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Jahnny Rise Marbles and Pendants For Sale

Holy shnikeys, do I ever LOOOOOVE the glass art marbles of Jahnny Rise!! Jahnny brings a unique and fresh perspective on marbles to us, as he creates what I like to call Color Carvings. Each of these carved marbles involves a tremendous amount of time and energy, as Jahnny layers color upon color for his marble 'blanks' and then begins to painstakingly carve a unique pattern on to each marble. These patterns are fascinating and sometimes feature various images within. After the carving is completed, he takes on one more painstaking step, one that really brings out the beauty in this glass, as he uses a tiny little hand torch to flame polish every little groove and nook and cranny in each marble. It is another one of those crazy processes in which we're blessed that somebody like Jahnny is willing to do it, because the end results are about 79 different layers of awesomeness!! And one other thing - Jahnny is not only one of the best glass artists you'll ever meet, but he is also one of THE nicest guys you'll ever meet, kind and considerate of others, really a joy to be around.

These marbles could be many different things to different people, but to me, they are like little alien space keys, with untold secrets locked within, waiting for somebody to discover how to open them and reveal what is hidden inside. Your imagination can just run wild with these!

The pictures of these marbles share the story pretty well, but trust me, these marbles still look waaaaay better in hand, as your eyes capture all of the detail at once, creating a cohesive unit of spherical carved color in your hand. These marbles in your collection will be real conversation pieces for those that see them! Don't miss your chance to own one...or many of these beautiful works of glass art!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#3: Terrastructor Size: 1.74 Price: $265
:: #3: "Terrastructor" Size: 1.74" Price: $265 ::
#4: Sun Spot Size: 1.65 Price: $280
:: #4: "Sun Spot" Size: 1.65" Price: $280 ::
#6: Space Key Size: 1.71 Price: $290
:: #6: "Space Key" Size: 1.71" Price: $290 ::
#7: Sunshine Swizzle Size: 0.98 Price: $95
:: #7: "Sunshine Swizzle" Size: 0.98" Price: $95 ::
#22: Reticelleye Size: 2.02 Price: $210
:: #22: "Reticelleye" Size: 2.02" Price: $210  ::
#23: Unbelievaball Size: 2.25 Price: $420
:: #23: "Unbelievaball" Size: 2.25" Price: $420  ::
#25: Goldicello Size: 1.78 Price: $160
:: #25: "Goldicello" Size: 1.78" Price: $160  ::
#27: Ruby Ripper Size: 1.88 Price: $240
:: #27: "Ruby Ripper" Size: 1.88" Price: $240  ::
The Gatekeeper Size: 2.12 Price: SOLD
:: "The Gatekeeper" Size: 2.12" Price: SOLD ::
Molten Middle Size: 2.35 Price: SOLD
:: "Molten Middle" Size: 2.35" Price: SOLD  ::
Alien Phonograph Size: 1.73 Price: SOLD
:: "Alien Phonograph" Size: 1.73" Price: SOLD ::
Atomic Rotation Size: 2.18 Price: SOLD
:: "Atomic Rotation" Size: 2.18" Price: SOLD ::
Spherikey Size: 1.75 Price: SOLD
:: "Spherikey" Size: 1.75" Price: SOLD ::
Mobius Mode Size: 1.93 Price: SOLD
:: "Mobius Mode" Size: 1.93" Price: SOLD ::
Calling All Collectors Size: 2.05 Price: SOLD
:: "Calling All Collectors" Size: 2.05" Price: SOLD ::
Atomic Creation Size: 2.17 Price: SOLD
:: "Atomic Creation" Size: 2.17" Price: SOLD ::
Atomic Splendor Size: 2.02 Price: SOLD
:: "Atomic Splendor" Size: 2.02" Price: SOLD ::
Retticulated Size: 1.69 Price: SOLD
:: "Retticulated" Size: 1.69" Price: SOLD ::
Brain Loop Size: 2.01 Price: SOLD
:: "Brain Loop" Size: 2.01" Price: SOLD ::
Atomic Fascination Size: 2.09 Price: SOLD
:: "Atomic Fascination" Size: 2.09" Price: SOLD ::
Liquid Energy Size: 1.51 Price: SOLD
:: "Liquid Energy" Size: 1.51" Price: SOLD ::
What in Carvation Size: 1.43 Price: SOLD
:: "What in Carvation" Size: 1.43" Price: SOLD ::
That's What's Up Size: 1.48 Price: SOLD
:: "That's What's Up" Size: 1.48" Price: SOLD ::
Celestial Teardrop Size: 1.29 Price: SOLD
:: "Celestial Teardrop" Size: 1.29" Price: SOLD ::
Sliced and Diced Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Sliced and Diced" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD ::
Faces Size: 1.06 Price: SOLD
:: "Faces" Size: 1.06" Price: SOLD ::
Core of Purity Size: 1.63  Price: SOLD
:: "Core of Purity" Size: 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Phoenix Size: 1.59 Price: SOLD
:: "Phoenix" Size: 1.59" Price: SOLD ::
Worlds Within Size: 1.83  Price: SOLD
:: "Worlds Within" Size: 1.83" Price: SOLD ::