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The Last Night - Final Exam Night 2007

Things to remember....(from the top of my head)

What is Aloha's two letter code?
What does AOA stand for?
What are the 3 letter codes for...Kona, John Wayne, Oakland, Lihue, Kahului,
Hilo, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, San Diego Airports?
What are the duties for a CSA? F/A? Ramp Agent? Pilot?
What kind of license does an aircraft mechanic at AQ need?
What is the name of AQ's frequent flyer program called?
What type & series of aircraft does AQ use for interisland service? Mainland?
What does ETOPS mean?
What is the difference between a "Bid" & "Reserve" Flight Attendant?
How many pilots for the 200 series? 700 series?
How many flight attendants work on an AQ 737 A/C 200? 700?
How many QC aircraft does AQ have now in its fleet of 737's?
What is lift? drag? roll? pitch? yaw?
How many engines are there on an AQ 200 series? 700?
In the flight deck (cockpit), who sits in the "Left" seat and "Right" Seat?
How many minutes before departure time should a preboarding announcement be made
for an interisland flight? mainland/ETOPS flight?
How many words per minute is required for a CSA's typing test? reservationist?
What is a PNR (Personal Name Record)?
Name the two airports AQ serves in Nevada? in Southern California?
What are winglets?
How many coach seats are there on an AQ standard Boeing 737-200 aircraft?
What is the configuration (First Class/Coach Seating)on an AQ Boeing 737-700?
Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)for AQ?
Who is the Director of Airports and Honolulu Station's City Manager?
What is the flower logo for AQ?
What is the Funbird?
Name the high school Uncle Greg attended on the East Coast?
What was AQ's original Name?
How many years ago did AQ first started flying?
When did we start flying to the mainland?
How many employee unions are represented at AQ?
Name Hawai'i's favorite airline according to the Hawai'i Tribune and the Honolulu Advertiser?
What does F/O mean?
What is Inflight Services? Flight Operations? Stations?
What does CSA stand for?
Name the airlines AQ code shares with?
What does UA & WP stand for?
How many firestations are there at the Honolulu International Airport?
How many watches or platoons are there at the Firestation?
What type of equipment or aircraft does Island Air use for their operation?
Name Uncle Greg's two kids? What nick name does Uncle Greg call his son?
Name the AQ Employee who is the First to receive the Aloha Spirit Award?
Name two of your Group Advisors?
What was your favorite Night of the Program & Why?

Try your best! Good Luck!
I hope the questions above will be helpful for you to study for the final exam.
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