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Madyan - Prophet Shoaib's city

Prophet Shoaib, (Shuaib "Who Shows the Right Path"), was a prophet of Islam mentioned in the Qur'an. He is believed to be Ibrahim's great-grandson. He was sent as a prophet to the Midianites to warn them to end their fraudulent ways. When they did not repent, Allah destroyed them. Shoaib is traditionally identified[who?] with Jethro, Moses' father-in-law according to the Hebrew Bible.

Location: Al-Bada, Northern Saudi Arabia. Tabuk, Dhiba are nearby major cities. Exact location with VIEW MAP option in new pictures (with GPS coordinates).

Al-Quran stated that Shoaib was appointed by God to be a prophet to the people who lived east of Mount Sinai, the people of Midian and Ayka. The people of these lands were said to be especially notorious for cheating others through dishonest weights and measures. Shoaib warned them against such actions but they did not listen. Subsequently, both lands were destroyed by the wrath of God.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Refer to:
Quran References: Al-Ara'af 7-Verse 85-93, Al-Shuara 26: Verse 176-191, Hud 11 / Verse 84-95, Al-Hijr 15: Verse 78-79
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