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Anne-Marit Eng 28-Jun-2014 17:50
Hei :o)
Tusen takk for alle tipsene du har gitt meg på et nettforum vi begge har brukt. Jeg har nyttiggjort meg mange av dem......sist her i Seoul vedr. bostedsområde.
Eric Kelly 16-Sep-2012 08:05
Hei Jan Erik.

Skal reise fra Trondheim til Seychellene i november og skal bo på La digue noen dager for så å dra til Praslin for en uke.
Har ett spørsmål til deg.
Hvordan var hotelllet Mango Lodge, var du fornøyd med hotellet og er det verdt å bo der en uke.
håper du kan svare meg på dette. Hilsen Eric Kelly
Sophie 23-Jul-2012 20:15
Hi Jan Erik, could I please use a picture from your trip to Ile Rodrigues? I am writing an article for my personal blog about obscure islands of the world.
Kevin Nilon 04-May-2012 15:26
Hello Erik - Have found your picture library. We are back in Sweden and I am in the process of sorting my pictures from New Guinea - will let you know when I put them up here.
I think some of them are very good. I assume you are still somewhere on the other side of the world - hope all is going well for you.
Best wishes from you fellow guests at Kiriwina Lodge.
Kevin and Gunilla
Elaine 02-May-2012 06:41
Hi Jan! Can I use one of your photos of the Cook Islands (Muri Beach) for a website for a Pacific Island cuisine in Australia! I can credit you with the photo or can send you some money if you require. (Not sure if ill use it for the final site but thought Id ask first)

Beautiful pictures by the way. Im from Rarotonga and it makes me miss home, even though I was just there 5 weeks ago..
Anna Lu 27-Apr-2012 12:01
This is a great tavelblog. I have stumble up on it while researching for my Indonesia trip. Have one question what is/where is the jungle waterfall featured in your Labuan Bajo album? Is it on the way to Batu Cermin cave. I can not miss this place, I love it.
Good travels.

gardener16-Apr-2012 05:55
Beautiful travelog, really enjoyed, thanks for posting, Peter
lucky ora 24-Feb-2012 12:23
hi jan,never met my biological father and found out that he is mangaian born.i hav never been to mangaia before so it is nice to see where he comes from through these photos you have zealand has its own beauty but not as near as these
greg coupe 21-Jan-2012 01:25
Dear Mr Johnsen,
Hi, could you please tell me your email address cause I would Like to email you a pdf files with a request to publish one of your photographs,
Thanks a lot
Greg Coupe
Bob Hodgson 18-Nov-2011 04:49
Anders Tnx for your photos. We go to Raro the Mangaia next week. where did you stay?
Bob and Sue
Guest 16-Jul-2011 16:31
Hi Erik,
Thank you for sharing your pictures... they are beautiful!
Jo-Ann Erickson
Roy and Dave 17-Jan-2011 02:36
Loved you photos. Especially those of the Cook Islands. We are returning to Rarotonga and Aitutaki in march of this year. What a grand traveler you are!
Check out some of our travel pics on Flickr under RD Pixel Shop.
Jan Erik Johnsen11-Jan-2011 21:55
Hello Anders!

A good question, but rather tricky to answer. My top 3 islands for the moment are Ile Rodrigues,(Mauritius) Kosrae,(FSM)and Pentecost.(Vanuatu) But they are all very quiet places and I probably would have got bored after a month or two?...
For permanent settlement (regardless of immigration formalities) I rather would consider islands like Mahe,(Seychelles) Mauritius or Rarotonga.(Cook-Islands)- Or maybe some place close to Port Vila on Efate. (Vanuatu) These are islands where I could enjoy the combination of the "creature comforts" i am used to with relatively unspoilt island ambience. But these are all quite "expencive" places. If money matters the Phillipines or maybe some Indonesian island would be a good choice? (I am going to Indonesia in two weeks to check it out:-))

Jan Erik
Anders 11-Jan-2011 14:04
This is a real nice collection of great places to go... but if you wore to settle on one of those islands, where would you settle?
Marites Belleza 28-Nov-2010 12:40
Sharing this amazing pictures is an opportunity to view other places...
I do love travel too specially in beaches, you are so blessed by God to reach the destination you want to, Im a filipina from an island of Bacolod city Negros Occidental more power to you and God Bless you.

xiaorong huang 16-Oct-2010 13:53
Hello Jan Erik
I come from a friend of China, I love browsing photos. In a chance, I came to this site and enjoy your wonderful photo:) Congratulations! I have been to few places, but you here, I saw many beautiful places ~ plan your trip is really great!
Thanks again! Hard work! I hope you have many wonderful journey!

Chinese girl Huang Xiaorong
Mike 19-Aug-2010 19:36
Superb - Thanks
Maria Belbis 09-Jun-2010 16:05
Hi Erik,
I love scrolling thru your photograhy. I love travelling but a bit cautious where I am going especially the unfamiliar places. But I have to change my mind set otherwise I will not be able to go places. I am Filipino- American & I have family in Norway. Thanks for the beautiful pictures from Coron Island and I am sorry about your bad experiences. At least your alive and was not hurt in anyway. I am a nurse by profession and life is so precious more than anything else. Thanks again for sharing your travel photos and experiences. It will help a lot of people with the same passion.
Dirk Hartmann 13-Apr-2010 11:11
Hello Jan Erik,
thank you very much for your detailed description of the various islands in respect to my question. Your answer will be very helpfull in planning the trip. I think the Cook Islands should be very nice - especially the chance to combine Rarotonga (as a typical South Sea Island with sawtooth mountains), Aitutaki (to see a real lagoon) and Mangaia as a place to get away from it all. But also Kosrae seems to be a very nice place off the beaten track. Vanuatu has -sofar- not been in my focus. But that might change now. And you are right: If only one could have enough money and time to see them all.

Regarding your next trip to Iceland: that is really something very special with spectecular landscape and very warm people who love to sing, party and drink in good company. I was there a couple times and I can only recommend this place. If you go to the remote areas in the center of the country you do not need to fly to mars anymore:-)

Again, thanks for your help and I wish you many more fantastic journeys!

Best Regards,
Jan Erik Johnsen10-Apr-2010 22:55
Hello dirk-dirk!

Thank you for your guestbook entry on Pbase.

To pick one island or group of islands as my absolute favorite is very difficult. Next to impossible! So far I have been to the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Palau and FSM. I love them all. Pick one of them and you can't go wrong!

My favs: (of the Pacific islands/countries I have been so far - in random order)

For natural beauty: Rarotonga (CI), Aitutaki (CI), Palau, Kosrae (FSM).
Vanuatu is beautiful too, but not so much in the" tropical postcard sense". Yap (FSM) and Mangaia (CI) is nice but not especially physically spectacular.

For tranquility: Almost anywhere. But especially Mangaia (Cook Islands), Pentecost (Vanuatu,) Kosrae (FSM), Yap (FSM).
No coincident that these are the least touristy and least visited of "my" islands.
Actually anywhere (on "my" islands) is very, very quiet after our standards. The towns of Port Vila (Vanuatu) and Koror (Palau) is the only slightly "busy" places i've been so far.

For friendly people: Aywhere! But most of all Vanuatu (especially Pentecost) and Yap (FSM).
I have been travelling all over the world and found people everywhere to be very friendly and helpful when approached with cortesy and respect. But the people on the Pacific Islands are in a class of their own. (In Port Vila - Vanuatu, even the youngsters trying to rob me one late evening turned up to be quite a friendly bunch!)
Pentecost men may seem scary at first sight. Bearded, dark, athletic, with agressive looks. (and always swinging a big machete) But when you approach them (or rather they approach you) the are the most cheerful and relaxed people in the world. And you probably will get an invitation to a kava-session!
In Yap people are a litle bit reserved, but nevertheless extremely helpfull and nice. When walking, where else in the world are you offered a ride in absolutely every car passing on the road? (Including the police)

For very different cultural experiences: Vanuatu (Tanna and Pentecost) and Yap.
In Vanuatu, do not miss the kastom villages (among others, in Tanna Island ) and (if visiting in april, may or june) the incredible Nagol (land diving) in Pentecost.
In Yap (FSM), line up in a supermarked queue with women dressed in lavalavas or grasskirt only or down a drink or five in a bar in company with men dressed in nothing but a tiny loincloth.

For exeptional natural features: The incredible Yasur vulcano on Tanna (Vanuatu), Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake, Ngardmau Waterfall (all Palau), the mountainous interior and beaches of Rarotonga and the rightly famous Aitutaki lagoon ( both CI).

In my opinion life is too short and money too few to travel to the same place twice. But if I should, my choices in the Pacific would be Pentecost (Vanuatu), Kosrae (FSM) or another session of kajaking among the incredible Rock Islands of Palau!

My next Pacific destinations probably will be Samoa and/or Tonga. Or perhaps maybe Solomon Islands and Milne Bay (PNG)? Or New Caledonia? Or?...
But before that I am going as far as possible in every way from any tropical, friendly Pacific Island. First a trip to South Korea, North Korea ("the axis of evil"), Beijing and shortly after a trip to a not that tropical island - Iceland!

Good luck with your Pacific adventure!
Jan Erik

Jan Erik Johnsen

dirk 07-Apr-2010 17:07
I live in Hamburg (Germany) and I plan a trip next year for about 4 weeks into the pacific region. I am looking for a tropical setting, friendly people and tranquility. What is your favorite island (group of islands) sofar? What place would you recommend?
Thank you and hope to see more pics from your trips in the future!
preston chandler 12-Oct-2009 22:04
thank you for a most beautiful pictorial journey. from the comfort of my own home.
preston chandler
KIHALE 11-Oct-2009 11:42
perhaps you would have ideas about finding pics of the weaving done before in kosrae + POHNPEI DO YOU PLAN RETURN TRIPS TO THESE ISLANDS? IF YOU TRAVEL THRU HAWAI'I PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO AS IT WOULD BE A GAS TO MEET YOU.
Treza 13-Dec-2008 03:03
The pictures of Riberia Grande are beautiful. I have never been to the azores but my father who passed is there. Is there any way you can send me some of the photos. You take excellent pictures. They made me happy to see what it is like. I live in the United States Of America.
Bjørn Bråttum 05-Nov-2008 19:49
Fabelaktige bilder du tar !det er en fornøyelse og se de fargene som du får frem.
det kamra tror jeg låner av deg (smil)til mine rockabilly frisyrer.
THANK YOU JAN ERIK !!!!.HILSEN Folketeaterets frisør .
bebe 30-Sep-2008 17:59
hey thankz u ,,,,,,4 go and c my beautiful island,KOSRAE,,,,,,,,,,,,,ty
Guest 05-Aug-2008 06:22
splendid. thanks for sharing.
Kerri Marsters 20-Dec-2007 22:38
sorry, was just looking for photos or images of Mangaia. I grew up for 20 odd years
Guest 09-Dec-2007 23:25
wow!!! your photos are unbelievable.
Planning to fly to brisbane in xmas, have about 2 weeks.
Any ideas on where to go?
would really appreciate your advice.
Thank you
Guest 25-Nov-2007 04:42
marda 05-Nov-2007 00:53
hay kaselel from island of pohnpei thanx for the pix that u post in.

Maria Grazia 14-Oct-2007 00:06
Buongiorno Belli! I'm a round the world traveller from Italy, that one day landed in Kosrae, the most beautiful place in the world
and after 6 months I'm still enjoy this astonishing Island...Thank you Jan for your pictures!
marybeth 06-Oct-2007 19:23
What a flash-back! I spent a year on "Ponape" back in the 70's when my parents were in the Peace Cor. Your photos show things virtually unchanged from my memories of 30+ years ago.
Guest 26-Jun-2007 21:59
I totally love your pictures from pohnpei,so did you like it there or was it strange?do you have more?your pictures are just really clear beautiful and terrific.
Guest 13-Jun-2007 15:47
Very impressive.
Guest 03-May-2007 00:29
your photographs are STUNNING! thank you very much for sharing your work! your travels are amazing, keep it up!

Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:13
When I saw your pictures, a special feeling swept over me. Not sure what it is but wow...
Jan Erik Johnsen24-Feb-2007 18:56

Because of a spam problem, Pbase has disabled the possibility for guests to write new guestbook entries. However, it is still possible to write comments inside the albums. You are welcome to do so!

Jan Erik
Guest 21-Dec-2006 17:37
Hey there Jan. Thanks for visiting my Palau pics I was fascinated to discover that your pictures of the new Capitol Building seem to show a still unfinished and surreal scene, two years on from when I was there. The whole set up is quite strange, and I seriously doubt whether they will ever actually move in.

Nice pictures! I would love to be there again.

Jan Erik Johnsen14-Dec-2006 18:03
Hello everybody!

Again - Thank You,Tusen Takk, Tack så Mycket, Muchas Grazias, Merci Beaucoup and Meitaki Ma'ata for all nice comments and guestbook entries. I really appreciate it!:-)

Warm regards
Jan Erik
André Guillard 24-Nov-2006 18:03
Bonjour - Vous m'avez fait faire de beaux voyages sur mon é donné des idées supplémentaires. Cordialement à vous. André Guillard, Nantes, France
sofia 02-Nov-2006 01:00
Alldeles underbara foton! Hittade hit från
Resefebern är mycket påtaglig efter e titt bland dina fotografier!

Mvh Sofia
Jan Erik Johnsen09-Oct-2006 19:08
Hello Eva!

Its excellent!
For more, read my mail.

Jan Erik
EVA 09-Oct-2006 09:09
Hi Jan Erik,

I am just about to book my holiday to Mauritius and your wonderful photos have helped me a lot in deciding whether I should stay in Le Morne. It looks absolutely beautiful! I went to Mauritius in 1988 but I stayed in Grand Baie then. My husband is from Mauritius and we decided that it is time to show our boys: 6, 4 and 2 years old this beautiful island. Did you actually stay at Le Palms, and how did you find it?

Kind regards,
Eva (Swede in London)
Joanne Browne 05-Aug-2006 04:16
Hi I was just looking at your pictures of mum is from Mangaia and I haven't been back there since 94. Can I please have your permission to use some images for my homepage ( I will credit your images to you of course. I have joined this group on, majority are from the Mangaia Islands.

Joanne Browne

PS Great pics!!
Liza 03-Aug-2006 13:28
Hi Jan,
Wonderful pictures of the Philippines. I was wondering if I can use some to post in a photo gallery re. Palawan. I will link back to your site and put your name as photog. Is this alright?
Voivod 12-Jul-2006 12:23
Very thanx for photos of ancient ruins in Ponape island. There aren't so popular ancient ruins like piramids in Egipt hihi. I knew about this ruins but see it first time.
p.s. sorry for my english but i dont known this language good
CATHY NENA 23-Jun-2006 16:20
Berk 11-Jun-2006 13:31
Dear Jan Erik,

Great pictures of The Cook Islands! I went to Raro and Aitutaki in 2002.
Wonderful; and will go back there for sure.
Your pictures bring up a lot of great memories! Thanks for the great postings.

Best Regards,
Bas. 27-May-2006 22:20
Like the new look of the site. Lynton
Jan Erik Johnsen04-Dec-2005 17:30
Hello Jan!

You have my permission to use the picture!
Isn't it easier for both of us if You download the picture directly from my album?

Jan Erik
jan van dam 04-Dec-2005 16:26
Hello Jan Erik,

I am Jan van Dam from the Netherlands and I would like to use one of your photos (dry lake, between Potosi and Uyuni, Bolivia)
It is a one time use. could you please sent me your picture at 300 dpi (
It would be nice if I could receive your picture today. I cannot afford to pay but your name will be mentioned of course.


jan van dam
Jan Erik Johnsen23-Nov-2005 08:46
Richard H: Please give me a tiny clue on Your intentions and I will contact You ASAP. :-)
(Sorry about my suspiciousness!)

jan Erik
Richard Haas 22-Nov-2005 15:19
Could you please contact me. Thanksin advance
Micke 25-Sep-2005 23:16
Hello my norwegian brother i would not say that you are an bad phographer and the pictures was very nicr!!!!Gave me a lot of inspration
Maurice 23-Sep-2005 14:27
Came across your pictures of my home country of Mauritius which reminded me of how beautiful the island is. Thank you!
Armance Pascal 01-Sep-2005 18:32
Hi Jan
I was searching for pictures about my village baie du cap, Mauritius and you make me realise how much my small locality is very attractive. Being an amateur photograph i would be very pleased to share with you my photos.

Alan Moss 17-Aug-2005 12:11
Hi Jan,

Found your site looking for a good picture of Kuranda station, which I visited earlier this year. Enjoyed your picturers around Cairns. At the moment still going through my pictures, which I hope to put on my smugmug website.

If you are interested in comparing pictures, let me know.


Alan Moss
frank 25-Jan-2005 08:52
beautiful pictures from mauritius! welcome to
frank feldmann
Øystein H. Larsen 29-Aug-2004 11:35

I'm the curious one from VGD who want information about Mauritius when you have returned.

I like the site and all the picture. When I become older, I think I will do the same. Travel all over the world, to relaxe, do what I want and be free. Unfortunately, I can't plan do so, but I want to and I will have to se what time brings.

I will knock on your door when you have finished your trip and remined you telling me all about Mauritius and Rodrigues. If that's okey, of course? =)

From Haugen