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Mexico Bats

For three years I traveled to Tamaulipas, Mexico to visit Bat Biologist Arnulfo Moreno-Valdez. Arnulfo took me around to several bat areas to trap and photograph the local bats. Joining me over the years were Angie McIntyre, Randy Babb, Tim Snow, Jim deVos, Bill Burger, and my bat photography mentor Barry Mansell.
Arnulfo contemplating nature.jpg Arnulfo removing common vampire from net.jpg Arnulfo Barry and friend.jpg Bill going fishing in bat cave.jpg
Randy is always looking up.jpg Tim leaving bat cave.jpg Tim ready for fishing.jpg Jim and Angie at net.jpg
Angie.jpg A bat cave in Mexico01.jpg A bat cave in Mexico02.jpg A bat cave in Mexico03.jpg
A bat cave in Mexico04.jpg Artibeus intermedius_107851.JPG Artibeus jamaicensis Arnulfo 07_105781.JPG Artibeus lituratus Arnulfo 07_104861.JPG
CAVE IN MEXICO WITH LOTS OF BATS fixed alittle1.JPG Demanura tolteca_108021.JPG Dermanuar tolteca Arnulfo 07_104541.JPG Dermanura azteca Arnulfo 07_106191.JPG
Desmodus rotundus01.jpg Desmodus rotundus02.jpg Desmodus rotundus03.jpg Desmodus rotundus04.jpg
Desmodus rotundus05.jpg Desmodus rotundus06.jpg Desmodus rotundus07.jpg Desmodus rotundus08.jpg
Desmodus rotundus09.jpg Desmodus rotundus10.jpg Desmodus rotundus11.jpg Diphylla ecaudata.JPG
Diphylla ecaudata01.jpg Diphylla ecaudata02.jpg Eptesicus furinalis Arnulfo 06_103941.JPG Glossophaga sorcina.JPG
Glossophaga soricina_108281.JPG Lasirurs blossevillii01.jpg Lasirurs blossevillii02.jpg Lasirurs blossevillii03.jpg
Micronycteris megalotis_109601.JPG Micronycteris megalotis_110321.JPG Molossus rufus Arnulfo 07_104971.JPG Mormoops megalophylla01.jpg
Mormoops megalophylla02.jpg Mormoops megalophylla03.jpg Mormoops megalophylla04.jpg Mormoops megalophylla05.jpg
Mormoops megalophylla06.jpg Myotis keaysi Arnulfo 07_107791.JPG Naked-backed bat Mexico 07_61362.JPG Naked-backed bat Mexico 07_62111.JPG
Naked-backed bat Mexico 07_63831.JPG Natalus straminaeus01.jpg Natalus straminaeus02.jpg Natalus straminaeus03.jpg
Pteronotus parnellii.JPG Pteronotus parnellii_109951.JPG Pteronotus personatus.JPG Pteronotus personatus_109841.JPG
Rhogeesa tumida.JPG Sturnia liliumi01.jpg Sturnia ludovici Arnulfo 07_107451.JPG Sturnia ludovici01.jpg
Sturnia ludovici02.jpg Sturnira lilium Arnulfo 06_103971.JPG Sturnira lilium Arnulfo 06_104021.JPG