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Flowers always a beauty always a favourite. I enjoy taking photos of flowers... but you wont find many in my garden.. Im too busy out and about taking photos.

Thanks for enjoying these images.

Lotus The ROSE A rose 2012-01-29 14.54.11.jpg
Echinacea IMG_4906a.jpg IMG_5066a.jpg IMG_5048a.jpg
IMG_5033a.jpg IMG_5031z.jpg IMG_5022a.jpg IMG_4989a.jpg
IMG_4977a.jpg IMG_4976a.jpg IMG_4975a.jpg IMG_4950a.jpg
IMG_4945a.jpg IMG_4911a.jpg IMG_4904a.jpg Pansy
Echinacea Pansy t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f134160504.tUtgsqtQ.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f134160500.nb7a2UMc.jpg
t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f134160497.BMC2VNUX.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f134160492.1RA8f1zq.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883076.hJ2GRxtN.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883074.5qCQVuUn.jpg
t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883072.d8oUibjW.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883070.sL5DdYDh.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883066.pN6pYkSK.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f133883060.gVm9DDfk.jpg
IMG_5010aaa.jpg t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f132601873.3Q5HJfw0.jpg All alone... t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825740.dmxJJ1dD.jpg
IMG_0817aaa.jpg IMG_0724aaa.jpg t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825718.B4II9kCv.jpg IMG_0870aaa.jpg
t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825730.aDNamHZy.jpg Pink and white t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825727.Y8EUMUBB.jpg I
t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825725.bs4lmtHe.jpg t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825724.PHDr7E47.jpg t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825722.wAaUD1nT.jpg Pink flower at kings
t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825716.m33wCUS7.jpg t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825714.gt8Stx92.jpg In the pink t4%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f132601258.pUHbOus3.jpg
Softly yellow... Mellow Yellow Tulip Echinacea
Flower 6. Flower 7 Yellow flower 2 Yellow flower 1.
Yellow flower with bee Floating above Springtime In Janices Garden
Floating. Spring Pink Rose Spring Daisy Feather Flower.
Through the bathroom window. t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825729.LDJdUrvP.jpg t1%2f94%2f755894%2f4%2f131825728.DocrGaLM.jpg Lily.
Water Lily.. White Lily Spring blossoms. Spring time.
Daffodils Buds Kowhai blooms. Magnolia-Bud
Seeing double. Pink flower. Pink Tulip. Last Days of a Clematis.
Spring Bloom. Orange Bloom. Spring Blooms Red Tulip.
Tulip. Red Tulip 2. Colour warp. Beachcomber.
Morning  Glow Untitled. Flower head. Giant Tropical Flower.
Flower in Purple. Iris. Purple flowers at wintergarden Flower in Pink.
And the fly said to the rose. In the Pink. In the Pink 1. In the Pink 2.
In the Pink 3. In the Pink 4 Lovely Red flower at the Wintergarden. Tulips at wintergarden.
Plant 1. Plant 2. Plant 5. Flower at Twin Lakes
182. Rangitoto. White Christmas. White Christmas 3
2 White Christmas. New Zealand Christmas Tree - Pohutakawa. 2 New Zealand Christmas Tree - Pohutakawa. 4 New Zealand Christmas Tree - Pohutakawa.