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REVOLVE Spinners For Sale - $220 - A 'Must Have'!! (Sold Out)

Coming to you from the mind of marble artist Tim Keyzers and his Oakland Bay Alchemy studio is the new 'Revolve' marble spinner!! It can function as a stand alone marble stand, but once you flip the switch and turn it on, it is soooo much more! Literally EVERY serious marble collection NEEEEDS one (ore more!) of these spinners to show off your favorite marbles in all their revolving glory. LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!!

Quantity left in stock: 0 (Each spinner is numbered and stamped with this serial number.)

To best understand how this marble spinner works, please click on the first picture below and then view the video directly below the picture.

Easily adjust the speed, direction AND AXIS that your marble spins. Itís hands down the best motorized marble display ever created!

This model performs best for glass orbs between 1.25" and 1.75" diameter, although it will still work with larger marbles as well. This display is designed to stall if its load is too heavy or it does not receive enough power. This means the motor may quit spinning while trying to set a very low speed with a large orb (especially when the flex arm is in contact with the orb). When this happens, simply adjust the speed control knob up until the motor begins spinning again. It is normal for the motor to make a little noise and even more so when the flex arm comes into contact with the orb.

Every glass orb is different. Most glass orbs are not perfectly round. This means some experimentation will be necessary to find the best results for every individual orb.

Easy to Use Instructions!
- Carefully unpack the Revolve display and power plug.
- Place revolve display on a flat level surface.
- Insert the small end of the power plug (1) into the backside of the spinner and the other end (2) into a standard 110 Volt outlet.
- Place your glass orb onto the marble stand (3).
- Flip the toggle switch (4) left or right to turn the motor on or change the direction of rotation. Center position turns the motor off.
- Use the speed control knob (6) to adjust the speed of rotation.
- Adjust the flex arm by moving it gently with your fingers.
- Now itís time to have fun and experiment. Adjust the flex arm, speed control and direction to find the best settings for your one of a kind orb.
- If the flex arm is adjusted to not touch the orb, the orb will spin on the axis of the marble stand. If the flex arm is in constant contact with the orb, the orb will spin on the axis of the flex arm (creating a front spin effect). If the flex arm is adjusted to come into contact with the orb for only part of the rotation, the axis in which the orb spins will alternate (creating a random motion effect).

Helpful Tips
- For best results keep your marbles and spinner clean and free of dust.
- It helps to view the display from the side as you make adjustments. This allows you to see clearly how the flex arm is interacting with the orb.
- It is recommended to Ďdial iní your settings outside of your display case. After finding settings you like, carefully place the unit in the display case, place the orb on the stand and turn on. This may help avoid accidents.
- Practice and have fun!

I ship worldwide.