
Artibeus lituratus_05851.JPG Artibeus phaeotis_08741.JPG Artibeus phaeotis_09461.JPG Artibeus watsoni_03161.JPG
Carollia castanea_08181.JPG Carollia perspicillata_08841.JPG Carollia subrufa_08331.JPG Centurio senex_07161.JPG
Centurio senex_07191.JPG Centurio senix.JPG Chrotopterus auritus_07591.JPG Eptesicus furinalis_08241.JPG
Glossaphaga commissarisi_05091.JPG Glossaphaga commissarisi06121.JPG Glossaphaga soricina_05211.JPG Lampronycteris brachyotis_08591.JPG
Lampronycteris brachyotis_09181.JPG Lophostoma brasiliense_06751.JPG Lophostoma brasiliense_09311.JPG Micronycteris hirsuta_09561.JPG
Micronycteris hirsuta_09931.JPG Micronycteris minuta_03521.JPG Micronycteris minuta_07451.JPG Noctilio leporinus_05351.JPG
Noctilion leporinus 2.JPG Noctilion leporinus.JPG Phyllostomus discolor_08681.JPG Pteronotus davyii 2.JPG
Pteronotus davyii 3.JPG Pteronotus davyii.JPG Pteronotus gymnonotus 2.JPG Pteronotus gymnonotus 3.JPG
Pteronotus gymnonotus_03351.JPG Pteronotus parnellii 2.JPG Pteronotus parnellii_06701.JPG Pteronotus personatus 7.JPG
Pteronotus personatus_05721.JPG Rhynchonycteris naso_04751.JPG Saccopteryx bilineata_05611.JPG Saccopteryx bilineata_05621.JPG
Sturnira lilium_09081.JPG Trichops cirrhosus_07251.JPG Trichops cirrhosus_07351.JPG Trinycteris nicefori_05451.JPG
Trinycteris nicefori_09401.JPG Uroderma bilobatum_03661.JPG