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Tiny Female Teacup Pomsky

Mighty Mouse is the smallest Pomsky you'll ever see. I think she'll only grow to be 6 lbs.

She is 1/8th Husky. Her mother is Pomeranian, and father is a very small Pomsky who is Husky.

She was born May 4th and is now ready to leave home. She's had her first two sets of shots and has been dewormed twice and checked by the vet and comes with her vet documents.

She is very friendly and the cutest little thing you will ever see. Her nose will get longer as she gets older so she will look like a (very) little fox. She's good with cats and kids and people and other dogs, and she stands up well for herself with puppies 4 times her size.

Mighty Mouse is $2,500. She's still so tiny that she easily fits into a pocket. She's so small that you can easily take her anywhere with you, and she'll be very comfortable in a purse or small backpack so you can transport her anywhere, including sneaking her into the mall, and restaurants.

You might not realize just how small she is because when I photograph her I zoom right in until she fills the screen but she is TINY!

Included with these puppies is a ton of great puppy supplies including pee pads and three different kinds of rawhide chew treats and a bag of pig ears and a couple of bags of (expensive) great Benny Bully freeze dried liver training treats that puppies LOVE. I'll also give you, if you want, a solid pair of nail clippers, and a great quality metal comb with an ergonomic handle - to keep them neat. I'll give you a collar with a bell on it to reduce the chance they'll get stepped on, and a tiny Kong tennis ball that squeaks when you squeeze it, and 3 small squeaker toys that you can carry in your pocket to get their attention (and get them to look at the camera when you want to take their picture). And I've got a great bird toy to give you that makes lots of noise every time the puppies move it. I can also give you 60 disposable puppy waste bags, and other great dog supplies as well, including a great stainless steel food bowl.

I'm in downtown Toronto right on top of a subway entrance near Bloor Street. (My phone is a LAND LINE - so I can't text you. Email is the best way to reach me to arrange a visit or call me just before you are actually ready to visit.)

Email me to get my address, or to ask simple questions.

(Note: I'm going to try to finally get my TorontoPomsky website online soon (but when I have a choice between doing the WORK of writing a website - or going out with the puppies to take photos of them in the park - I always make the choice that is more like play. :) But I've got hundreds of cute photos of the puppies for you to see.)
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