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The Bee-Eaters Pond & Other Avians

On the hilly northern side of the ancient village of Gush-Halav, in Upper-Galilee,
there is a hidden spring forming a pond of clear water.
A covey of Bee-Eaters have made this pond their habitat, and the area is abundant with their
nesting holes. The view around is superb, as you can see...

The pond. Panorama.
The lonely goat
Swamp life Taking a morning bath The Colorful Dancer
Aerobatics in color. From now on, I'll take the lead, said the frog... I cry but nobody cares about why... The battle cry
Blackbird - Turdus merula (female) The bee and the eater Taking the plunge Dripping
Magelan (Glossy Ibis) Golden Jackal (female) Black & white reflections Opposing triangles
 The snake hunter The bee-eater airshow Rolling its eyes... Graceful Prinia
Gliding Take off Crossing the sky Crossing the sky II
That's my boy... Between heaven and earth... Oops... bad landing! Very suspicious...
Blowing in the wind Vertical The eagle has (almost) landed Grey Heron
Mr. Fisher Dancing on the water The king of all fisherbirds Tern
My personal laughing dove Grey Heron The tern-inator... High aspirations
A winged angel or a killing machine? Crossing the horizon Gaining height This time, it is a sure kill !
One... two... three... The sky is the limit... A full spreading Perfect balance
A life buoy for mother nature A couple of screaming jays Jewish Priestly Blessing Jay-bird
A black angel What's the fuss about? Mouthful... The seagull
A serious decision to take... Gotcha...! Out of the blue The Collared Dove
On the beach of Acre The Lord of the Ring Sort toed eagle Lovely morning
The yellow fellow Tristram of the Dead Sea Juggling a breakfast Barn Swallow
Spur-winged Lapwing playing in the mud Chiffchaff Performance Tweeting
A colorful festival A lovely creature.. ain't it? The swallow dance The king...
The prince of swallows Black kite - Milvus migrans Black kite Wedding dress
Swallow chit-chat Another black kite Black-Winged Stilt with chopsticks Yellow Wagtail
Are you coming up dear? The model Black-tailed Godwit Black-winged Stilt
Stonechat in the thicket Red Sonja Young Common Ringed Plover Just looking for some nectar...
Boeing 707 Who's hiding inside my skirt? Red Kite Sardinian Warbler
Come on, take the shot or I fly from here.... Magelan (Glossy Ibis) And another sunbird A wagtail meal
Prepating to land The king's banquet Chiffchaff Robin, where's your hood?
Little Robin Magelan (Glossy Ibis) Stilt X 2 Taking off
Curiosity... Sardinian Warbler Sunbird The radiant sunbird
Sardinian Warbler Between heaven and earth Robin The plunge
 African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) European Goldfinch The Flight of the Cormorants Eurasian Golden Oriole
A bird or an angel ? The autumn migration A true Robin, am I not? Back home from shopping
Song Thrush Little malard, don't be blue... Double robin The breakfast banquet
Ah... what a lovely morning! Yet another robin A very tiny Great Tit
Rainbird Great Tit The big blue The color fisher
 A rainy day Sees the light... Black Kite with prey When raining, push your ISO up said the Bulbul...
Hovercraft Robin in the rain Chaffinch in the snow Winter bath
Back light Kookoo, where are you dear? Say:cheese..., excellent! Barely touching
Robin is about to taking the morning bath Sardinian Warbler Anyone wants to play ball with me? The observer
The crying crane Trees in the wind Hey, long time no see... Welcome back. Grey Crane
Warbler (female) Female Warbler II The hazard of asbestos Claws of barbed wire
Starling With special blessings for the new year 2014 Long legged buzzard The monument
Stonechat What a catch! Kestrel Myna
The crying starling Don Giovanni Chitchat... Stonechat
Haughtiness Black Kite Eying me up ! Wagtail
Alertness The prince Building a nest Focusing
At the river bank Night Heron (young) Common Kngfisher Gossip
Insect ?! I need fish... Graceful Prinia Taking measuured steps Freedom
Performer Treetop dancers Jay Prima ballerina
Great Tit Morning light Pied Kingfisher Marsh Harrier
The princefisher Red Knobed Coot Great Black Cormorant Playful seagulls
Ruddy Turnstone Security check. The sentry A missile
No fig leaf... Crested Lark Please fasten your seat belts... Redshank
Great Cormorant Spur-Winged Lapwing Hey kid, watch mommy... Chitchat
Transparency Come on darling, let's rock.! Redshank Black Winged Stilt
Spur-Winged Lapwing The color of olive Absorbing sun rays Black Kite
Blue Rock Thrush White Stork The bathing bulbul A Bee-Eater ?
Facing light This time... without a baby... Woodchat Shrike Siamese twins
You taliking to me??? Kingfisher Black Kite The Eagle has (not yet) Landed
Egyptian vulture The mighty griffon Toward a promising future Feathers
Oh Lord, are you there? The eagle The eagle II Common Buzzard
Spider web The eagle has landed Sunbird (female) And lives a wolf with lamb and tiger with capricorn will lie
Acrobatics Any snakes around here? Dreaming Laughing dove
A visitor in my garden Sunbird (female) Red water Poser
Pied Kingfisher Short-Toed Eagle Paper kite Prepare for landing
The pray for prey has not gone astray A stern look. Hard to swallow... A tern waits its turn
Blushing cheeks Textures Yellow legged gull (young)
A broad spread Sharp Edges On the net A colorful flight
Away with the prey II Away with the prey III Small dinosaur And lives a wolf with lamb and tiger with capricorn will lie
Crested Lark Skulking Myna
Hunter Camouflage Suspicious Emergency landing
Prince of the swamp Hoopoe in flight Encounters Showing off
Rest Flapping Full stretch Fly off
Oops... nowhere to set a foot here... Born to be wild The curtsey Away
Spur-winged Lapwing A header Autumn migration is here II Hitting the ground - end of autumn voyage
Ruddy Turnstone The congregation Europian Roller Another blue bird
Between heaven and earth Europian Roller Ruddy Turnstone on the beach Wheatear
Black-head warbler Blue Roller (Little) Great Tit Sunbird (male)
Wings Autumn leaves The plover flight Double kite
The grey queen Emergency brake... Tweets in the thicket Birds' spa is now officially open to the public
Focused attention Hawfinch The chase Early in the morning
Baby, I'm off A (tiny) apple a day will keep the doctor away... Late autumn berries Contentment
Wet Gloomy Sunbird (male) Worship of the Sun
Stonechat Home Sparrow The kitchen parade Glossy ibis
Glossy Ibis Spur-winged Lapwing Marsh Harrier The Bee-Eater