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Tomomi Handa Marbles and Pendants For Sale (Sold Out)

Tomomi Handa is continuing in the well established Japanese glass tradition of creating incredibly intricate, yet controlled detail in her glass work. I think you'll agree, her designs are absolutely stunningly beautiful. What I also love is how original her work is. I know as time goes on it gets harder and harder for new marble artists to discover their own voice, their own style, with so many wonderful artists having come before them. However, when I see fresh glass work like this from Tomomi, I am reminded that it is clearly still possible to create something fresh and new within the limited canvas of the glass sphere.

Tomomi translates her borosilicate designs and patterns into both marbles and pendants. The work she does is soooo reminiscent of the great Japanese satake glass artists, like Akihiro and Ayako, but she has found a way to bring it all into boro. And WOW, is it AWESOME!!! Flowers and bouquets of every kind imaginable are displayed, with delicate lace surrounding them. You can see sweet little designs in this lace, like hearts, etc. Tomomi then takes it all even a step further and adds cute little creatures, created from her own millie/murrine designs. The finished product is beyond gorgeous. Tomomi has become one of the new international stars in the world of borosilicate marbles!!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

Each of Tomomi's glass creations comes tucked in a nice wooden box.
Each of Tomomi's glass creations comes tucked in a nice wooden box.
All Laced Up  Size: 1.87  Price: SOLD
:: "All Laced Up" Size: 1.87" Price: SOLD ::
Victorian Breeze  Size: 1.88  Price: SOLD
:: "Victorian Breeze" Size: 1.88" Price: SOLD ::
Ocean Lace  Size: 1.83  Price: SOLD
:: "Ocean Lace" Size: 1.83" Price: SOLD ::
Tranquil Transitions  Size: 1.91 x 1.52  Price: SOLD
:: "Tranquil Transitions" Size: 1.91" x 1.52" Price: SOLD ::
Peaceful Pathway  Size: 1.97 x 1.61  Price: SOLD
:: "Peaceful Pathway" Size: 1.97" x 1.61" Price: SOLD ::
Wings of Harmony  Size: 1.86  Price: SOLD
:: "Wings of Harmony" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD ::
Triple Base Lace  Size: 1.87 x 1.41  Price: SOLD
:: "Triple Base Lace" Size: 1.87" x 1.41" Price: SOLD ::
High Calling  Size: 1.74 x 1.46  Price: SOLD
:: "High Calling" Size: 1.74" x 1.46" Price: SOLD ::
Delicacy  Size: 1.69 x 1.40  Price: SOLD
:: "Delicacy" Size: 1.69" x 1.40" Price: SOLD ::
Dainty Delight  Size: 1.37  Price: SOLD
:: "Dainty Delight" Size: 1.37" Price: SOLD ::
Butterfly Lace  Size: 1.55 x 1.35  Price: SOLD
:: "Butterfly Lace" Size: 1.55" x 1.35" Price: SOLD ::
Victorian Lullaby  Size: 1.70 x 1.40  Price: SOLD
:: "Victorian Lullaby" Size: 1.70" x 1.40" Price: SOLD ::
Heart's Keeper  Size: 1.11 x 1.39  Price: SOLD
:: "Heart's Keeper" Size: 1.11" x 1.39" Price: SOLD ::
To Say I Love You  Size: 1.33 x 1.63  Price: SOLD
:: "To Say I Love You" Size: 1.33" x 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Lady Luck  Size: 1.49 Price: SOLD
:: "Lady Luck" Size: 1.49" Price: SOLD ::
Wings of Faith  Size: 1.80 Price: SOLD
:: "Wings of Faith" Size: 1.80" Price: SOLD ::
Heart on Fire Size: 1.34 x 1.12 Price: SOLD
:: "Heart on Fire" Size: 1.34" x 1.12" Price: SOLD ::
Ageless Beauty Size: 1.33 x 1.16 Price: SOLD
:: "Ageless Beauty" Size: 1.33" x 1.16" Price: SOLD ::
Ladybug Lace Size: 1.31 x 1.04 Price: SOLD
:: "Ladybug Lace" Size: 1.31" x 1.04" Price: SOLD ::
Paramount Peace Size: 1.75 Price: SOLD
:: "Paramount Peace" Size: 1.75" Price: SOLD ::
Wrapped up with a Bow  Size: 1.13  Price: SOLD
:: "Wrapped up with a Bow" Size: 1.13" Price: SOLD ::
Heart Warmer  Size: 1.73  Price: SOLD
:: "Heart Warmer" Size: 1.73" Price: SOLD ::
Queen Anne's Mib  Size: 1.77  Price: SOLD
:: "Queen Anne's Mib" Size: 1.77" Price: SOLD ::
Fairy Dust  Size: 1.67  Price: SOLD
:: "Fairy Dust" Size: 1.67" Price: SOLD ::
Ultra Elegance  Size: 1.19  Price: SOLD
:: "Ultra Elegance" Size: 1.19" Price: SOLD ::
Tomomi's Garden  Size: 1.56  Price: SOLD
:: "Tomomi's Garden" Size: 1.56" Price: SOLD ::
Lace with Grace  Size: 1.39  Price: SOLD
:: "Lace with Grace" Size: 1.39" Price: SOLD ::
Bunny Sunday  Size: 1.60  Price: SOLD
:: "Bunny Sunday" Size: 1.60" Price: SOLD ::
Victorian Dance  Size: 1.66  Price: SOLD
:: "Victorian Dance" Size: 1.66" Price: SOLD ::
Hearts Entwined  Size: 1.37  Price: SOLD
:: "Hearts Entwined" Size: 1.37" Price: SOLD ::
Floral Serenade  Size: 1.86  Price: SOLD
:: "Floral Serenade" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD ::
Victorian Whispers  Size: 1.34  Price: SOLD
:: "Victorian Whispers" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD ::
Bluebird of Marble Happiness  Size: 1.57  Price: SOLD
:: "Bluebird of Marble Happiness" Size: 1.57" Price: SOLD ::
Spring Harbor  Size: 1.72  Price: SOLD
:: "Spring Harbor" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD ::