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Shane Caswell Marbles For Sale

I have loved Shane Caswell's marbles for a long, long time and I am happy to sell some of them here now. Shane is one of the original dot stacking kings, with the tightest dot stacking and pinwheeling around at the time (back in the early 2000's). There really wasn't anybody else doing work as ultra tight and controlled as he was back then. He once told me that he was really anal about the details in his marbles and said he just couldn't help it, and I said that I wished ALL marble artists were as anal about the details, ha ha. All of the great ones are, actually, and that's what makes them great if you ask me, that attention to precise, controlled detail in the glass, everything lined up, perfectly smooth surfaces and nice round marbles. Gotta love it, and Shane is one of the best!

Another thing I love about Shane's work is the colors he is able to coax out of the glass. He always turns out these milky smooth colors that are oh so pleasant on the eyes, and I DIG it! I think 'elegance' is the best way to describe those super clean backsides he gets. Shane also loves to incorporate various millies into his designs, flowers and fish, sometimes Grateful Dead icons, really fun stuff.

If you don't have some of Shane's work, you'll want to add it to your collection. He's one of my favorite artists and I think he'll be one of yours as well!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#2: Fish Bowl  Size: 1.68  Price: $190
:: #2: "Fish Bowl" Size: 1.68" Price: $190 ::
#5: The Plunge in Our Stars Size: 1.17 Price: $175
:: #5: "The Plunge in Our Stars" Size: 1.17" Price: $175  ::
#7: Diving for Camellia Size: 1.99 Price: $240
:: #7: "Diving for Camellia" Size: 1.99" Price: $240 ::
#10: Spring Path Size: 1.08 Price: $35
:: #10: "Spring Path" Size: 1.08" Price: $35 ::
#15: Atom Glasser Size: 1.69 Price: $235
:: #15: "Atom Glasser" Size: 1.69" Price: $235  ::
#16: Heart of Gold Size: 1.49 Price: $190
:: #16: "Heart of Gold" Size: 1.49" Price: $190  ::
#17: Gemwell Size: 1.23 Price: $95
:: #17: "Gemwell" Size: 1.23" Price: $95  ::
#18: Marble Germinator Size: 1.42 Price: $210
:: #18: "Marble Germinator" Size: 1.42" Price: $210  ::
#19: Secret Spark Size: 1.27 Price: $150
:: #19: "Secret Spark" Size: 1.27" Price: $150  ::
Funnel Flair Size: 1.55 Price: SOLD
:: "Funnel Flair" Size: 1.55" Price: SOLD ::
Jeweler's Prize Size: 1.15 Price: SOLD
:: "Jeweler's Prize" Size: 1.15" Price: SOLD ::
Rose Diver Down Size: 1.58 Price: SOLD
:: "Rose Diver Down" Size: 1.58" Price: SOLD  ::
Bear's Choice Size: 1.36 Price: SOLD
:: "Bear's Choice" Size: 1.36" Price: SOLD ::
Gemstone Cauldron Size: 1.55 Price: SOLD
:: "Gemstone Cauldron" Size: 1.55" Price: SOLD ::
Super Smooth Size: 1.66 Price: SOLD
:: "Super Smooth" Size: 1.66" Price: SOLD  ::
Monarch Kingdom Size: 1.57 Price: SOLD
:: "Monarch Kingdom" Size: 1.57" Price: SOLD ::
Scalegance Size: 1.46 Price: SOLD
:: "Scalegance" Size: 1.46" Price: SOLD  ::
American Skully Size: 1.07 Price: SOLD
:: "American Skully" Size: 1.07" Price: SOLD ::
Smooth Engine Size: 2.28 Price: SOLD
:: "Smooth Engine" Size: 2.28" Price: SOLD ::
Boardwalk Creamery Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Boardwalk Creamery" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Tre'  Size: 2.15  Price: SOLD
:: "Tre'" Size: 2.15" Price: SOLD ::