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"Film is not dead, it just smells funny"....selections

Selected for posting on a curated gallery dedicated to film over on Flickr.
end t4%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f145930201.HC5HWAXF.jpg Escambron chess club
t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f109562848.zKHo83Gf.jpg summertime johnny pump residue
t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f103966759.NGfC2dt3.jpg detail 3 autumn leaves tempus fugit
break of dawn locked up starbucks tree voyeur
shark inner sanctum long lake, NY original t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f103626104.7RZFVy33.jpg
sustenance alphabetical #36 lamplight
grasshopper on my screendoor t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f104897507.jivnAqHu.jpg t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f111366483.luqN3811.jpg t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f103566285.FY0fVOY0.jpg
companionship setting Sturbridge, Mass view of the bridge
NYC pre-war vestibule fern t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f114664726.3aAL72Pz.jpg shadowplay
smalltown USA 2 branches t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f117854030.ONHF9MNW.jpg medieval chapel
antique chair twist L'escale lunch time at the marina
telegraph road sinusoid doorhook doorknock
bridge over the Neckar river at Heidelberg the daily news early risers Homework
oddball circumnavigation fence vs next door neighbor's vines structure
wicker t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f130913836.R0BhVkrn.jpg arrival the old chess club
track crossing They used to use brick well marked mailbox and shadow
interium mysterium t4%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f134237339.eSxfowSh.jpg Leica: the magic of rendering comforts of home
Vassar College staircase 3 t2%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f148571245.TmCmeaJJ.jpg old classroom
t4%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f136610738.fMSAysn9.jpg staircase 21 another from the rich folk's yard Pipe Organ
t9%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f154745595.GpuTYhVF.jpg t2%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f149871995.h9WSGRMv.jpg stone pile t1%2f04%2f714204%2f4%2f130887195.AQNAzEEf.jpg
Metro alternate view old power station massif 2