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CAP 102 and 162

CAP102 Chicago Field Study Sum11
gallery: CAP102 Chicago Field Study Sum11
CAP102.0 Sum11 Two Faces Have I
gallery: CAP102.0 Sum11 Two Faces Have I
CAP102.0 Through A Lens Spr12
gallery: CAP102.0 Through A Lens Spr12
CAP102.1 folding process SPR12
gallery: CAP102.1 folding process SPR12
CAP102.1 Folding Space Sum11
gallery: CAP102.1 Folding Space Sum11
CAP102.1 Folding Spr12
gallery: CAP102.1 Folding Spr12
CAP102.1 The Body in Space Spr11
gallery: CAP102.1 The Body in Space Spr11
CAP102.2 Biomimicry S11 (all phases)
gallery: CAP102.2 Biomimicry S11 (all phases)
CAP102.2 Biomimicry Sum11 (all phases)
gallery: CAP102.2 Biomimicry Sum11 (all phases)
CAP102.2.1 biomimicry info cards
gallery: CAP102.2.1 biomimicry info cards
CAP102.2.1 information cards s07
gallery: CAP102.2.1 information cards s07
CAP102.2.2 eco-organism s07
gallery: CAP102.2.2 eco-organism s07
CAP102.2.2 SuperSuit SPR12
gallery: CAP102.2.2 SuperSuit SPR12
CAP102.2.3 Biomimicry SPR12
gallery: CAP102.2.3 Biomimicry SPR12
CAP102.2.3 eco-research camp s07
gallery: CAP102.2.3 eco-research camp s07
CAP102.2.3 SPR13
gallery: CAP102.2.3 SPR13
CAP102.3 Final Project Sum 11 (in process)
gallery: CAP102.3 Final Project Sum 11 (in process)
CAP102.3 muncie triangle s07 (all phases)
gallery: CAP102.3 muncie triangle s07 (all phases)
CAP102.3 Spr11 (all phases)
gallery: CAP102.3 Spr11 (all phases)
CAP102.3 SPR12
gallery: CAP102.3 SPR12
CAP102.3 Summer 2012
gallery: CAP102.3 Summer 2012
CAP102.3.1 SPR 12 Land Use Models
gallery: CAP102.3.1 SPR 12 Land Use Models
gallery: cap102_3_2_sum11
CAP162.0 trees sum11
gallery: CAP162.0 trees sum11
CAP162.1 axonometrics s07
gallery: CAP162.1 axonometrics s07
CAP162.1 Color Media Sum11
gallery: CAP162.1 Color Media Sum11
CAP162.1 marimekko tiles s07
gallery: CAP162.1 marimekko tiles s07
CAP162.1 portraiture s07
gallery: CAP162.1 portraiture s07
CAP162.1.2 collage
gallery: CAP162.1.2 collage
CAP162.1.3 SUM12 Urban Corner color theory
gallery: CAP162.1.3 SUM12 "Urban Corner" color theory
CAP162.2 Collage S08
gallery: CAP162.2 Collage S08
cap162.2 SUM12
gallery: cap162.2 SUM12
CAP162.3 Color Axons S08
gallery: CAP162.3 Color Axons S08
CAP162.3.1 Facade Studies Sum11
gallery: CAP162.3.1 Facade Studies Sum11
cap162.3.2 sum12
gallery: cap162.3.2 sum12
CAP162.4 Color Perspectives
gallery: CAP162.4 Color Perspectives
CAP162.5 Diagramming Sum11
gallery: CAP162.5 Diagramming Sum11
CAP162.5 SPR 12
gallery: CAP162.5 SPR 12
CAP162.6 Building a Drawing
gallery: CAP162.6 Building a Drawing
CAP162.8 joiner photographs s07
gallery: CAP162.8 "joiner" photographs s07
CAP162.9 Photoshop Sum11
gallery: CAP162.9 Photoshop Sum11
CAP102 Unit 2 Biome SPR17
gallery: CAP102 Unit 2 Biome SPR17