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There are some instances where I've taken a little creative license by callng them "portraits." They were just too cute not to include them. For largest viewin, click on "Original" below a photo. All subsequent photos will be shown that size. Whatever size you choose stays as the current "default." Also, you can toggle the F11 key to maximize monitor viewing area.
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Eten 8x TER_7354 Jones FLX_0977 Jones FLX_0969 McKay AOC_1908 McKay AOC_1903
McKay AOC_1906 Donoghue 8x10 ADA_6541 Bullock 5x7 ADA_6530 Bullock 5x7 ADA_6531 Bullock 11x14 ADA_6533
St. John SBD_1562 St. John SBD_1560 Halperin 8x10 Laminated Plaque IZ5_6020 Reitmeyer 8x10 Laminated Plaque IZ5_6539 McNelis BAY_5567
McNelis BAY_5563 Lady BSR_4911.jpg Rubyrose BSR_4907.jpg SCA_5790.jpg BSR_0499
BSR_0495 BSR_0490 Walsh photo for mini throw Klein Mousepad DRK_5674 Beiermeister 8x10 BSR_6177 Frand CPE_0068 Frand CPE_0032 Frand CPE_0010 Magee BSR_2201
Romano BSR_2227 Chardavoyne ADU_2190 Madaio BSR_0674a Madaio BSR_0674b Madaio BSR_0663
Capurso AOC_1769 Mihalcik ADA_4915 Mihalcik ADA_4899 BSR_9432.jpg BSR_9437.jpg
Callahan SOC_9672 Malone BSR_9472 Aronson BSR_9437 Aronson BSR_9432 Cadran BSR_9510
Green BSR_9493.jpg Green BSR_9498 Green BSR_9495 Green BSR_9476 Guiheen TMC_5685
Bender MHK_2137 Bender MHK_2996 Conroy MHK_1590 Russo for 7.5x7.5 for frame SOC_9799 Russo for 7.5x7.5 frame SOC_9828
Levine SKY_7216 Friedwald SOC_7643 Friedwald SOC_7631 Friedwald SOC_7632 MOUNT SC3_1341.jpg
BSR_6836.jpg BRP_6274.jpg AOC_6135.jpg AOC_6133.jpg SC2_6473a.jpg
Tibbals SCa_9339a.jpg Tibbals SCA_9333 Donoghue SCA_4036 composite Johnson JGD_3754 w/text Warnock 7x10 Laminated Plaque ITZ_5858
Rainer MACH Spree STI_4296 Terry PLY_8780-89 composite Buckley PLY_9034 Robertson jockey photo TR2_5605 BSR_2743 with grass filled in :-)
Levine BSR_2752 Foster throw BSR_2772 Gibbons CAT_2949 Laminated Plaque Murray SC7_4001 Mischel SC7_4099
King SC7_4215 Wolbach SC7_4192 AOC_1631.jpg Wisner woven tote KEY_1915 Stein YA5_1369 with text
YA5_2526.jpg YA5_2546.jpg YA5_2539.jpg YA5_2551.jpg Goss 8x Black & White Laminated Plaque IZ5_6266
Ellis SC2_7000 BCK_5049a.jpg BCK_5043-44.jpg KNG_0165.jpg KNG_0147.jpg
KNG_0127.jpg KNG_0123.jpg KNG_0116.jpg Conroy SKY_7012 head only Conroy SKY_7012.jpg
Catts SKY_7013.jpg BSR_2318.JPG MHK_9565.jpg Donnarumma SCT_1980 Kuefler SC2_5457
Camp SC2_5401 Ayres SC2_5289 Nowlan SC2_5435 Nowlan SC2_5420 Nowlan SC2_5426
Nowlan 8x Laminated Plaque SC2_5430 Samuels Bounder JGD_4439 MACH Candi STI_8579 Zinna ST2_0688 Nolan PLY_6646
Fedick cairn crew in snow Stuurman PB9_5942.jpg Jones AD8_0239.jpg Jones AD8_0236.jpg Nelling FF9_2309.jpg
Nelling FF9_2305.jpg King AD8_0217.jpg Sutherland 20x10 FFL_5574 Kolesa composite FF5_9984-68 copy.jpg Plinck 8x10 plaque photo
Scavetta SK5_1939 digital only TMC_9632 proof.jpg 8x10 and digital TMC_9673 final proof.jpg 8x10 and digital TMC_9630 final proof.jpg 8x10 TMC_9693 portrait proof.jpg
8x10 TMC_9620 full body portrait proof.jpg 8x10 TMC_9614 portrait proof.jpg Wierzbicki TMC_9698 Collins TMC_9711 Goodall 16x20 TMC_9607
Goodall 8x10 TMC_9608 closeup Go Dino!  IZ5_0153a.jpg IT5_9738.jpg IZ5_9995.jpg IT5_9721.jpg
Reitmeyer 8x10 layered laminated plaque IT5_9752 Moloney-Harmon/Kimbal laminated plaque IZ5_9982 Nelling 8x10 IZ5_0051 Nelling 8x10 IZ5_0109 Nelling 8x10 IZ5_0095
Nelling 8x10 IZ5_0031 Nelling 8x10 IZ5_0017 Murdock 16x20 composite portrait Germ 8x10 Boxmount Laminate black matte - PL4_9429 Lechner Angel Portrait PB4_8228
deHaan family portrait ADC_4947 deHaan 8x10 family portrait ADC_4944 PLY_2677 PLY_2669 2 PLY_2718
PLY_2714 PLY_4100 PLY_4043 PLY_4013 PLY_4010
Composite PLY_4953/4063 SKY_2041.jpg SKY_2039.jpg SKY_2037.jpg SKY_2033.jpg
SKY_2032.jpg Chardavoyne SKY_2212 Luke w/text Lawless Bogey-Chip composite portrait SKY_2057-2093.jpg SKY_2022.jpg SKY_2023.jpg
SKY_2008.jpg CAC_4203.jpg Pranskat 8x10 Pranskat PB9_8717 Pranskat PB9_8704
Pranskat PB9_8698 Kienzle PB9_8658 Digit 8x10 3-photo montage Weissberg composite for throw SK5_7668.jpg
Theresa and Osimo portrait TCP_7001 Freckles portrait AD7_1256 Raffone Bubba and Scotty portrait TCP_7126 Raffone Scotty portrait TCP_7102 Raffone Scotty portrait TCP_7104
Raffone Scotty portrait TCP_7100 Raffone Bubba portait TCP_7113 Tumminello portrait JG6_1430 Clauss Blossom 8x10-SK5_7732 Koebler 8x10 Three dogs
Tyler portrait Pharrell portrait Maverick portrait Jimenez - Edited Photo for Full Size Throw George, Frasier and Niles
Acker Hobbs/Baloo Throw Pitrovich Rusty/Autumn Throw LaRoza 8x10 Fanok 11x14 Pap Portraits Clauss 8x10
Koebler SC4_8363 small gallery-wrapped tapestry Jamicki 8x10 Max portrait AD3_4310 St. John 8x10 Amaia portrait AD3_4359 SBD_0446.jpg Digit
Digit (full body) Trader Luna Smudge Fischer 5x7 Jada portrait AD3_4345
St. John 8x10 Urtzi portrait AD3_4352 Fischer 8x10 Jada portrait AD3_4350 Fischer 8x10 Billy portrait AD3_4337 Reiser 8x10 Risa portrait AD3_4327 DSC_3538.jpg
Tucker DSC_3503.jpg DSC_3473.jpg DSC_3655.jpg SCN_5980.JPG O' my darlin', Clementine
NEC_0069.JPG Chewbaca, on a break from Star Wars filming... DSC_5345 DSC_2035a.jpg DSC_2014a.jpg
DSC_1974a.jpg DSC_1964a.jpg Too darn cute, and she knows it! Brandi L'il Tucker
Our little Spirit, too darn cute! Muddy Spirit 5815.jpg Portrait 9521.jpg Blip 2.jpg Museum Title: Mother Holding Daughter and Flower
Fiona 9008 2.jpg MACH 0523.jpg Mother and Daughter dsc_0119 cropped.jpg DSC_0050 72.jpg
Sleep tight, Blip 2.jpg dsc_8986 2.jpg Pups 5 weeks - 042.jpg Mango 1993-2006 We miss you! Click on Post a Comment below to create a caption for this photo.

Click on "Post a Comment" below to create a caption for this photo.

Those eyes! Our Visiting Barred Owl Missing you... ART PRINT Our Sweet Jasper Art Print Skippy dry brush print
An afternoon snooze. dsc00144_0.jpg Gizmo is my name. Wanna make something of it? Alternate Tucker 2.jpg Cover girl
dsc_8085_0.jpg Old Blue Eyes Mango is a beauty. I want one of these! BRosen 7907 2.jpg
Derby 004 2.jpg Big Smile! Hmmmmmm. Jasper 6559 2.jpg Mango35 2.jpg
dsc_8072_0.jpg But she still has that smile! dsc_8087_0.jpg Please, not a close up! My hair's a mess! Posing for the camera.
Spirit is her name, born December 26, 2004.

Spirit is her name, born December 26, 2004.

dsc_7903_0.jpg dsc_7785_0.jpg dsc_7797_0.jpg Pups 5 weeks - 061.jpg
Pups 5 weeks - 049.jpg Pups 7 weeks - 067.jpg Pups 6 weeks - 011.jpg Pups at  6 weeks Pups 6 weeks - 062.jpg
Pups 6 weeks - 077.jpg Pups 5 weeks - 017.jpg Pups 4 weeks - 046.JPG Time to Choose 034.jpg Time to Choose 080.jpg
Time to Choose 081.jpg Best friends Man's Best Friend Art Print Dry Brush effect created using PhotoShop

Dry Brush effect created using PhotoShop

Isabelle Hawk portrait dsc_0002_0.jpg DSC_0130.jpg Mango in the wild.
Dogs love Maine, too. Can I have some water, please. dsc_0083_0.jpg dsc_0069_0.jpg dsc_0117_0.jpg
06 Tucker 2.jpg 2-27 001 2.jpg 8753 2.jpg Camille 8715 2.jpg Client photo 001 2.jpg
Cody 2.jpg DSC_0016 2.jpg DSC_0379 2.jpg DSC_0391b2.jpg DSC_6129 2.jpg
Derby 002a2.jpg Diamond - Always Happy FDI Fun-Games 6-04 081 2.jpg Isabelle 2.jpg Isabelle2a.jpg
Jasper 2.jpg Jasper 8072 2.jpg Jasper in Maine 015 2.jpg Jasper the zombie 2.jpg Kay and  Tucker 2.jpg
Kay and Baylee 2.jpg Kei 004 2.jpg Kei 038 2.jpg Kei 5X7 63 2.jpg Sabra.jpg
Laura 2.jpg Love 2.jpg Mary 061 2.jpg Mushroom family portrait 2.jpg Mushroom family portrait.jpg
NJ 4-03 040 2.jpg Sarah 117 2.jpg Spirit is  growing 2.jpg Tikva 2.jpg Time to Choose 074 2.jpg
Time to Choose 078.jpg Time to Choose 080.jpg bsleep 2.jpg derby 8800 2.jpg dsc_0255 2.jpg
dsc_5017 2.jpg dsc_5285 2.jpg dsc_5618 2.jpg dsc_6068 2.jpg dsc_6078 2.jpg
dsc_6557 2.jpg dsc_7755_0.jpg dsc_7783_0.jpg dsc_7785_0.jpg dsc_7789_0.jpg
dsc_7968 2.jpg dsc_7975 2.jpg dsc_8044 2.jpg dsc_8989 2.jpg lex 2.jpg
spirit mud 5816 2.jpg dsc_9919_0.jpg dsc_9920_0.jpg dsc_9923_0.jpg dsc_9931.jpg
dsc_9936_0.jpg Portrait 459.jpg dsc_0017_0.jpg This is actually a composite photo from several photos.  Hey, you try to keep 5 puppies calm enough to shoot a single photo portrait!

This is actually a composite photo from several photos. Hey, you try to keep 5 puppies calm enough to shoot a single photo portrait!

dsc_6418a_0.jpg dsc_6415a_0.jpg dsc_6452a_0.jpg DSC_1446.jpg
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