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Memories are written on films

This is a film only gallery and I promise to become a very big one.
More than two years now I am only shooting films, developing films and enlarging photographs under a dark red light and I love it.
I wish to all of you to start again doing the same.
For a reason that I can't explain I feel photographer again.
The eye contact Portrait of an ordinary woman By the window The driver
The ship Lullaby Yes, you can take my picture, he said... This is how I remember last summer
Faceless t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f143469069.e0ygkeDa.jpg Time is an illusion Let me introduce you Mr Planar
Driving back home My life Athens 2012 The difficult path
The Corridor t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f143010549.Gijldmo0.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f142910451.NlT0uEbC.jpg Intense
The day that the rain took our places The game of innocence Sailing back home Al barbiere
Paros island Athens 2012 Manolis & Marie enjoying the sunshine I feel so tired
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f142702855.ukWLH6AB.jpg Christ is resurrected Orthodox Holy Week Winter swimmers
A sudden rain t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f142599275.308W6ceY.jpg Athens 2012 Finally this universe seems to have a center
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f142541464.WSiXMcRv.jpg Athens 2012 Athens 2012 Eleftherios Kondilis
Street performer From home to work and back Free as a bird The lady in the park
Strange kind of symmetry or the symmetry of strangers Bir zamanlar Anadolu'da H.M. Iviron Mount Athos Göreme Valley
A lovely evening Death is the separation from your tree... Waiting for the summer Molimo
Living the Economical Crisis A Promenade Sentimentale Harris When evening falls
A white house in the forest Natasa & Pavlos Almost scared Aristeidis
An indiscreet glance from an open door Maria t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f136153948.YqsyzvDI.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f136043924.EOTGO440.jpg
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f135770015.5MxpCdJI.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f135223679.NOJkbQkS.jpg This is how I remember last summer t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f135039812.cKOV0IBf.jpg
May 23rd 2011 May 20th 2011 Memories are written on films Night fall in Mount Athos
Parthenon t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f134280325.kfji4d2S.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f134256176.yPR0TATM.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f134050143.MfoTbOQO.jpg
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f134020872.1QjyMaXV.jpg Memories are written on films t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133916142.RJREteSe.jpg Secure
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133877595.FKpz6OpC.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133838559.K0dFr9zD.jpg absence t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133738712.I6QI1Lkq.jpg
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133715486.EJ21K7dV.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697322.wfefMbII.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697275.ji2JgDjG.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697253.XRbJzYIR.jpg
t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697252.wkKkS831.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697144.c6g4alXZ.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697138.u5aVicby.jpg t4%2f16%2f518016%2f4%2f133697136.bLRs9Cd0.jpg