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There are some instances where I've taken a little creative license by callng them "portraits." They were just too cute not to include them. For largest viewin, click on "Original" below a photo. All subsequent photos will be shown that size. Whatever size you choose stays as the current "default." Also, you can toggle the F11 key to maximize monitor viewing area.
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Mellon 11x14 montage PCN_7073.jpg PCN_7072.jpg PCN_7069.jpg TM5_4418a.jpg
TM5_4416b.jpg Warnock 8x10 Laminated Plaque ITZ_7655 Mastrianni 11x14 STK_2269 Eten 8x TER_7354 Jones FLX_0977
Jones FLX_0969 McKay AOC_1908 McKay AOC_1903 McKay AOC_1906 Donoghue 8x10 ADA_6541
Bullock 5x7 ADA_6530 Bullock 5x7 ADA_6531 Bullock 11x14 ADA_6533 St. John SBD_1562 St. John SBD_1560
Halperin 8x10 Laminated Plaque IZ5_6020 Reitmeyer 8x10 Laminated Plaque IZ5_6539 McNelis BAY_5567 McNelis BAY_5563 Lady BSR_4911.jpg
Rubyrose BSR_4907.jpg SCA_5790.jpg BSR_0499 BSR_0495 BSR_0490
Walsh photo for mini throw Klein Mousepad DRK_5674 Beiermeister 8x10 BSR_6177 Frand CPE_0068
Frand CPE_0032 Frand CPE_0010 Magee BSR_2201 Romano BSR_2227 Chardavoyne ADU_2190
Madaio BSR_0674a Madaio BSR_0674b Madaio BSR_0663 Capurso AOC_1769 Mihalcik ADA_4915
Mihalcik ADA_4899 BSR_9432.jpg BSR_9437.jpg Callahan SOC_9672 Malone BSR_9472
Aronson BSR_9437 Aronson BSR_9432 Cadran BSR_9510 Green BSR_9493.jpg Green BSR_9498
Green BSR_9495 Green BSR_9476 Guiheen TMC_5685 Bender MHK_2137 Bender MHK_2996
Conroy MHK_1590 Russo for 7.5x7.5 for frame SOC_9799 Russo for 7.5x7.5 frame SOC_9828 Levine SKY_7216 Friedwald SOC_7643
Friedwald SOC_7631 Friedwald SOC_7632 MOUNT SC3_1341.jpg BSR_6836.jpg BRP_6274.jpg
AOC_6135.jpg AOC_6133.jpg SC2_6473a.jpg Tibbals SCa_9339a.jpg Tibbals SCA_9333
Donoghue SCA_4036 composite Johnson JGD_3754 w/text Warnock 7x10 Laminated Plaque ITZ_5858 Rainer MACH Spree STI_4296 Terry PLY_8780-89 composite
Buckley PLY_9034 Robertson jockey photo TR2_5605 BSR_2743 with grass filled in :-) Levine BSR_2752 Foster throw BSR_2772
Gibbons CAT_2949 Laminated Plaque Murray SC7_4001 Mischel SC7_4099 King SC7_4215 Wolbach SC7_4192
AOC_1631.jpg Wisner woven tote KEY_1915 Stein YA5_1369 with text YA5_2526.jpg YA5_2546.jpg
YA5_2539.jpg YA5_2551.jpg Goss 8x Black & White Laminated Plaque IZ5_6266 Ellis SC2_7000 BCK_5049a.jpg
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