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Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway History

History of the Tennessee State Fair
Fairgrounds 1/4 Mile Racing
Fairgrounds 1/4 Mile Racing
Nashville Racing History
Nashville Racing History
Malcomb Brady and Eddie Mitchell Crash  July 21,1963
Malcomb Brady and Eddie Mitchell Crash July 21,1963
Neil Bonnett Southern Swing 200 Nashville 1982 Nicky Formosa in his first late model stock car  ride at Nashville in the Charlie Chamblee #2 Plymouth 1987 1963 400 Tiny Lund crash Marty Robbins 777 Devil Woman Late Model Sportsman Lineup
Darrell Waltrip, Richard Petty, Cale Yarbrough, Buddy Baker, Bobby Allison, Jim Donoho and David Pearson Charlie Binkley's crash while leading the Southern 300 1972 1963 Nashville 400 Tiny Lund crash Nicky Formosa  Winner 1985 Richard Petty 1962
Neil Bonnett F-97 Red Farmer 1961 Joie Chitwood's Thrill Show Tennessee State Fairgrounds 1955 Tony Formosa Sr. April 1956
Darrell Waltrip in P. B.'s car. Freddy Fryar in the P B Crowell Racing 48  Fairground Speedway at Nashville 1964 Jimmy Griggs 1969 1963 400 Tiny Lund crash.
Driver Coo Coo Marlin Nicky Formosa, Andy Kirby, Chad Chaffin and Dorris Vaughn at Highland Rim Red Farmer after crash. Charlie Binkley in the Track of Thunder movie. 1966 Sterling Marlin 1977 Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway
Tiny Lund 1963 Jimmy Griggs 709 Herb Lewis 707 Crash Bond 42 Charlie Binkley #25 PBR-Falls City Beer car. R.C. Alexander and Jimmy Griggs 1967 Nashville 400 Nascar Grand National 1967
Darrell Waltrip Charlie Binkley's crash while leading the Southern 300 1972 James Ham 88 Nicky Formosa, Andy Kirby, and Harry Gant at the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Flagman Maxey Grubbs Highland Rim Speedway Bobby Allison Winner
Richard Petty 1969 Nashville 400 Dale Earnhardt at Nashville 1966 Friday Hassler wreck. Jimmy Griggs Harpeth Motor Co. #84 Southern 300 1967 Charles Higdon 4 and Bobby Walker 24
Red Farmer and Hope Hines Red Farmer and Hope Hines. News Channel 5 1971 1966 LD Ottinger spin. Orange Blossom Special James Hamm Fast Freddy Fryar
Red Farmer in R C Alexander's car. Preacher Hamilton, Marty Robbins, and Bud Hamilton 1958 Darrell Waltrip 95 1966 Marty Robbins Nashville Red Farmer & Friday Hassler
Bob Burcham Driver Coo Coo Marlin's first Cup car at Nashville. H.B. Cunningham,  (unkown), Coo Coo & Ula Faye Marlin, Tennessee Gov. Winfield Dunn, Bill Donoho, (unknown), Jim Donoho Dale Earnhardt in the TFR #80 Chevrolet Billy McRae crash 1969
NASCAR driver Dick Hutcherson Charlie Binkley Dale Earnhardt and Tony Formosa Jr 1988 Walter Wallace and Charlie McGee 1967 1970 Nashville 420 Wendell Scott
Dale Earnhardt @ Nashville L D Ottinger 300-lap late model race sanctioned by MARC 1961 Bob Hunley 99 Freddy Fryar  winning the Southern 300. 1967
Nashville 400 starting grid 1963 Darrell Waltrip Flameless 300 1967 1970 420 Sue Cothron Miss STP and Judy Frensley. 1969 400 Richard Petty Ford Darrell Waltrip and Judy Frensley
Charley Binkley and Walter Wallace 1967 Jimmy Griggs in the P B Crowell Racing #48 Flookie Buford Team Otis Deck Jr 43 Darrell Waltrip's first race at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway 1968
Nashville 420 J D McDuffie #70. 1970 Charlie Binkley 25 Falls City 1966 Chevelle Jimmy Griggs and Bill Dyer April 17 1964  Bullet  Bob Reuther (44) Malcolm Brady after crash.
Sterling Marlin and Nicky Formosa  Fairgrounds Speedway 1988 P.B. Crowell 47 1961  Victory lane with Nashville Mayor Beverly Briley Permatex 400 1974 Bobby Allison Tubro Blue 81
Jimmy Griggs 1962 Art Ellis 1971 Richard Petty at Nashville Stan Starr Racing Jerry Long 33
Coo Coo Marlin 711 Jimmy Griggs Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway 1969 Nicky Formosa at Nashville Driver Coo Coo Marlin battles the car driven by Bob Hunley 1964 Southern 300 1967
James Ham 22 Knock-out race Tony Formosa Jr. in the 80 car. David Sisco 15 Nicky Formosa #81 Marty Robbins and Preacher Hamilton
J. W. Carlisle and Darrell  Waltrip Tennessee State Fairgrounds 1990. Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville 1971 Southern 300 Morgan Shepard 1973
Joe Carver and the Racestoppers. 1970  Labor Day 100 1961 Malcolm Brady 88 Jimmy Griggs 709 Late Model Sportsman James Ham #29 and Jimmy Griggs #84
Tony Formosa Sr.  carrying a severly injured, Doc Norris. Roller Coaster 1969 Boyd Adams Late Model Sportsman #45 Jimmy Smutt Means Richard Petty 1967
Freddy Fryar Southern 300 1967 Charlie Binkley's Pit Crew Donnie Allison 1965 1966 Hamilton Hassler Farmer Hunley wreck Jimmy Griggs 709
1961 Flookie Burford Coo Coo Marlin Sterling Marlin and Uncle Jack Marlin 10th annual Nashville 400 1967
Jack Ingram  #11 Charlie Pearish #68 1959 Jim Reed Chevrolet Offical Pace Car Fairgrounds Speedway Night of Champions Malcolm Brady 88 Ken Binkley Signs
Driver David Dayton (87) 1967 Bobby Isaac 1970 420 Nicky Formosa Wins The All-American 400 Newt Moore 48 Crash Bond 26
Dale Earnhardt Charlie Binkley in the Cunningham-Kelley #125 Chevrolet Freddy Fryar 1969 Southern 300 Jeff Purvis and Nicky Formosa Darrell Waltrip, Track Champion Nicky Formosa, and Joe Carver at Nashville
Nicky Formosa and Gill Martin after win at Nashville WalterWallace Charles Binkley and The Rat 1967 Dale Earnhardt  Nashville 1988 Mike Binkley 1970
L. J. Hampton 97  Southern 300 1967 Charlies Higdon 4 and L. J. Hampton 97 10th annual Nashville 400 1967 Darel  Dieringer Bennie Goodman, Alvin G. Beaman , Bill Donoho, Jimmy Griggs, Herb Lewis, and Bob Reuther.
James Veach 5 Ben Pruitt 01 Jack Marlin 1965 Jimmy Griggs Forrest Prince and Coo Coo Marlin 711
Nicky Formosa 31 Shoneys Car 1988 Binkley Racing Family Malcolm Brady  1961 Steve Cavanah Jr and Neil Bonnett Driver Jim Paschal checks out his tire
Victory Lane Fairgroungs Speedway Nashville Jim Paschal August 5 1962 Darrell Waltrip Carl Lane 27 1967 Binkley Racing 1968
1958 Fairgrounds Malcolm Brady after crash. Bobby Celsor L J Hampton 1966 Nashville Speedway Bobby Hamilton James Ham crash turn 3.
Coo Coo Marlin 96 THE SCORE BOARD 1958 Fairgrounds after crash. Malcolm Brady 88 Jim and Bill Donoho Charlie Binkley 1962 427 Chevy
1966 James Veach wreck. Roy, Ken, and John Brinkley 1970 (or later). Richard Petty 1969 Nashville 400 (Left to Right) Flookie Buford, Billy McRae, Ben Pruitt, Buddy Baker, Paul Goldsmith, Pete Hamilton, and Lee Roy Yarbrough Red Farmer Forrest Prince and Boyd Adams
Hope Hines Nicky in ACRA race at Nashville Carl Lane 27 Charlie Higdon 4 Ben Pruitt #85 Harpeth Motors Ford
Nicky Formosa and Dave Mader Little Joe  Mangram 1962 Stan Starr Studebaker Drivers Bob Reuther & Marty Robbins 1961 Kenneth Wiser,Walter Wallace, and Charlie McGee. 1967 Points Champions
Buck Baker Fairgrounds Speedway (early 60's) 1975 Nicky Formosa Bob Hunley 99 50
Dennis Wiser Steve Cavanah , Nashville Fairgroumds Speedway. 1991 Red Farmer 1959 Nashville 400 Jimmy Griggs September 13 1967
Tony Formosa Winner Johnnie Jones flip, turn one on the 1/4 mile. Ronnie Baucom Nicky Formosa and Gill Martin after win at Nashville Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway 1952
1966 Ronnie Muller wreck Nashville High Bank Track 1969 Marty Robbins 1965 Autographs Lee Roy Yarbrough 1970
Otis Deck Jr 43 and Joe Carver Cale and Bobby 1974 Driver James Hylton 1958 Fairgrounds Malcomb Brady 1966 IMCA sprint car race pace lap.
1970 Nashville 420 Grandstands Charlie Binkley 1970 Steve Cavanah Bobby Allison 1970 Tony Formosa Racing 1988
1970 420 drivers meeting. Tennessee State Fairgrounds Speedway 1970 Flameless 300 Charlie Binkley 125 Herb Lewis 3L Nicky Formosa
Benny Goodman March 29 1961 Leigh Shacklett, Katie Haas, Dana Formosa and Denise Valentine Otis Deck Jr 43 Charles Stofel 87 Gary Binlley
fairgrounds speedway 1990.jpg Nicky Formosa Jimmy Griggs 709 The life of Wiley 1970 420 James Hylton crash.
Pure Firebird Super  LD Ottinger spin. 1966 Walter Wallace Jack Marlin Eddie Mitchell 348
Gill Martin TFR Nicky Formosa 81 1966 Front straight during anthem. 1965 Bobby Allison and Forrest Prince victory lane. Dorman Adams 74
Gary Binkley Dale Earnhardt  & Tony Formosa Jr. talking about Nashville set-up. Tony Formosa Racing 1975 1962 Checkered flag David Sisco
Johnny Thoni 53 Bob Reuther 44 Benny Parsons Wins 1984  Champion - Harold Ferguson Friday Hassler 15
Ken Binkley at work. Roy Brinkley William Jones & Bobby Celsor 1970 420 Joe Carver and Bobby Isaac victory lane. Dale Earnhardt  @ the fairgrounds 1990
Bill Morton 01 Bobby Celsor 84 Flookie Buford Bobby Hunley Andy Kirby 70 and Tony Formosa 98
Fallcity48DW Charley Binkley story of the #125 Woody Fisher Driver Bill Morton Built by Preacher Hamilton 44
Jimmy Griggs 84 1970 Flameless Bill Morton Nashville 400 1959 Pappy Davenport Pee Wee Johnson 19
Friday Hassler Roy Binkley Malcolm Brady and Herb Lewis 1961 1967 Champions George Bennett, Paul Ryman, & Coo Coo Marlin Jimmy Griggs April 11 1955
1958 Johnny Thoni Tony Formosa Jr.Win A protest by George Bennett on Rod Stillings September 4, 1969 1958 Fairgrounds Malcolm Brady 88 1966 Spin in turn 1 Car 100
Standings Charlie Parrish 68 1969 Nashville 400 Joe Weatherly new car race 1959
Stock Car Races Johnnie Jones flip at the fairgrounds. Sonny Upchurch 80 Vending Stand 1969 nashville fairgrounds speedway 1960
Bond, Roberts, Reuther, and Brady. Jimmy Griggs 1968 Tennessee State Fairgrounds 1936 1966 Spin in turn 1 Car 100 Johnnie Jones 79
Tennessee State Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway-1911 1961 Bobby Celsor 1982 National Speed Sport News Sprint Car Race 1949
Judges Stand Nicky Formosa  31 Binkley Bros. Racing Frank Reed 1955 1949 Mystery car.
Midget at Parthenon 1955 Nashville Speedways Nashville Speedway newsletter Pat Kirkwood 5033-06 Open Comp_resize.jpg DSC02946.JPG
89263300.TgS3SLfg.jpg Randy Hulsey and Jeff Belt 2012 DSCF6079.JPG DSCF6040.JPG img130.jpg