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artist05-Aug-2012 13:06
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
Paul Levesque14-Sep-2010 14:36
Beautyful galleries gives me a taste of your country thank you for sharing.Amazing animals.
gouws15-Aug-2009 15:50
Arno you have taken some wonderful shots.You seem to be at peace with yourself and life.May it continue.Best wishes Bruce(JHB)
Guest 07-Aug-2008 11:40
Beautiful travel photos. you know you should really make an album in this site and show people (friend, family,site etc ) where you get to travel like I suggested some friends here.

like this gallery:

its free and you can share with us the places you traveled to on the map. takes 3-4 minutes...
(this is NOT a site to replace PBASE, it's for sharing albums with music and send to friends and share here with your photos)
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 02-Apr-2008 20:02
Great Gallery

website :
kimene S18-Mar-2008 00:46
Ever truly inspired arno!
Erik Sanders20-Feb-2008 20:36
Wonderful pictures, I really enjoy visiting your site!!!
All the best, Erik
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal18-Aug-2007 17:43
Hey Arno,
It's been a while, how are you doing?
I see your site is still going strong, Beautiful pictures, love your work.
martyn george (Hedonic3000)05-Aug-2007 23:25
Fabulous pictures, i'll be back.
Guest 15-Jun-2007 08:08
Thank you for posting your pictures. They're a great inspiration to me.
Mohamed Mahmoud13-Jun-2007 11:16
wonderful work, spectacular places and adorable artists.
Guest 06-Jun-2007 06:59
Love your work, You really do take us on a trip through the Africa Bush. Great Work!!!
lornatyson23-Mar-2007 04:33
Wonderful galleries, I particularly love the Leopards, but will be back to view more!
Rodolfo Parulan Jr.05-Mar-2007 19:40
Stunning photos! Wonderful galleries!
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 11-Feb-2007 22:45
Nice Gallery
Ron Asp07-Feb-2007 05:39
I could spend hours looking at all your photos.I drop in a pick one out and take my time. Then another day I pick another one...I spread them out and enjoy them more. Thanks for sharing..Keep them comming and we will be looking....Ron
SageCreek Images07-Feb-2007 05:28
Thanks for the vote Arno...
Phil Orgeron02-Feb-2007 02:12
Wonderful work here!! **applause**

I can only imagine how great it must be to shoot in such a target rich environment.

You've done so much and must have so much more to do.

I'll visit often.

Many thanks for sharing,

Best regards,

yoram shpirer06-Jan-2007 12:50
HI Arno and Louise
So many great shots here, it's hard to focus on what to comment on. It's a great galleries.

Mario Weusten03-Jan-2007 07:21
Happy New Year to you, and your family and friends
GR Mario
Mario Weusten03-Jan-2007 07:21
Happy New Year to you, and your family and friends
GR Mario
Warren Boutchia20-Dec-2006 14:40
Great photos i enjoyed
SageCreek Images23-Nov-2006 13:12
Thanks for your nice comment...
SageCreek Images20-Nov-2006 13:47
Thanks Arno...
Enny07-Nov-2006 12:44
Thank you for sharing this pictures with us , they all are really wonderful, take care, greetings Enny.
Marcia Colelli12-Oct-2006 17:40
Thank you so much for your comments on my Cabo Beach shot. I have soooo many more but I am trying to be patient:) I have not even looked at all of them yet. Just got home about 8 hours ago.
Soenda06-Oct-2006 20:30
Congratulations on your 1 million+ galleries. It's a stunning collection, and I like many of the non-exotic photos, too...Rambo's great. It's a great thing you are doing on behalf of wildlife. Kudo's to all you Meintjes!
Kat03-Oct-2006 20:06
Sorry, I meant:
Kat03-Oct-2006 20:04
Hi Arno and family,
this shot is the only one with me (so far) and a couple of "baby" lions.
Maybe one day I will make it to Africa...
Kat03-Oct-2006 09:31
Thank you for your e-mail, Meintjes family. Your galleries are like no others, stunning work. Please keep them coming!!
Take care in that dangerous country you live in.
Kind regards,
flowsnow20-Sep-2006 07:52
Again I must say....wowx2 and your shots are just so great. Africa is so beautiful and thank you for taking those shots to show it to us. Keep shooting!
Tina Todd06-Sep-2006 12:38
You guys are the best. Bringing images to us that we wish we could take. Keep them coming!
Raymond J Barlow06-Sep-2006 02:09
Hi you 2!! wonderful galleries here to say the least! You are so blessed, great talent, and a great backyard! My dream is to come to your country and fill my lens with the ostounding beauty of the animals of Africa. Kind regards from the 3 of us, thanks for all the visits and kind comments!!

take care., Ray, Daisy and Maria
Zainudin01-Sep-2006 07:58
Amazing photos and gallery. You bring us close to nature and teach us how to appreciate them. Thanks for sharing those great photos.
JTT25-Aug-2006 15:08
What a wonderful location for wildlife photography.
Africa has the biggest of the beasts.
Goodluck in the future.
Guest 21-Aug-2006 12:53
Thanks Arno for visiting my site. I see we have a common interest in wildlife. How I wish I could travel to your location to be able to get more wildlife pictures.
Doug Chaffee21-Aug-2006 07:41
Thanks for your comments on several of the photos in my African animals gallery. You two have an amazing site here ... you must have more wildlife photographs than all the rest of us combined!
All the best,
csmallari15-Aug-2006 22:14
Thanks a lot for visiting my PAD gallery and for the kind remarks. Your galleries are remarkable !!!!
Marcia Colelli11-Aug-2006 14:02
Thank you so very much for all your wondrful and kind comments and also your vote.
Kat04-Aug-2006 14:12
Good afternoon (well it's afternoon here). I'm still making my way through your amazing galleries. Keep the pics coming.
Have you seen my zebra drawing?

Take care,
yaffa rennert04-Aug-2006 08:53

Dear Arno & Louise,
I appreciate your very nice comments.
I enjoyed wandering around in your galleries.
Thnks a lot for your worm pictures.
Thanks you! Yaffa
Guest 04-Aug-2006 07:59
Amazing photos, almost feel like I'm back in africa.
Brian Lambert29-Jul-2006 08:44
You have some amazing and beautiful pictures, I enjoyed looking at them :)
Ania Baturo27-Jul-2006 19:00
Thanks for comment on my... duck ;)
Jean D26-Jul-2006 03:39
Arno & Louise, you have splendid wildlife galleries. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.
Mats Sundström24-Jul-2006 08:31
thanks for the comment on my picture .
Zainudin22-Jul-2006 10:04
HI Arno and Louise

I enjoy browsing through your galleries. I beleive you are very close to wildlife and your pictures on that are really amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Kat19-Jul-2006 13:02
Thank you for commenting on my gallery! I will have to have a look at your latest shots soon.
Brinn MacDougall14-Jul-2006 18:19
Thank you for commenting on That Look!
Mario Weusten13-Jul-2006 19:34
Hallo Arno
I have change my site naam ....old: new:

GR Mario
Brinn MacDougall11-Jul-2006 14:50
Thank you for your nice comment on my potd!
SageCreek Images03-Jul-2006 14:36
Thanks Arno, it is good to be back...
Guest 01-Jul-2006 11:04
I enjoyed the travel trough your galleries. Thank You for making us discover your beautiful country. Your wildcats pictures are amazing.
Steve Bailey01-Jul-2006 09:52
Arno, congrats on the new look albums, seem to remember seeing your name in Getaway? You caught some idiot out of his car? Was that you?


akleja29-Jun-2006 14:42
Thanks for the kind comment on my poppy-picture today! Always appreciated!!

Bill Ko29-Jun-2006 14:34
Yeowza - your fantastic photos always take my breath away!
Katie Chew29-Jun-2006 13:57
A&L, Thank you for your comment on the photo of the Clematis I posted today.
Guest 29-Jun-2006 06:25
A&L ... thanks for having a look at my Sunsets gallery and taking time to comment; I genuinely appreciate your compliment. Cheers.
Guest 28-Jun-2006 09:05
It's hard to put an adjective (or even several) to accurate depict your pictures. So I will just say what others have said. Good stuff!
Guest 15-Jun-2006 14:46
I think your pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Keep it up!
Kat15-Jun-2006 10:45
Thank you for sharing your amazing galleries! What I like is that you've also taken pictures of injured animals. They may not be pleasant to look at, but they keep things real and demonstrate what a dangerous place Africa can be.
Guest 12-Jun-2006 15:42
I think your work is an inspiration to many of us. Do keep updating as I will always come back those updates!
Johnny Villaronga08-Jun-2006 19:00
WOW Arno! is almost imposible to keep up with you posting! Lol
How are you? I see you are having a blast with all these fascinating animals and photo adventures! You keep on posting, I myself thank you for your hard and outstanding work!

Johnny Villaronga
Brinn MacDougall04-Jun-2006 17:59
Thank you for your comment on my POTD!
Arnulf M. Elvevold04-Jun-2006 11:04
Your wildlife galleries are so beautiful. Your field work is impressive. Great nature photographing. I'll be back over and over again.
ratluk04-Jun-2006 10:00
Arno how do you publish link, that works?
ratluk04-Jun-2006 10:00 -this is the link, obviousliy i forgot to attach it earlier. kind regards, Luka
Debbie B.03-Jun-2006 17:13
You made me laugh!!!! The thing is nearly dragging on the ground!
tomandlinda02-Jun-2006 12:58
Thanks for the comment. I can't get over the color in your galleries.
SageCreek Images31-May-2006 04:04
Thanks Arno...
Salah El-Sadek29-May-2006 14:27
Your wild life gallaries are amazing, these are a great collection for the lion the king of the jungle.. I salute your work and looking forward to seeing more.
Also if you have time you are welcomed to visit my gallaries.. Thanks..
Salah El-Sadek
Judy M29-May-2006 11:46
Thank you for your visit and comment!
Marcia Colelli26-May-2006 11:36
Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am trying to do more abstract type shots of my flowers lately and also trying to learn more about my new macro lens. So just getting a little creative with my shots and angles. The Iris is such a beautiful color, could not resist. I thought this one looks a little like a caterpillar crawling into a hole. My imagination. You should see what I think of a sketch of the Iris that I think I am going to put in my abstract gallery. LOL
1moremile26-May-2006 09:27
Thanks for visiting my photos and answering my question on the elephant walking the path. I keep coming back to visit your photos because I am intrigued by your photos AND your lifestyle. Seems kind of dangerous.
This is one of my favorite photos on Pbase. You took it. It's a superb shot.
Guest 24-May-2006 07:45
Hello Arno and Louise
I've been looking at your work over the past week - wonderful images, the passion for your subjects (and life) shows. Thanks for visiting my galleries and the kind comments.
csmallari18-May-2006 00:55
Hello Arno. Thank you for the recent visit to my PAD gallery and for the nice comments. Really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day :-)
Marcia Colelli17-May-2006 19:53
Thank you very much agin for your wonderful comments on my butterflies
Marcia Colelli14-May-2006 15:14
Thank you so much once again for your very kind comment. You keep producing wonderful images also, very talented
Brinn MacDougall11-May-2006 16:44
I just took a look at your galleries. WOW! Your work is the real thing!!
cmartine 09-May-2006 11:35
after wathching your photos, one dosen't dare to show its own.
lucky you being near these animals, I expect these photos mean a lot of time and a lot of shots...
it's worth it, carry on

Hans Novak08-May-2006 20:46
Hello ! My english ist very bad ! Your galeries are TOP ! I have the SIGMA 50-500mm. I am happy with this. A nice day - Hans - Austria
Einar Johannessen05-May-2006 16:41
Thanks for your continued support, Arno! (And I am amazed you found the one frame I just added to that gallery!)
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 22:36
I enjoy visiting your galleries. Thank you for your visits and comments to my site. I am happy to share this wonderful experience with someone who also enjoys photography.
Guest 01-May-2006 06:59
It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!
Alida Thorpe22-Apr-2006 20:59
Your animal photos are truly amazing! What a pleasure to see. And thank you for visiting my galleries. Yes, the name Alida is not common, but I am happy it is so loved and unique. I have met very few Alida's in my lifetime!
Mario Weusten22-Apr-2006 19:12
thank you for visiting my galleries and leaving a comment......
You have a great collection photo`s well done
Behind Windows 22-Apr-2006 17:20
I couldn't resist but to compliment you on your lovely shots of the Wild Life. Fantastic.
Lion21-Apr-2006 21:14
Great Lion galleries you got here ,but wish I was taking the picture so I could blow them up for my wall's to go along with all the Lion's I have in my Casa !!!!! Enjoyed much but I am a Lion in the desert most of the time.
Juan C. Aguero20-Apr-2006 17:47
Greetings I have included his galleries in my favorites, I am interested in very much the topic of the African fauna and I think that his photos show this reality.
Sylvia Latham19-Apr-2006 18:35
I'm so in awe of your beautiful work! I love to come and just browse through your galleries. Almost makes me feel like I'm right there, too. Thank you, also, for taking the time to look at mine and comment. I really appreciate that. :-)
Manas Khan17-Apr-2006 18:40
Hi Arno, Thanks for your appreciation on my brown-headed gull photograph. Your wild-life gallery is really awesome. I have unchecked the option of direct linking my photographs from the pbase gallery. That should stop the illegal using/linking of the photographs.

Judy M11-Apr-2006 18:06
Thank you! It is always a pleasure going through your stunning photos!
Debbie B.10-Apr-2006 02:03
Thank you Arno, Yosemite is such a beautiful place. I got lucky between storms.
Guest 10-Apr-2006 00:48
Awesome photography, Arno.
So many extraordinary animal photos. Wish I could pet each and every "critter" (animal).
SageCreek Images07-Apr-2006 22:47
Thanks Arno,
We all have our favorite subjects and you do a superb job on the Big Cats...
Marcia Colelli01-Apr-2006 14:08
Thank you once again on your comment on my flower, and nice to meet you also. Love the white lion photo. I have friends in the UK that are members of a wildlife group and the one lady comes to south africa every year to phtograph the cheetahs
Zak31-Mar-2006 22:19
Excellent Galleries!!
Marcia Colelli31-Mar-2006 20:01
Thank you very much for your comment on my flower, I have enjoyed looking at yours also. I am on a photo site with 3 people from South Africa also and I enjoy looking at their interseting birds, wildlife and insects also
Jeremy31-Mar-2006 12:20
I will definitely be returing to view your galleries on the wild life of Africa. There are so many interesting pictures here that it is impossible to view them all in one go. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.
missy_gardenwhimsy26-Mar-2006 07:50
Thank you for sharing your beautiful galleries, Arno! Your galleries are my favorites on PBase, and I have looked at many others. Best wishes to you and your family. Missy
Dan25-Mar-2006 20:10
Very nice galleries, thanks for sharing your part of our world.
Bob Moul25-Mar-2006 17:03
Most enjoyable galleries, Arno! Thanks for posting.
Gil Purcil24-Mar-2006 22:49
you have an amazing gallery Arno. I really enjoyed browsing your gallery. It's full of life. Something very fragile, that our children may no longer see in the future if not protected and saved. Cheers!
SageCreek Images24-Mar-2006 14:51
Wow!!! I really like your Home page image of the three lioness' getting a drink, great capture, and thanks for your nice comment on my Pintails image...
Bill Ko21-Mar-2006 20:03

Excellent galleries! I like how you compose your shots a lot. You make good use of the available lighting. Keep up the good work!
Sue P21-Mar-2006 17:02
Truely marvelous photos from your magnificent corner of the world
A treat for my eyes Sue P
Guest 21-Mar-2006 15:31
Arno thanks for letting me know how far you were from the elphants and being surrounded by them is frighting, so I can understand your concern. The closest I came to a lion was when I took a pictue of an oil painting my sister-in-law painted for my wife and me. I truly enjoy viewing your shots and look forward to more in the future. Your sister does wonderful work also. Both of you are very accomplished photographers.
Antoine Vu18-Mar-2006 20:50
Thanks for visiting my galleries Arno. You got some great galleries here...What a place to live! I wish I can be there!!! Antoine
rick bolt18-Mar-2006 18:32
Well, you should be a professional. I am a huge animal fan, always have been. As with any art, I think you have to love your subjects to understand and take great pictures of them. You obviously do. My hat is off to you and my heart is with your work. Your photos are a great resource. John Matt
rick bolt18-Mar-2006 18:21
I take it you are a professional photographer. Given the quality of these images and your obvious passion for what you do, I can't imagine that you're not. A place to come back time and time again...thank you. John Matt
Graham Tomlin17-Mar-2006 10:32
thank you for your kind comments on my gallery ,you have stunning pictures .regards helen
Guest 16-Mar-2006 14:29
Thanks for stopping by my gallery. Love your stuff. I just put up more in the gallery section
robert joyon15-Mar-2006 22:28
Hi Arno
Fantastic photos... ♥ Lucky you are!
and thank you for the sharing...
eltonandersen14-Mar-2006 07:46
Thank You for stopping by my gallery. You have some fabulous images in your gallery. I will definately be watching you! :)
John Dicus14-Mar-2006 06:50
Thanks for taking a look at my gallery, and for the kind comments you left. I always enjoy perusing your galleries. Fabulous stuff!
csmallari10-Mar-2006 16:41
Hello Arno. Thank you again so much for the nice comtents and the visits to my galleries.
Judy M10-Mar-2006 03:35
Hi Arno!I love them all! Keep up the great work!
Guest 07-Mar-2006 20:41
Thanks so much for the comment. You have outstsanding work here!

Jay and Kelly Silvers....
Tom Munson07-Mar-2006 05:53
Thanks Arno, I appreciate the comment you have made on images.
I also enjoy your wonderful images of Africa. Tom
SageCreek Images06-Mar-2006 13:55
Thanks Arno, I'm a bit behind on my comments, haven't had time to view your link yet but will, I'm sure it will be up to your standards...
Jarek M05-Mar-2006 14:35

Thank you for visiting my gallery and your comments.
You have here an amazing collection of photos. Congratulations.

robert joyon28-Feb-2006 22:26
Congratulations for your beautiful galleries... ¢¾
wildlife is the way to go! and you are a master for that!
Thanks for you comments on my photo.
and thank you very much for sharing yours.
Rich Adams28-Feb-2006 14:02
Arno, Thank you so much for visiting my galleries and commenting on my photos from Botswana. I am humbled by the beauty of your region in Africa, and I have to admit a bit envious that you live so close to what I consider to be one of the most amazing places in the world. I enjoyed looking through your images, and hope to return again to Africa soon. I'll be back often to look through your galleries for both inspiration and encouragement to endure another 19 hour flight!

Thanks again, and cheers..

natalitsa28-Feb-2006 12:14
Very nice images and great work, thanks for sharing
Pic Chick25-Feb-2006 18:24
Your images are amazing. It has always been one of my dreams to go to Africa to experience all of these beautiful animals 'in person'. Your galleries are inspiring and encouraging for me to make that trip. Beautiful work.
Dhruvesh Zaveri 25-Feb-2006 12:31
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful hardwork :) ....
We must have many interesting experiences in the parks!
Judy M23-Feb-2006 12:14
Hi Arno! I've begun to look fwd to your visits to my website and appreciate your encouraging comments!
Nick Richter21-Feb-2006 15:13
Hi Arno,
Thanks for the vote and compliments on my pelican gallery. I see you share my love of living things also. Are you a park ranger?
Guest 21-Feb-2006 13:57
Thank you for the comment and vote Arno. You are one of the people I try to learn from on this site. Keep up the good work.
carol maldonado19-Feb-2006 17:34
I enjoyed browsing through your AWESOME gallery! Thankyou for sharing!! Just unbelieveable shots! :) Thankyou!! Thankyou!!! :)
Stein Tore Eikeset18-Feb-2006 07:46
Thanks alot for the kind comment. Browsing your pictures is a great inspiration.
Peter Stahl17-Feb-2006 05:30
Hi Arno,
Thanks for the kind comments and look.After going to Africa i have a much better appreiciation for wildlife from there.
You have a great collection of wildlife which i know was in many circumstances very difficult to capture. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Peter
Guest 16-Feb-2006 04:05
Hi Arno thanks again for your comments i wish i can go to africa to take some wildlife photo.
Scott Schultz16-Feb-2006 01:58
Hi Arno, Thanks for looking at my landscape shot earlier today, Glad to hear that you liked it! Thanks again for the compliment!
Jannik Lindquist15-Feb-2006 08:56
Hi Arno, Thanks for stopping by my galleries. It's highly encouraging to get a kind comment from a photographer as talented as you :-)
SageCreek Images14-Feb-2006 15:13
Many thanks Arno on your nice comments of my images, they are much first love is wildlife photography...
PicsbyTammy13-Feb-2006 06:40
You do beautiful work! Thank you for your comment on my Bald Eagle shots!
Guy Bruyea11-Feb-2006 11:51
Arno, thank you for your many kind comments and vote for my Joshua Tree N.P. gallery. I enjoy your daily uploads. Cheers, -Guy
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal09-Feb-2006 15:38
Hey Arno,
The link to your owl is working. nice pic by the way.
My brother Rob told me about your site, you've got some mighty nice pics from all the south african wildlife, i surtanly hope i'll be able to go there sometime and see for myselve.

Regards, and thanks for your comments on our pics,
Debbie B.08-Feb-2006 15:17
Your galleries are just wonderful, I am adding you to my favorites list.
Oscar A.Rico08-Feb-2006 06:45
Thank you Arno for visiting my gallery and for your kind words, I also enjoy your work very much .I wish some day I can visit your great country and photograph some of the wild life. Regards: Oscar Rico
Ton, Ben & Rob Nagtegaal07-Feb-2006 16:29
Wauw, I really like your pictures, you gave some nice commands on our Pictures so i wonderd about yours. They are great, makes me want to go to South Africa (thats were most of them were taken i guess) Keep up the nice work.
Rob Nagtegaal.
csmallari06-Feb-2006 21:21
Thank you so much for the vote and the kind words that you left with regards to my Manila Zoo gallery. I wish and pray that someday soon, the animals at this zoo will be cared for by compassionate and responsible people who know how to give these animals the excellent care that they need and deserve.
Debbie B.05-Feb-2006 21:55
Thank you for your nice comment on my cat picture. Your galleries are wonderful!
Chris(tine)03-Feb-2006 21:10
Thanks Arno for your comments today - the ski shot was in fact taken by my daughter. I am fast running out of superlatives for your photographs (yes, photographs NOT shots!) they are spectacular. Chris
EDITH RB02-Feb-2006 09:15
Hi Arno,
I enjoyed a lot viewing your gallery with title "collection of popular galleries" The shots of animals are so great. I admire how you capture the subject with great lighting and composition which is one of the few most important on photography to create a stunning shot. I hope to see more and surely would explore to view all the photos in other galleries of yours. Keep up the good work and sharing your great works :) Best regards --Edith:)
romana02-Feb-2006 02:33
Hi Arno, Thank you for your comments on my rhino picture. Very sad indeed. Your selection of wildlife photographs is simply spectacular. I am going to be coming back here often to take a look. There is so much to explore.

In 1995 I visited South Africa and Botswana. Got to see animals the way they should be seen in the Okavango Delta and Pilanesberg National Park. I hope I will get a chance to visit again.
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik02-Feb-2006 01:41
Hi Arno, thanks for the info and wonderful picture of Karools. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun to live with.
Focus01-Feb-2006 23:41
Arno, your galleries are award-winning.....your photos are stunning to say the least. I have no idea how you capture these magnificent creatures so well, but I am glad that you do. I REALLY enjoy your galleries-thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us. And thank you for visiting my humble galleries with your kind words......
csmallari01-Feb-2006 16:41
Thank you SO MUCH Arno for the many visits to my galleries and for always leaving a few encouraging words that let me know that you appreciate a photo or an image.
SageCreek Images01-Feb-2006 16:30
Thanks arno for both yoyr vote and comments on my coyote, they are appreciated.
I've added your website to my favorites list and look forward to more of your superb postings...
Terry van Zyl 01-Feb-2006 09:38
What a beautiful country we live in. This album is a reminder of how lucky we are as South Africans although it is so easy to forget. Stunning pictures that you are sharing with the rest of the world.
Judy M01-Feb-2006 01:53
Arno, Letsatsi is beautiful. I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to paint such a magnificent creature. Thank you.
Guy Bruyea31-Jan-2006 18:02
Arno, thanks for your comment and vote on my wood duck image. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work with your African wildlife photography! :-) Guy
SageCreek Images31-Jan-2006 17:41
Thanks Arno for yor nice comment on my gallery, but, I must say my gallery doesn't compare to your superb work with the big cats and the other African wildlife. You have a fantastic collection of images...
Judy M31-Jan-2006 10:48
Thank you, Arno, for visiting and for your encouraging comments! So glad to hear from you! Regards~Judy.
Guest 30-Jan-2006 21:36
Great work Arno, I will check back when I have more time...
Adrian Reilly29-Jan-2006 20:19
Thank you Arno & Louise, your photographs are wonderful. In this country we never see the wildlife you display. I see the odd squirrel, cat, dog, duck , moorhen or Swan, my challenge is too get some good animal shots, but im still learning, when an opportunity has arisen my results have been rubbish,even when pigeons were at my feet my shots were useless, that is why I am in awe of your shots, because I will never see these things otherwise. Keep showing the world these marvellous creatures. Your pbase friend adrian

I love photography but do not specialise in any field, if something catches my eye, no matter what is is I try to capture it. In the summer I willtry to follow a local Heron that I have been tracking, i have a better camera now so watch this space:-)
Judy M29-Jan-2006 17:13
Hi Arno! You have such a fabulous collection here! Wow! I'm speechless! Stunned! They are beautiful! Nature is truly wonderful. Lucky you! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for commenting on my gallery.
Guy Bruyea28-Jan-2006 14:23
Thank you for voting on my wood duck image
Your galleries of African wildlife are remarkable! Thanks for sharing them. ~Guy
Guest 27-Jan-2006 20:59
Thanx for the nice comments on my pics. Glad I came to see yours. These are truley incredible! What a thrill to be able to see and photograph these beautiful animals. Someday, maybe I will be as fortunate as you.
ChrisBrunell27-Jan-2006 07:37
Stunning work. I need to take some more time and look around here.
Robispho24-Jan-2006 19:07
What a great adventure and collection. I will complement you with these beautifull galleries. Hope to visit your country some day. Like to see you use a panasonic as well. Thanks for your comment. Y're on my list Arno. gr Rob
Guest 24-Jan-2006 13:57
Arno, thanks for visiting my galleries and kind comments. Your Wife and yourself certainly spend a lot of your time working on your Photo Page. You have a great selection of Game. I envy all the Leopard shots. Have you any photos of Aardwolf or Aardvark.
Vipin Mayer24-Jan-2006 10:54
Excellent collection of wildlife picture,it sud be a real pleasure taking all these pics in such a great surrounding.wonderful work.
sandy barbour23-Jan-2006 14:34
Hello Arno,
Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful images with us. You have captured wildlife at it's finest, I find your work to be absolutely stunning. I shall continue to stop by often and enjoy your wonderful images, they are truly amazing!
Sandy Barbour
Michael Kilpatrick23-Jan-2006 08:32
Thanks for commenting on my gallery Arno.
I'm intensely envious of your access to African wildlife. It's a long and expensive flight for me to get there from Melbourne.
If I lived in Sth Africa I would be like you, spending as much time as possible in the bush.
Loved your photos, by the way.
F García Robles22-Jan-2006 20:37
Maravillosas fotografías de la vida en la naturaleza.
¿Quien pudiera estar en esos momentos?
Gracias por compartirlas
saludos desde España
carlvdm17-Jan-2006 13:20
Thanks for viewing my seagull image. If you go to original size, the water falling off the bird is amazing. I was lucky to capture that. Your galleries are fantastic. You are very active and I often view your pics! Regards.
csmallari11-Jan-2006 12:56
Thank you for the comment regarding the flamingoes :-) You have a lot of nice photos in your galleries and I enjoyed them a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik08-Jan-2006 00:38
Hi Arno, thanks for the comment on my owl picture. Your galleries are beautiful. It must be quite thrilling to be in the company of such spectular wildlife.
Guest 03-Jan-2006 17:31
Thanks Arno for visiting my galleries.
Great work and very beautyfull country !
Ron Asp03-Jan-2006 16:39
Arno, really enjoyed looking at all your galleries, so many great shots...Thanks for sharing...Ron
Debbie Stahre02-Jan-2006 12:33
Great variety of wildlife shots!
Lin Thorsen01-Jan-2006 14:46
Great work, nice to see some pix from SA on this fabulous site. Will come back another day and look for more pix
Tom Munson27-Dec-2005 22:20
Thanks Arno for visiting my Pbase site and the kind words. You have taken some terrific images and I have greatly enjoyed looking at all your galleries. I have to put South Africa on my places to visit list.
Chris Hillman27-Dec-2005 06:05
Lots of good animal shots in all of your galleries, obviously taken over a long period of time. Makes my 3 years of doing the same seem small in comparison. It is a pity that all of the people who capture wildlife in Zoo's cannot come to Africa and see the real thing. We are lucky ourselves to have that opportunity. Well done to you and your wife!
Garrett Lau22-Dec-2005 16:43
Thanks for your comments on my "Wild Mammals" photos. Yours are much more interesting than mine.
Guest 02-Dec-2005 17:36
like your picturs a lot! will look more. this was in kruger park south afrika
and etosha pan namibia. i spent great time there
regards andrea
dazkeyte02-Nov-2005 09:54
great photos! always wanted to make it to your part of the world someday,
Guest 01-Nov-2005 19:49
Amazing collection!