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Rolf and Genie Wald Marbles For Sale

Rolf and Genie Wald have been creating their colorful brand of furnace worked marbles up in the great Northwest for literally decades now, and the following for their work is long and broad. Whimsical, fun, vibrant, invigorating - these are the words you would use to describe the beauty that they create with their smoldering furnace and honey-like glass. They are especially known for their use of gorgeous goldstone and aventurine lutz, and they'll often layer a tasty transparent glass over top of the goldstone to give it another desired hue. I can honestly say I've never seen anybody work this type of glass better than they do, with such a broad range of colors, and such incredible sparkle when the marbles come out of the kiln!! Truly amazing. I also especially love their 'onion skin' and beach ball marbles. They are among the earliest few marble artists to ever market their marbles, starting way back in the 80's with the likes of Mark Matthews, Jody Fine and other furnace greats, and they are still producing them to this day. Every serious marble collection MUST have some Wald in it, or you will be missing a big part of marble history!

The Wald marbles are all signed, but some of them are signed with only 'Baddog'. Only their premium marbles, considered perfect by the Walds, receive their normal signature of Wald plus the year, and the rest get Baddog, ha ha. They are famous for showing off pictures of their dog (who I assume is sometimes bad, ha). The vast majority of the time I have little idea of what caused the marble to receive the Baddog signature, and so I won't even guess - they are VERY picky apparently.

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#18: Quadroquad Size: 2.20 Price: $275
:: #18: "Quadroquad" Size: 2.20" Price: $275  ::
#19: Party Onionskin Size: 1.51 Price: $125
:: #19: "Party Onionskin" Size: 1.51" Price: $125  ::
#20: Twisted Revolution Size: 1.41 Price: $100
:: #20: "Twisted Revolution" Size: 1.41" Price: $100  ::
My Blue Heaven Size: 1.12 Price: SOLD
:: "My Blue Heaven" Size: 1.12" Price: SOLD  ::
Green Dream Size: 1.13 Price: SOLD
:: "Green Dream" Size: 1.13" Price: SOLD ::
Ruby Beachball Size: 0.89 Price: SOLD
:: "Ruby Beachball" Size: 0.89" Price: SOLD ::
Munchkin Sock Size: 1.45 Price: SOLD
:: "Munchkin Sock" Size: 1.45" Price: SOLD ::
Golden Beachball Size: 1.48 Price: SOLD
:: "Golden Beachball" Size: 1.48" Price: SOLD ::
Golden Gate Size: 1.47 Price: SOLD
:: "Golden Gate" Size: 1.47" Price: SOLD  ::
Oliveball Size: 1.14 Price: SOLD
:: "Oliveball" Size: 1.14" Price: SOLD ::
Two Best Things Size: 1.18 Price: SOLD
:: "Two Best Things" Size: 1.18" Price: SOLD ::
Festival Onionskin Size: 1.47 Price: SOLD
:: "Festival Onionskin" Size: 1.47" Price: SOLD ::
Golden Onionskin Size: 1.93 Price: SOLD
:: "Golden Onionskin" Size: 1.93" Price: SOLD  ::
Golden Gateway Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Golden Gateway" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD  ::
 Wheaton Spinner Size: 1.47 Price: SOLD
::  "Wheaton Spinner" Size: 1.47" Price: SOLD  ::
Glitter Heaven  Size: 1.90  Price: SOLD
:: "Glitter Heaven" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD  ::
Gilded Barber Pole  Size: 1.48  Price: SOLD
:: "Gilded Barber Pole" Size: 1.48" Price: SOLD ::
River of Gold  Size: 1.37  Price: SOLD
:: "River of Gold" Size: 1.37" Price: SOLD ::
Spinner Size: 1.10 Price: SOLD
:: "Spinner" Size: 1.10" Price: SOLD ::
Gilded Barber Pole 2 Size: 1.46 Price: SOLD
:: "Gilded Barber Pole 2" Size: 1.46" Price: SOLD ::
Purple Onion Skin Size: 1.47 Price: SOLD
:: "Purple Onion Skin" Size: 1.47" Price: SOLD ::
Encrusted Onion Skin  Size: 1.47  Price: SOLD
:: "Encrusted Onion Skin" Size: 1.47" Price: SOLD ::
Goldstone Creamery Size: 0.88 Price: SOLD
:: "Goldstone Creamery" Size: 0.88" Price: SOLD ::