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John Bridges Marbles and Pendants For Sale

I am so proud to represent the fabulous glass marble artistry of John Bridges! John is not your average marble maker, as every work of art he creates is filled with imagination and fluidity. John loves to create a sense of movement in his work, and his marbles always look like they're dancing. It's a beautiful concept, considering that glass is simply a liquid that has solidified into a temporarily solid state. John is a very cerebral artist, always putting a lot of thought into the work he creates, and what the glass is saying after his work has been completed.

I love John's work - if you get some of his art in your hands, I guarantee you will as well!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#45: Kung fu Clarity  Size: 1.57  Price: $520
:: #45: "Kung fu Clarity" Size: 1.57" Price: $520 ::
#46: The Carnival's Back Alley  Size: 1.76  Price: $630
:: #46: "The Carnival's Back Alley" Size: 1.76" Price: $630 ::
Dimensionoscopy  Size: 1.35  Price: SOLD
:: "Dimensionoscopy" Size: 1.35" Price: SOLD  ::
The Nuclear Oracle  Size: 1.27  Price: SOLD
:: "The Nuclear Oracle" Size: 1.27" Price: SOLD ::
The Launch of the Titanic  Size: 1.44  Price: SOLD
:: "The Launch of the Titanic" Size: 1.44" Price: SOLD  ::
The Buddha in the Storm-Tossed Vessel  Size: 1.49  Price: SOLD
:: "The Buddha in the Storm-Tossed Vessel" Size: 1.49" Price: SOLD ::
Skyship Cometh Size: 1.64 Price: SOLD
:: "Skyship Cometh" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Empire and Dissent Size: 2.08 Price: SOLD
:: "Empire and Dissent" Size: 2.08" Price: SOLD ::
Full of Grace Size: 1.99 Price: SOLD
:: "Full of Grace" Size: 1.99" Price: SOLD ::
Farewell to the Moon Size: 1.97 Price: SOLD
:: "Farewell to the Moon" Size: 1.97" Price: SOLD ::
I Saw an Open Green Land Size: 1.61 Price: SOLD
:: "I Saw an Open Green Land" Size: 1.61" Price: SOLD ::
Tactile Entanglement Size: 1.80 Price: SOLD
:: "Tactile Entanglement" Size: 1.80" Price: SOLD ::
Jewel Thief Mystery Solved Size: 2.03 Price: SOLD
:: "Jewel Thief Mystery Solved" Size: 2.03" Price: SOLD ::
Time Distills Size: 1.57 Price: SOLD
:: "Time Distills" Size: 1.57" Price: SOLD ::
Boy in the Clouds Size: 1.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Boy in the Clouds" Size: 1.90" Price: SOLD ::
Meet Me at the Cherry Tree at Midnight Size: 1.82 Price: SOLD
:: "Meet Me at the Cherry Tree at Midnight" Size: 1.82" Price: SOLD ::
The Cherished Memory Size: 1.94 Price: SOLD
:: "The Cherished Memory" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD ::
The Ringleader's Precious Key Size: 1.61 Price: SOLD
:: "The Ringleader's Precious Key" Size: 1.61" Price: SOLD ::
The Path of Heavenly Upheaval Size: 1.79 Price: SOLD
:: "The Path of Heavenly Upheaval" Size: 1.79" Price: SOLD ::
The Ghost at Garden Gate, Part 2 Size: 2.42 Price: SOLD
:: "The Ghost at Garden Gate, Part 2" Size: 2.42" Price: SOLD ::
The Spring Dew Elixir Size: 1.40 Price: SOLD
:: "The Spring Dew Elixir" Size: 1.40" Price: SOLD ::
Pour Into Creation  Size: 1.68 Price: SOLD
:: "Pour Into Creation" Size: 1.68" Price: SOLD ::
The Magic Traveler Size: 1.44 Price: SOLD
:: "The Magic Traveler" Size: 1.44" Price: SOLD ::
The Mad Professor's Plasma Ball Size: 1.74 Price: SOLD
:: "The Mad Professor's Plasma Ball" Size: 1.74" Price: SOLD ::
Gunner in the Grass Size: 1.67 Price: SOLD
:: "Gunner in the Grass" Size: 1.67" Price: SOLD ::
Sorry, I Left My Brain in Miami Size: 1.75 Price: SOLD
:: "Sorry, I Left My Brain in Miami" Size: 1.75" Price: SOLD ::
The Ghost at Garden Gate Size: 1.86 Price: SOLD
:: "The Ghost at Garden Gate" Size: 1.86" Price: SOLD ::
I Wavered at the Cusp Size: 1.73 Price: SOLD
:: "I Wavered at the Cusp" Size: 1.73" Price: SOLD ::
The Doorman's Dark Dreams Size: 1.63 Price: SOLD
:: "The Doorman's Dark Dreams" Size: 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Flush With Nectar Size: 1.35 Price: SOLD
:: "Flush With Nectar" Size: 1.35" Price: SOLD ::
The Good Clerk Has a Secret Size: 1.53 Price: SOLD
:: "The Good Clerk Has a Secret" Size: 1.53" Price: SOLD ::
A Science of Conjuring Size: 1.59 Price: SOLD
:: "A Science of Conjuring" Size: 1.59" Price: SOLD ::
Tomorrow Will Bring the Answer Size: 1.63 Price: SOLD
:: "Tomorrow Will Bring the Answer" Size: 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Tectonic Shift and a Poor Night's Rest Size: 1.51 Price: SOLD
:: "Tectonic Shift and a Poor Night's Rest" Size: 1.51" Price: SOLD ::
The Other Side Calls Size: 1.88 Price: SOLD
:: "The Other Side Calls" Size: 1.88" Price: SOLD ::
The Blood Moon Size: 1.65 Price: SOLD
:: "The Blood Moon" Size: 1.65" Price: SOLD ::
The Fragile Pulse Size: 1.88 Price: SOLD
:: "The Fragile Pulse" Size: 1.88" Price: SOLD ::
Escaping the Coil Size: 1.85 Price: SOLD
:: "Escaping the Coil" Size: 1.85" Price: SOLD ::
Forgot To Tell Ya Size: 1.45 Price: SOLD
:: "Forgot To Tell Ya" Size: 1.45" Price: SOLD ::
Winter Grove  Size: 1.96  Price: SOLD
:: "Winter Grove" Size: 1.96" Price: SOLD ::
I Flew West Size: 1.34 Price: SOLD
:: "I Flew West" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD ::
Greenie Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Greenie" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD ::
 A World Breathed Upon Size: 1.84 Price: SOLD
::  "A World Breathed Upon" Size: 1.84" Price: SOLD ::
Seeing is Believing Size: 1.57 Price: SOLD
:: "Seeing is Believing" Size: 1.57" Price: SOLD ::
Here's Lookin' At You Kid Size: 1.50 Price: SOLD
:: "Here's Lookin' At You Kid" Size: 1.50" Price: SOLD ::
Crash Landing Size: 1.80 Price: SOLD
:: "Crash Landing" Size: 1.80" Price: SOLD ::