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Ian Arremony Marbles For Sale

Ian is one of THE hottest new young boro artists rising on the horizon. Focusing on fantastic designs that you won't see anywhere else, his work is ethereal and intriguing, often causing a head-scratching moment of "HOW did he DO that??" His signature element is a perfect fumed golden sphere impossibly suspended directly in the middle of a clear sphere, often with other fumed embellishments around it, adding to the fascinating dimensionality of the piece. You get the feeling that Ian has somehow captured the essence of what is actually happening out in deep space as real planets and stars are formed. I could keep on gushing, but suffice it to say that I loooooooooove Ian's work!! Most of Ian's marbles are best displayed with good lighting and a darker background to highlight all of the wonderful fuming he incorporates into his wondrous creations.

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#9: Skynet  Size: 1.49  Price: $370
:: #9: "Skynet" Size: 1.49" Price: $370 ::
#10: Fumatory Lockdown  Size: 1.38  Price: $300
:: #10: "Fumatory Lockdown" Size: 1.38" Price: $300 ::
#13: Planetary Blades  Size: 1.19  Price: $240
:: #13: "Planetary Blades" Size: 1.19" Price: $240 ::
#15: Planetoidal Injector Size: 1.39 Price: $240
:: #15: "Planetoidal Injector" Size: 1.39" Price: $240  ::
Terragyro  Size: 1.66  Price: SOLD
:: "Terragyro" Size: 1.66" Price: SOLD ::
OCD Revolution Size: 1.19 Price: SOLD
:: "OCD Revolution" Size: 1.19" Price: SOLD ::
Opal Orbits Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Opal Orbits" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD ::
Coronal Mystics  Size: 1.32  Price: SOLD
:: "Coronal Mystics" Size: 1.32" Price: SOLD ::
Smokeout  Size: 1.46  Price: SOLD
:: "Smokeout" Size: 1.46" Price: SOLD ::
Saturn Size: 1.55 Price: SOLD
:: "Saturn" Size: 1.55" Price: SOLD ::
Black Hole Trap  Size: 1.75  Price: SOLD
:: "Black Hole Trap" Size: 1.75" Price: SOLD ::
Fire Painting Size: 1.42 Price: SOLD
:: "Fire Painting" Size: 1.42" Price: SOLD ::
Misty Planet Size: 1.58 Price: SOLD
:: "Misty Planet" Size: 1.58" Price: SOLD ::
Saturn's Moon Size: 1.41 Price: SOLD
:: "Saturn's Moon" Size: 1.41" Price: SOLD ::
Caged Planet Size: 1.23 Price: SOLD
:: "Caged Planet" Size: 1.23" Price: SOLD ::
Saturn's Hot Cousin Size: 1.43 Price: SOLD
:: "Saturn's Hot Cousin" Size: 1.43" Price: SOLD ::
Fire Within and Without Size: 1.25 Price: SOLD
:: "Fire Within and Without" Size: 1.25" Price: SOLD ::