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Cambodia 2007

I flew into Siem Reap and spent February 8-13, 2007 exploring Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples.

Angkor Wat is the mamma of all temples. I had heard that I would forever be disappointed in other temples after seeing this one. It was amazing. The size of Angkor Wat was huge, but mostly what I found to be a surprise was how massive the Angkor Temples were in all. I spent 3 days exploring all day, with only a lunch break, and I could barely finish the few that I fit in. I recommend to anyone going- to buy the week pass and enjoy.
Angkor Wat t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132658.JcDCKxZ7.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132683.O9LJf8IN.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132668.BNK1A5cz.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132823.Ehdz2Gd0.jpg
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132872.NKLQcbor.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76038853.g60qgzl7.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76038921.rZEnPJyX.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75132944.TI1zCWXV.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133106.YVIaV10j.jpg
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133063.Z1GRtwQJ.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133029.AM3mvOkG.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133117.6ePMSJ2E.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133138.SvpKrc2g.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133207.zWpD39EH.jpg
the lions t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133300.xAPVKACF.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133692.e33c770U.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75133713.TH7Op8MR.jpg fun for tourists
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f74559864.qhDZmmZx.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f74559622.Q8gyTAce.jpg a god holding the Naga the Asuras t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f74559635.EKlGTVt3.jpg
Everyone Loves an Asian Boy The Bayon t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75131884.gxslEMGq.jpg colors of Preah Khan t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75130668.C8Q4Acve.jpg
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76011574.CkKBq3V9.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75130842.PoKsUqVa.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75130898.xyFQgtvO.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75131002.ywnphvCG.jpg Phnom Bakheng
view from Phnom Bakheng Ta Som t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105466.ZGnUDot3.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105473.AwrjdKRY.jpg Ta Prohm
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105314.A4julZQ1.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76038427.i9XaHL8c.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105317.wCIMKToh.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105386.U22qXlbb.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75105389.0zl1fk9Y.jpg
t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76011252.n7Lz27J2.jpg t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f76038461.kboK7IqY.jpg bathroom wisdom t6%2f19%2f618919%2f4%2f75134424.Iu3gvmJL.jpg  we don't serve dog, cat, rat, or worm