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Brian Bowden | profile | all galleries >> Glass ORBits - Contemporary Art Glass Marbles and Other Art Glass For Sale! >> Marble, Paperweight and Pendant Collaborations For Sale >> #72: Gateson Recko and Rose Roads: "Hunting the Edge of Space" Size: 2.64" Price: $6,600 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

#72: Gateson Recko and Rose Roads: "Hunting the Edge of Space" Size: 2.64" Price: $6,600

We don't really know what the edge of space looks like do we? What is out there when the vacuum of space ends and....*nothingness?* begins....? We'll probably never know, but what we DO know is that THIS marble, a huge and stunning creation bringing together an amazing disc from Rose Roads and the amazing glass Universe of Gateson Recko, is UNNNNNNBEEEEEELIEEEEEVABLE!!!!

Maybe the Edge of Space will look as fantastic as one of Rose Road's dotticello creations - I certainly hope so!! Colors to blow your mind, precision to melt it, Rose Roads never ceases to amaze, and this disc (UFO??) is AWESOME! Gateson placed it at the bottom of a Universe marble, ha ha, so crazy sweet. So check out the pics - the first bunch show you the view of the back of the marble, where we see the disc in its natural state, shining through a window in the bottom of the Universe. The teensy tinyness of those dots!! Killer. We then spin the marble around and you see the magnified view of looking straight down into the Universe and catching the magnified backside of the RR disc. Brilliant!!! There are also a couple of shots which show what this creation looks like when you back light it, first from the front, and then from the back (the Rose Roads window will let light in). The exploratory possibilities are endless! I mean, we could stop right there, and this marble would be mind-boggling. But it DOESN'T stop there, because if you now turn the marble and start looking at the inner sides of the Universe, NOW you see that this crazy creation is chock full of planets and an opal moon and other moons and cosmic fuming and an interstellar storm....and whatever else your mind sees in there! Seriously, you're going to be staring down in there thinking, "Really.....REALLY?????" It is THAT amazing to behold.

This is glass art at its absolute finest, it literally almost never gets better than this. In my book, this is one of the Top 10 marbles ever created to this point in history. It combines my two VERY FAVORITE things in glass - a Gateson Universe marble and a Rose Roads dotticello. Simply incredible. There have only been two marbles created by Gateson utilizing full, large cabs from Junichi - the one in my collection...and this one. Don't miss this amazing and possibly once in a lifetime opportunity to add this to your collection!