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 Kehr azaleas...

Dr August E "Augie" Kehr (1914-2001) was a kind, sharing, gentle person, and a world-renowned plant scientist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with special interests in azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias. These are the azaleas he bred and/or introduced.

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'Anna Kehr'
'Bob Hill' ('R-14', 'Kehr's R14')
'Cream Ruffles'
'Flat Rock Red'
'Great Expectations'
'Harold Epstein'
'Janet Flick'
'Kehr's Moonbeam' (627-8A x 'Green Glow') [Ed.: Named by Augie's daughter Janet Flick, and now being sold by Nuccio's Nursery in Altadena CA]
'King's Red' ('King Red'*)
'Mary Lou Kehr'
'Memory of Fred Galle' ('Fred Galle')
'Shin-sekai' ('Cream Perfection', 'Old Ivory', 'Shin Seikai'*, 'Wilson #3') [Ed.: Augie registered this as 'Cream Perfection' in error. He was embarrassed by that, and learned that a registration cannot be undone.]
('Triumph' x 'Banko' x 'Mariko') [Ed.: discarded, grown on by a friend]
('Triumph' x 'Banko' x 'Mariko 734') [Ed.: discarded, grown on by a friend]
'White Rosebud' ('Kehr's White Rosebud')

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