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Tim Keyzers Marbles For Sale

Tim Keyzers has been creating beautiful glass for over a decade and he continues to push the limits of what can be achieved in the world of marbles. When I first started collecting in early 2003, Tim was one of the first artists to really enthrall me with the vortexes he was creating at the time. His work was clean, tight and interesting, and I just couldn't get enough of his marbles. Tim took several years off from the full-time creative side of glass and worked with a glass company, but he is now back at the torch creating marbles, and he hasn't missed a beat. In fact, his work is more beautiful and fascinating than ever!

One of the new twists that Tim has added to his repertoire is copper electroforming of the marbles, and it is SO cool! He has been adding electroformed backsides to his vortexes, adding another dimension to where the concept of 'art glass marble' can take us. Tim is not the first one to do this, but he may be the first one who has truly explored the possibilities of what can be done. The designs and ideas seem to be limitless at this point.

If you don't have a Keyzers marble in your collection yet, then you'll want to start now. And if all you've got is 'old school Keyzers', then you'll need to get some new school as well! Enjoy the show!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#15: Happy Pills Size: 0.77 to 1.75 Price: $900
:: #15: "Happy Pills" Size: 0.77" to 1.75" Price: $900  ::
#20: Thermal Windows Size: 1.92 Price: $350
:: #20: "Thermal Windows" Size: 1.92" Price: $350  ::
#24: Hippie Zipper Size: 1.93 Price: $585
:: #24: "Hippie Zipper" Size: 1.93" Price: $585  ::
#27: Pacific Depths  Size: 1.64  Price: $220
:: #27: "Pacific Depths" Size: 1.64" Price: $220 ::
Higgs Boson Excitation Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Higgs Boson Excitation" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD ::
Zipper Head Size: 1.88 Price: SOLD
:: "Zipper Head" Size: 1.88" Price: SOLD ::
Swell Resistors Size: 2.42 Price: SOLD
:: "Swell Resistors" Size: 2.42" Price: SOLD ::
Higgs Boson Accelerant Size: 1.43 Price: SOLD
:: "Higgs Boson Accelerant" Size: 1.43" Price: SOLD ::
Triangulation Size: 1.83 to 1.42 Price: SOLD
:: "Triangulation" Size: 1.83" to 1.42" Price: SOLD ::
Keep Dreamin' Size: 2.04 Price: SOLD
:: "Keep Dreamin'" Size: 2.04" Price: SOLD ::
Majestic Pulltab Size: 2.59 Price: SOLD
:: "Majestic Pulltab" Size: 2.59" Price: SOLD ::
Rainbow Delivery System Size: 2.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Rainbow Delivery System" Size: 2.19" Price: SOLD ::
My Two Cents Size: 2.21 Price: SOLD
:: "My Two Cents" Size: 2.21" Price: SOLD  ::
Opalopian Tube  Size: 2.03  Price: SOLD
:: "Opalopian Tube" Size: 2.03" Price: SOLD ::
Unzipped Glasstasy  Size: 1.94  Price: SOLD
:: "Unzipped Glasstasy" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD ::
Thermal Celebration  Size: 1.65  Price: SOLD
:: "Thermal Celebration" Size: 1.65" Price: SOLD ::
Thermal Canyons  Size: 1.71  Price: SOLD
:: "Thermal Canyons" Size: 1.71" Price: SOLD ::
Metallurgical Windows Size: 3.47 Price: SOLD
:: "Metallurgical Windows" Size: 3.47" Price: SOLD ::
Metalhead Size: 1.60 Price: SOLD
:: "Metalhead" Size: 1.60" Price: SOLD ::
Rise Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Rise" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Deep Clad Size: 1.55 Price: SOLD
:: "Deep Clad" Size: 1.55" Price: SOLD ::
Opal Rise Size: 1.70 Price: SOLD
:: "Opal Rise" Size: 1.70" Price: SOLD ::
Thermal Undulations Size: 2.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Thermal Undulations" Size: 2.19" Price: SOLD ::
The Zipper  Size: 3.43  Price: SOLD
:: "The Zipper" Size: 3.43" Price: SOLD ::
Worminator  Size: 1.75  Price: SOLD
:: "Worminator" Size: 1.75" Price: SOLD ::
Pacific Swell  Size: 1.94  Price: SOLD
:: "Pacific Swell" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD ::
Thermal Uprising  Size: 1.99  Price: SOLD
:: "Thermal Uprising" Size: 1.99" Price: SOLD ::