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Daniel Beams | profile | all galleries >> People and Places around Bolivia >> Tarabuco, Bolivia tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Tarabuco, Bolivia

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To learn more about our work in South America visit _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tarabuco is a regional market town about 60 kilometers from Sucre, Bolivia. It is a popular tourist destination on Sunday mornings when the weekly market takes place. Indigenous quechua residents descend to Tarabuco to sell produce and artisan goods to fellow Bolivians and tourists alike. I visited on two different Sundays in 2008. In January I came with my buddy Keith, and later in May I came by bicycle with my son Nathaniel.
Tarabuco Vista Chewing Coca Watching Sheep
On the Road to Tarabuco Shy Shepherdess in Tarabuco Selling Pots
On the Road to Tarabuco 2 Tarabuco Textile Seller Tarabuco Market Chiles
t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91594978.EqVUJlYx.jpg t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91595011.JDkIJcJL.jpg Tarabuco Cyclist
t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91611264.uxUYhBxk.jpg Heading Home in Tarabuco Waiting at the Door
Bargaining Catching on the News Tarabuco Colors
Mochilas t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91681350.c85jBsry.jpg t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91684933.OH69oHte.jpg
t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91702525.jN2ocI6P.jpg t4%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f91750832.o02hhKyV.jpg Tarabuco Salesman
Sunday Ice Cream Cone Waiting on Mom Tarabuco Door Detail
Wheelbarrow Full t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99294516.sujd8ebW.jpg t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99294703.m3Ycxd7d.jpg
t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295241.w1ol7i1c.jpg Waiting on the Truck Tarabuco
Tarabuco Hilltop Tarabuco Street t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295405.KSIkMZ5c.jpg
t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295415.Bl8ELehd.jpg t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295421.OMHdfAgh.jpg t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295438.ivNnmx7F.jpg
t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295510.dGWKHNv1.jpg t5%2f28%2f527328%2f4%2f99295514.oeck9QB4.jpg